All about Garden No. 8 2013

Planting special with news and tips, experts' favorites and why.

From the content:

Finally planting! Eight soil-scented pages of plant news, plus the experts' choices and favorites for sowing.

Water properly! Best tricks for plants and the environment.

The tulip king - Danish garden celebrity Claus Dalby shows his flowering kingdom.

Create a garden for free!

We choose white for the summer's finest pots. Combine for a fresh look that always looks well thought out.

Taste the spice sage. The Italians' favorite spice is beautiful in the flower bed and indispensable in the kitchen.

We test hose carts.

HANDBOOK: Perennials - division, propagation and care.


Here the mind rests. In the garden called Sinnesro, the sound of rippling water is most important.


Welcome to Ulla Hasselmark, Allt om Trädgård's first editor-in-chief!

Video: Romeo Santos - Malevo - TheKingStaysKing - Ao vivo desde Madison Square Garden-NYC- Sold Out!

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