How to choose a petrol lawn trimmer so you don't regret it later?

Maintaining order in the summer cottage is impossible without periodic mowing of the lawn, shrub growth, weeds, etc. Otherwise, this vegetation is capable of turning the cottage into a wasteland overgrown with weeds in a season. Either an ordinary braid can help in this (although a rare owner today retains the ability to use it!), Or its descendant - a trimmer. At summer cottages, it is more convenient to use gasoline models, because not every site has electricity, and wires will not interfere with work. It remains to decide how to choose a gasoline trimmer so that it is convenient to use and easily mows not only grass, but also young shrubs, powerful weeds and even tree growth.

We analyze the features of the engine

The heart of any mechanism is the engine. The duration of work and the quality of mowing depend on its power and design features.

The two-stroke engine is harder to refuel, but easier to carry, but the four-stroke engine is easier to maintain

Internal structure of the motor

Most often, the grass trimmer is equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine, the power of which varies from 0.5 to 3.3 kW. In order for the engine to work without interruption, a fuel mixture is prepared for it from AI-92 gasoline and a special oil for two-stroke engines. Changing the brand of gasoline or the type of oil is unacceptable, because the engine will start to run unevenly and overheat. The mixture is prepared in the exact proportion, otherwise the petrol trimmer will fail long before the end of the warranty period. Such a motor requires certain skills, so it is better for inexperienced owners to purchase models with four-stroke engines. They do not require the preparation of mixtures, and gasoline and oil are poured into separate containers.

Four-stroke models are more powerful, so they are able to carve difficult, bushy areas. But if you need a lawn trimmer, then this power will be a lot. In this case, it is worth stopping at two-stroke motors, which, moreover, have less weight, and are cheaper.

Engine brand

The desire to buy a non-Chinese model from you may never come true. Many European manufacturers do not manufacture motors, but prefer to buy them from companies that specialize in motors. And most of these firms have moved their factories to China, as there are more favorable conditions for production. So Briggs & Stratton, MTD, and Mitsubishi are all Chinese-made engines. Honda was left behind for now. So, when choosing a trimmer of a well-known brand, tune in that in 90% of cases there will be a Chinese motor inside. But not a basement, but a factory one, of good quality!

The material on how to choose a lawn mower may also be helpful:

We select the cutting tool

To cut vegetation, petrol cutters are equipped with a cutting tool, the type of which depends on the power level of the unit. So, low-power models are most often equipped with a cord (or fishing line), stronger ones - with metal knives and a cutter disc.

Let's take a look at how to choose a trimmer with a cutting tool in mind.

Varieties of cutting cord

Trimmer line is available in different thicknesses: 1.2 - 4 mm. Each unit is supplied with a fishing line of the recommended thickness, which should not be exceeded if you want to avoid premature wear of the bushings.

The most versatile line, capable of cutting both green grass and dry plants, will be a round line. The square is capable of carving woody and thick plants, such as raspberries. Lawns are usually mowed with an asterisk, because it has the most gentle regime: the grass tolerates mowing more easily and recovers faster than after mowing with a round cord

The cord also has a difference in structure. If you look at the cross-section, you can see that one line will be round, the other will be square or polygonal. There are even curly options, such as stars or rounded protrusions. Such a variety of fishing line helps you choose the option that is most successful for your site.

Trimmer knife types

If you are rarely in the country and mow a plot a couple of times a season, then it is better to purchase a model with knives instead of a cord. Tall grass tends to wrap around the spindle when mowed with line.

Knives are available in plastic and metal. Plastic blades easily destroy dead wood and hard plants (burdock, nettle), but it is better to cut off green shrub growth with a metal tool. Knives are not suitable for stony areas, because when hitting a very hard object, they give a return kick, which is unsafe for the mower.

If you choose which trimmer is better in terms of the number of knife blades, then practice shows that the more teeth, the better the scythe copes with heavy areas. For owners who buy a hay trimmer, three or four-pronged knives will not work, because they crush the grass too much.

Eight-toothed knife is able to cut through even small trees, and three and four-pronged is designed for dense bushes

Barbell options

The boom is the conductor that connects the motor to the cutting system. There is a shaft inside it, which can be straight or flexible. And, accordingly, the shape of the bar is found straight or curved. The first option is safer and more durable, but if there are many different heights and hard-to-reach places on the site, then it is better to purchase a model with a curved bar.

Curved bar to help mow hard-to-reach areas

Pay attention to whether the bar is collapsible. In this case, it is more convenient to store it.

Read about how and where you can store tools in the material:

Devices to ease the load on the hands

Mowing a site is a rather difficult process, because the operating unit vibrates, and you must not only hold it in your hands, but also cut it as accurately as possible. And if you add here the considerable weight of powerful petrol cutters, then for a non-professional summer resident this process can end with pain in the arms and back. To distribute evenly the load on the body, a harness is provided in the petrol cutters. Let's figure out how to choose a trimmer for a summer residence, taking into account this device.

The single strap distributes the load unevenly, so when mowing for a long time, the shoulder begins to hurt

Models with a 1 shoulder strap are cheaper than the others, but then the load will be on one half of the body, and this leads to shoulder pain. The best option is double straps with soft material shoulder pads. A hip pad must be included in the rig to protect against vibrating unit.

Double straps engage both shoulders, but are best used for light trimmers

The most expensive but also the most effective load distribution device is the knapsack harness. They are adjustable to fit any shape, so the mower can perfectly fit the rig to suit itself.

The knapsack harness is ideal for strong braids, otherwise the hands will not be able to hold their mass for a long time

After looking at a specific trimmer according to our recommendations, do not forget to turn it on. Only in this way will you feel how comfortable it is and whether you are coping with the vibration level.

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Rating of the best gasoline trimmers for summer cottages and infield: selection criteria

Without periodic mowing, the lawn looks unkempt and spoils the appearance of the infield. A modern tool - a trimmer - helps to cope with the grown grass in a short time. The device works on gasoline or electricity, but recently gasoline models are gaining more and more popularity. They do not need to be connected to the power supply, the devices do not depend on the length of the wire and have a lot of power, which is enough for cutting grass, weeds, young trees and shrubs. Which trimmer is the best? To understand this issue, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with an overview of the models of petrol trimmers that are most popular with consumers. The trim rating was created based on the opinions of the users. It includes tools with an optimal balance of cost, quality and functionality. Before we learn how to choose a grass trimmer, let's understand what it is.

Purpose and principle of operation of the trimmer

Mechanical hand scythes do an excellent job of cutting the grass and greatly benefit in productivity and labor costs over the grandfather's hand scythe. In addition, the brushcutter has access to places that are simply not accessible with another tool. The soft line, which acts as a knife, is not afraid of stones, tree trunks and other hard obstacles. With a brushcutter, it is much easier than a lawn mower or a manual mower to process an area with an uneven ground surface.

What is the difference between a trimmer and a brushcutter

Along with the name of the brushcutter, the term "grass trimmer" is often used. Since the word comes from the English verb "to trim", which means to trim by cutting, to cut - it is equivalent to the word motokos. In practice, it is customary to call a trimmer simple lightweight modifications, and the term brushcutter is used for more professional and powerful models.

The main purpose of the trimmer is to trim the top of the grass. But the grass cover is not always kept in perfect condition. In case of sloppy work, the lower part of the grass is clogged with dried plant residues from past mowing. And among the delicate thin stalks of grass, coarser skeletons can be found. The line may not cope with them.

All brushcutters work according to the same principle: a rapidly rotating line knocks down the stalks of grassy plants, thereby reducing the height of the grass "carpet". The rotation speed is very high, reaching 10-12 thousand revolutions per minute, so that even the densest thickets of grass, as a rule, yield to the onslaught. For weeds, instead of fishing line, a hard knife is used, which, on occasion, can crumble even small growth of bushes.

A gasoline or electric motor is used as the engine. A diesel power unit is extremely rare and only on professional devices.

Best Powerful Gasoline Trimmer

Petrol trimmer model EBH253U from a Japanese manufacturer is intended for processing large areas. The cutting system of the brushcutter is represented by a steel four-toothed knife and line. The benzokosa is equipped with a diaphragm carburetor, a fuel pump and a powerful engine that emits a minimum amount of harmful exhaust into the atmosphere.


  • power - 0.71 kW
  • motor volume - 24.5 cm 3
  • engine type - four-stroke
  • gas tank capacity - 0.5 l
  • gasoline consumption - 408 g / kWh
  • rotation frequency - 8500 rpm
  • cutting components - 2.4 mm line, steel knife
  • weight - 5.9 kg
  • dimensions - 177x62x49 cm.


  • high-quality assembly
  • high power
  • ergonomics
  • environmental friendliness
  • little weight
  • the presence of a protective casing
  • knapsack belt
  • "Bicycle" handle with rubber anti-slip pads
  • the ability to adjust the position of the handle in height
  • motor at the top of the boom
  • low noise level
  • vibration-free motor decoupling
  • starting system electric start
  • economical fuel consumption
  • the manufacturer's warranty period is 36 months.


Petrol trimmer

Gasoline trimmers are more popular with summer residents.

The advantages of petrol trimmers are as follows:

  • The units are powerful and can mow not only grass, but also bushes
  • Petrol trimmers are power independent and mobile
  • There are no restrictions in the conditions of using a gasoline trimmer
  • Very high productivity, medium-sized areas can be cut
  • The assortment has a large number of cutting tools

As for the disadvantages of gasoline trimmers, the main ones are:

  • High engine noise during operation
  • Fixed costs for fuels and lubricants (oil, gasoline)
  • Emission of harmful emissions into the atmosphere
  • Significant weight of the units
  • Higher price for petrol trimmer
  • More frequent repair and maintenance of the trimmer motor

As you can see, in order for the trimmer to be more powerful and productive, you need to pay significant amounts not only for the purchase of the unit, but also for its maintenance! Despite this, most summer residents still prefer the gasoline trimmer model.

So, now we will tell you in more detail what a gasoline trimmer is.

Like an electric unit, a petrol trimmer consists of an engine, a handle, a rod and an actuator.

Concerning pens and rodsand, the situation is the same as in the previous case, there is nothing new.

About engine several important nuances need to be clarified. The petrol trimmer engine can be four-stroke or two-stroke. A two-stroke engine is cheaper, but noisier and more likely to fail. For a two-stroke engine to work, you must use 92 gasoline mixed with oil. The four-stroke engine has a special crater for oil and a separate tank for gasoline. The capacity of the reservoir is from 0.5 to 1.5 liters, depending on the power of the petrol trimmer. The problem with all gasoline engines is heating. Therefore, when working with a gasoline trimmer, it is necessary to take breaks every 20-40 minutes of operation, depending on the recommendations of the manufacturers. When choosing a petrol trimmer, pay attention to the engine manufacturer. If it is Briggs & Stratton, MTD or Honda, the trimmer is of high quality and will last a long time.

Executive agency a manual gasoline lawn mower can be presented not only in the form of knives, but also in the form of a special attachment for a cultivator, snow plow, brush cutter and even an air blower.

As we have already said, the weight of a gasoline trimmer is much greater than that of an electric unit, therefore it is recommended to additionally purchase a special harness, presented in the form of a single, double shoulder strap and even a special knapsack that distributes the load evenly over the entire torso.

That's all you need to know before buying your own lawn trimmer. We still recommend to stop your choice on the gasoline model, because power will affect performance and therefore runtime. And the faster you trim the grass, the more time you have to rest!

The right choice of trimmer - 17,592 views

From the beginning of the 20th century, people began to master such an agricultural hand tool as a scythe. Much time has passed, and the needs of the person have not changed. Keeping your lawn in good condition will not work if you do not mow it periodically. Many homeowners are increasingly wondering which tool to use to cut the grass. The old old-fashioned method in the form of a wooden handle with a metal blade is not very effective in modern times, with the latest technology available. It was replaced by a type of lawn mower - a trimmer.

This tool is a lightweight rod with an electric or gasoline engine on one side and a rotating head for a line or knife on the other. This device is highly mobile and independent. The global difference from the manual scythe is that the owner of the trimmer does not need to put in much effort in order to cut his lawn evenly.However, there are many trimmers on the market that turn into flour. We will tell you about what parameters to pay attention to, which cutting head to choose and why the handles of such tools can be pink.

Trimmer types


It can be used wherever there is an outlet to electricity. It is a device with low noise level, light weight and instant start. No need to worry about refueling. However, the electric trimmer depends entirely on the length of the cable. This tool is available with an upper and lower engine. The first option is great for cutting young grass that is regularly trimmed. They are very scrupulous in their work, they allow you to carefully mow the grass around the flower beds. The weight of the scythe usually does not exceed two kilograms, and the power varies from 200 to 600 watts. The disadvantage of the device lies in the fact that the duration of continuous operation should not exceed 15 minutes, since the cooling of such an engine is insufficient. It is strictly forbidden to work on a damp lawn, in order to avoid a short circuit in the engine. Well, the upper location of the engine allows you to mow any grass, the area, again, is limited only by the length of the cable. In the weight category it loses to its analog, but this is due to its higher power and performance. Models of the lower price segment have a limit of continuous operation of 25 minutes, while the more expensive ones have a motor overload protection system. The power of such a tool ranges from 600 to 1000 W. They can safely mow the grass even after the recent rain.


Mobile type of electric trimmer, great for cutting a small area of ​​lawn without an extension cord. As a rule, it is designed for half an hour work. The battery of such devices is weak, otherwise you would simply get tired of holding the device on weight.


The most powerful and productive type of trimmer. Suitable for any kind of work, completely independent of external power supplies. In most cases, it is equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke internal combustion engine, the power of which varies from 0.6 to 5 hp. If you buy a gasoline trimmer, then be prepared for certain difficulties. For flawless operation of such an engine, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of gasoline with an octane rating of no higher than 92 and oil recommended by the trimmer manufacturer. The mixture must be prepared in a strict proportion (32: 1 for mineral oil and 50: 1 for synthetic oil). In a word, you cannot do without reading the instructions here, otherwise you may face premature breakdown. Needless to say, such actions require certain skills? This is not your car to fill up.

To avoid mixing, pay attention to four-stroke engines. In this type of device, oil and gasoline are poured separately. Such models are much more powerful and efficient. But this can also be considered a disadvantage, since there will be a lot of high capacities for cleaning an ordinary lawn. Therefore, we do not recommend overpaying, it is better to spend some time in front of gasoline and oil, achieving the right mixture.

The capacity of the fuel tank in such trimmers varies from 0.5 to 1.5 liters, this parameter affects the time of non-stop operation. However, in any case, manufacturers recommend that the engine break every 40 minutes in order to avoid overheating.



Types of cutting heads

It is essential which cutting head the trimmer is equipped with. A fishing line or a knife (metal or plastic) can be supplied with the device. There are also those models in the box with which both of these items are put.

The line diameter for electric trimmers ranges from 1.2 to 2.4 mm. For petrol trimmers, the thickness range is 1.2 to 4 mm. The line should be used when there are a lot of stones and trees in the treated area. Why? Yes, everything is simple - a tree can be damaged with a knife. And even if this does not happen, the knife will definitely be ruined. For each trimmer model, the line is selected strictly individually, the recommended diameter, which cannot be exceeded, in order to avoid wear of the bushings. The round line is versatile, capable of cutting both young grass and dry grass. The square section allows you to cut woody grass. The star-shaped cut has a gentle cutting mode, this line is best suited for the lawn.

The blades are great for cutting tall, tough grass and bushes. Plastic knives easily remove tough plants - nettle or burdock. Shrubs are best cut with a metal knife. The more teeth on the knife, the better it will cope with the task at hand.

Perhaps the most suitable choice of cutting head would be a trimmer equipped with line and knife. This will allow you to replace it depending on the nature of the site.

Trimmer handle type

Trimmer handles are available in three different styles. Let's take a look at the benefits of each.

  • The D-shaped handle is comfortable, compact - it will definitely suit you, but only for a small amount of work. Particularly for small areas, hedges and paths with line.


  • The J-handle is convenient when a metal knife is installed on the trimmer. This handle eliminates the possibility of approaching the bevel gearbox. The shoulder strap makes the job even easier.
  • The T-handle is very comfortable to use. The movements that occur during work are very similar to the movement of a hand scythe. These trimmers are characterized by high performance and power. Can be used with any kind of cutting head.

Useful Tips

  • Pay attention not only to the price before buying. Hold the trimmer in your hands. Look at whether it fits comfortably in them, how easy the device is to use.
  • The presence of a shoulder strap is a very important product feature. The belt significantly reduces the strain on the arms by distributing the weight to the rest of the body. A detachable bar will allow you to increase the mowing area.
  • The weight of the trimmer should be as low as possible, in accordance with its power. Believe me, you will quickly get bored with a heavy device - soon you will abandon lawn care.
  • To be most efficient, the motor must have a high power output with a fast acceleration.
  • The engine should start easily.
  • When choosing a tool, pay attention to how effectively the vibration damping system works.
  • Trimmer manufacturers additionally produce heads for attaching various attachments. If you buy a trimmer with their support, you will get a multi-tool from the device: a lopper, a cultivator and even a snow blower.

Popular trimmer manufacturers

Trimmers are manufactured by many companies. Some of them have their own characteristics.

  • BOSCH - in the assortment of this manufacturer there are models with a lower engine arrangement, they are distinguished by their lightness and at the same time reliability. Perfect for the elderly. Very clear and easy to use.
  • Makita - this company presents high-power trimmer models. Equipped with reliable motors. The tools of this company are capable of performing an arbitrarily large amount of work. In the basic configuration, a twisted line with high cutting qualities is most often installed.
  • STIHL - Dozens and maybe hundreds of top-engine models are represented under this brand. They are the lightest in their class among this kind of technique. The tools are in most cases collapsible (a complete key is used for this), which makes transportation easier. Very balanced in weight, equipped with vibration-proof handle. Thermal sensors allow you not to think about the operating time.

Operating errors

The cutting head of the trimmer is most often semi-automatic - the line comes out of it with a slight pressure on the ground. However, many owners use too much force when doing this, which causes the head to break. This is the most common reason for contacting a service center.

It is also popular among trimmer owners to fail to comply with the basic rules of operation, such as exceeding the time of continuous operation or mowing wet grass with a device with a lower engine position. All this leads to the combustion of the motor.

A quick breakdown of the trigger occurs with constant operation at high speeds. At such moments, the button is pressed all the way, as a result of which the contacts burn out.

For exactly the same reason, the carbon brushes in the engine fail.

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