Detailed description of the rapunzel tomato variety

Gardeners who love novelties in their business should be familiar with the name of the Rapunzel tomatoes. This variety was bred quite recently and is practically not widespread in our country, many have heard of it, but few have seen it with their own eyes. Below is a detailed description of this hybrid tomato.

Description of the variety of tomato Rapunzel

The Rapunzel tomato hybrid was bred by American breeders of the Flora-Nova company in 2015, but has not yet received mass distribution in Europe and Asia. It has the following characteristics:

  • The variety is referred to as indeterminate plants, which characterizes him as tall. With normal care, Rapunzel can grow from 180 cm to 240 cm.
  • Vegetation period is only 70-80 days.
  • The fruits of the stem are placed on long clusters, each of which can have up to 40 tomatoes.
  • The tomatoes themselves look like cherry tomatoes, they have the same small size and bright red color.
  • The taste of tomatoes is excellent, each fruit has a minimum of chambers with seeds, the pulp is juicy and very sweet.

The variety is grown for fresh consumption; it is not suitable for storage and conservation.

Growing features

Tomato variety Rapunzel is suitable for growing both outdoors through seedlings and indoors with good illumination. Originally developed for balconies, terraces and greenhouses.

When planting in tubs and boxes, it is worth considering the tallness of the trunk, not every balcony will be able to accommodate a beauty 2 meters high.

Growing in the open field also provides some features, next to a tomato bush, you should immediately install a support, to which the stem will subsequently be tied. In the neighborhood, you can plant nasturtium, foxglove, marigolds, coriander.

The plant is distinguished by its light-requiring, it is better for it to look for a place without any shading.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomatoes of the Rapunzel variety, like all other plants of this type, have their own disadvantages and advantages, thanks to which they are chosen as seed by gardeners. Rapunzel is chosen because of such positive qualities:

  1. High yield varieties.
  2. Excellent taste qualities.
  3. High disease resistance and pests.
  4. Beautiful marketable condition fruits.

Among the disadvantages its tallness can be noted.

At the moment, the seeds of the variety cannot be found in any store in our country, and indeed throughout Europe. There is an opinion that the stem does not reproduce by seeds at all, it is enough just to have a stalk.

Soil selection and sowing

Before you start growing a stem and sowing seeds for seedlings, it is worth picking up the soil. Rapunzel tomatoes will be most comfortable in acidic or slightly acidic soils. This is exactly what the soil should be, starting with seedlings and ending with the full development of the plant.

The planting technology of the variety is no different from the cultivation of other tomatoes:

  • the first step will be preparation of containers, filling them with heated soil;
  • in parallel in a weak solution of potassium permanganate soak the stem seeds, it is worth keeping them in pink water for at least 12 hours;
  • the next step will be direct sowing seeds, place them at a distance of at least 1 cm from each other;
  • after everything is worth it sprinkle with a layer of nutrient soil, it should not be more than 4 mm;
  • seed container watered with warm water and placed in a room with a temperature not lower than +25 for 5-7 days.

After this time, the seedlings should appear in the container.

To speed up the germination process, you can cover the container with glass after watering or tightly seal it with a film.

After the appearance of the second pair of real leaves, the tomatoes must be dived into individual containers.

Planting in open ground and aftercare

Dived stems grow and develop in individual containers until the threat of frost completely disappears. Only after that, you can confidently plant the tomatoes in the garden. At the same time, they adhere to the following rules:

  • be sure to withstand distance between bushes 50 cm;
  • hole depth should not exceed 10 cm;
  • it is better to plant by transshipment, which will minimize trauma to the root system.

In order for the plant to develop well further and be able to please the gardener with the maximum possible harvest, it must be looked after. For this, it will be enough:

  • spend regular feeding every two weeks with diluted slurry or by the manure itself;
  • make complex store dressings, which are prepared in accordance with the instructions;
  • water the boles in containers and tubs as the soil dries up;
  • for the entire period of growth and development two weeks before harvest carry out several sprays with Bordeaux mixture for prevention purposes;
  • shouldn't be ignored and regular spraying with garlic and onion infusion with laundry soap;
  • regular pinching plants and the formation of one or two stems from one rhizome;
  • timely fixing the stem to the support ordinary tying;
  • qualitative harvesting as the fruit ripens.

It is worth regularly inspecting and pinching the stem, if this is not done, the number of fruits will decrease, and their quality will become slightly worse.

Diseases and pests of tomato

When breeding the Rapunzel variety, a high resistance to various diseases was genetically laid, among which special attention was paid to late blight. During the growing season, breeders recommend processing with Bordeaux mixture for prevention purposes, but even without this remedy, the plant successfully repels all such microbes and bacteria from itself.

Ground pests of the Rapunzel variety are not afraid of any, the bush is not susceptible to them at all. But underground residents of the site can eat a tomato root, most of all he attracts a bear, a mole and a beetle larva.

There are no exact recommendations for growing the Rapunzel tomato variety; in our country, few people have done this. In spite of this there are more and more people who want to get hold of seeds or a stalk of a plant every year. We hope that Rapunzel's “parents” will soon delight gardeners with the constant release of high-quality seeds in sufficient quantities.

Rapunzel mini tomatoes: what is the peculiarity of the variety and how to grow it?

With the help of selection, various varieties of tomatoes have been bred. Rapunzel stands out. This variety has an interesting appearance. Thanks to the drooping fruiting brushes, it got its name from the owner of extremely long hair, the fairytale princess Rapunzel. It appeared recently, but has already gained fame.

General description of the hybrid

The Rapunzel tomato is a hybrid that has become a real wonder for the gardeners of our country. It was bred by American breeders. The first presentation of this variety of tomatoes took place in the United States in 2014.

The new hybrid has not yet been entered into the Russian register. It has only recently become available to farmers in our country.

It is interesting! At first, gardeners thought that the described variety of tomatoes reproduced exclusively in a vegetative way. However, later, Rapunzel seeds appeared in stores in European countries.

Hybrid seeds can be purchased online. It will be available soon in horticultural stores.

Features of Rapunzel tomatoes

The main feature of the Rapunzel tomato is its unusual bushes. Lines are formed on them, which reach a length of 2.5 meters, with 30-50 fruits. How they look can be seen in the photo. Rapunzel fruit is cherry. These are small tomatoes, each weighing no more than 25 g.

The berries of this hybrid are considered dietary. With a low calorie content, they are high in nutrients. Choline is especially valuable as it lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Rapunzel is a salad hybrid. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption. Due to their thin skin, they crack when preserved.

Another distinctive feature of this variety of tomatoes is the ability to grow not only in the garden and greenhouse, but also on the balcony.

Note! The appearance of the Rapunzel tomato allows it to be grown not only as a fruit crop, but also as an ornamental plant. During the fruiting period, it can become a real decoration of the garden.


The Rapunzel hybrid has excellent performance. It amazes not only with its appearance, but also with its yield.

Description of the characteristics of the hybrid:

Parameter Indicators
Bush type Indeterminate. It grows up to 2-2.5 m in height. It has whips up to 2 meters long, hanging in a cascade. Stems are thin and flexible, strongly leafy. The leaves are dark green, large and pubescent. The root system is pivotal and powerful.
Growing method The plant is thermophilic, therefore it is suitable for growing in greenhouses and on the balcony. In southern climates, planting in open ground is possible.
Yield High. Up to 50 berries are formed on one Rapunzel lash. More than 5 lashes grow on one plant, from which 5-8 kg of tomatoes are harvested.
Fruit Small ones. The mass of one berry varies between 15-25 g. Rapunzel fruits are red on the outside and inside. They do not have light chambers near the base. They contain an average amount of dry matter. The fruits are firm but juicy. One berry has two chambers with a small number of small seeds that are not suitable for planting. The tomatoes taste sweet with a pleasant sourness. They contain a large amount of nutrients and sugars. Moreover, the berries are low in calories.
Transportability Low. Tomatoes are stored for a short time. Due to their thin skin, they cannot be transported over long distances.
Ripening terms An early ripe hybrid. The first crop is obtained less than three months after germination. Fruiting lasts all summer. In heated greenhouses and on the balcony, Rapunzel produces crops all year round.
Disease resistance Has a high immunity to most tomato diseases. This makes it easier to care for him.

Description of the Rapunzel variety

Rapunzel is an indeterminate tomato. The shrub growing in a greenhouse more than two meters high bears many large dark green leaves, the surface of which is slightly pubescent.

Rapunzel is a representative of the so-called cascading tomatoes. It has very long clusters containing up to 40 small fruits, weighing an average of about 25 g. Fruits are round in shape, colored red, shiny. The intervals between them in the brush are small. The skin is thick and firm. In the upper part of the cluster, the tomatoes are somewhat larger, they ripen first.

In numerous photos, the brushes of a Rapunzel tomato look like marvelous braids.

Rapunzel tomatoes: variety description, photos, reviews

The name of this tomato variety was invented for a reason, because Rapunzel is a girl with long hair, it is this braid that resembles a plant during fruiting. Below we will find out more about how productive Rapunzel tomatoes are: a description of the variety, reviews, what diseases tomatoes are most susceptible to, as well as where and how best to grow plants.

Basic description of the variety

Description of the variety Rapunzel tomatoes should start with the fact that tomatoes can be attributed to fairly tall plants, the height of one bush can reach from one hundred and eighty to two hundred and forty centimeters, while the bushes are not standard. This variety is classified as a hybrid, but on the market you cannot find plants of the same name that are the same hybrids. The type of plant is considered early ripening, since the ripening of fruits occurs early enough, this is proved by reviews and videos of summer residents who have already grown this type of tomato on their site.

From the moment of planting to the beginning of fruiting, it can take from seventy to eighty days, such tomatoes are best grown in special containers on the balcony or windowsill, it is very important that the tomatoes receive full abundance of light. It is worth remembering that the bushes are quite tall, for this reason, not all gardeners can grow a plant on the balcony.

If growing on the balcony is not suitable, you can simply use the greenhouse room in the country, this variety perfectly adapts to the conditions of the greenhouse, so the Rapunzel tomato variety will give a great harvest with proper care. A plus can be considered the fact that it is Rapunzel tomatoes that are distinguished by their increased resistance to almost all diseases, for this reason it is best to place them at home or in a greenhouse.

Variety yield

The description of the variety suggests that the Rapunzel tomato has excellent yield characteristics, the plant is famous not only for its increased resistance to diseases, but also for its very large yield. You can find a lot of advantages in this variety, for example, the fruits are more like cherry tomatoes, and their taste is very delicate and sweetish. An equally important advantage is a high level of yield, since more than twenty small fruits can be located on one brush, and the plant itself perfectly resists the most dangerous and well-known tomato diseases.

But there are reviews and videos that this tomato has some drawbacks, the main one can be considered inaccessibility, because the seeds of tomatoes of this plant are extremely difficult to acquire, often summer residents are looking for an answer to the question of where to buy seeds of this type of tomato. There are very few seedlings on sale, so if you manage to grow a variety in your garden, you should stock up on seeds so that next year you do not run around in search of a variety in the shops. Also, too tall bushes are considered a small drawback, since these plants are recommended to be planted at home or in greenhouses, not all summer residents can grow tomatoes, since the bushes grow up to two and a half meters.

Some features of the variety

This variety has the most important feature, because tomatoes are very fond of sunlight, for this reason, you will have to constantly maintain the required amount of lighting for the plant in order to get a good harvest, especially when it comes to growing tomatoes at home or in a greenhouse. If we consider the description of the variety, then we can understand that Rapunzel will feel best only in an acidic or slightly acidic soil environment.

When growing, you will have to keep the distance of planting seeds, since the shrubs grow quite large in size. It is worth leaving a distance of at least fifty centimeters between the bushes, planting sprouts in the ground is carried out in the spring, but only after the frosts at night have completely passed.

The depth of each hole is equally important, since due to the high growth of the plant, the roots may not withstand the load if planting is done too close to the surface. Each hole must have a depth of at least ten centimeters, it is even better to make the holes are deep. Novice gardeners should know that although this plant is tall, its root system develops slowly and weakly, for this reason this variety requires constant feeding with useful minerals and fertilizers.

Fertilization is carried out at least once every two weeks, in addition, the bushes require timely garters so that, due to their growth, they do not break and do not fall to the ground under the weight of tomatoes. The formation of a shrub is carried out in one or a maximum of two stems, watering such a plant can be carried out as the soil dries.

If you need to plant other plants next to such tomatoes, then you should give preference to carrots, marigolds, asparagus, lemon balm, basil or thyme, these are the best companions for the Rapunzel variety. Some gardeners say that this variety is poorly grown from seeds, but it is much easier to grow it by cuttings, for this reason it is quite possible that such a variety will no longer be found on sale.

Diseases and pests

This variety is almost not susceptible to diseases or various pests, although many breeders highly recommend additionally treating the variety with Bordeaux liquid, and the deciduous part can be processed using an infusion of onions and garlic, in which a small amount of soap is additionally put. It is also worth constantly cleaning excess vegetation in the beds in order to avoid the appearance of pests and the spread of tomato diseases.

Reviews of gardeners about the variety "Rapunzel"

I once tried these tomatoes at my neighbor, who often grew new varieties of tomatoes, I really liked the pleasant taste of the fruits, their small size and softness. I decided to beg for some seeds for myself, after planting the tomatoes took a long time to sprout, in addition, they needed a lot of light and heat. I grew several bushes on the balcony, since at that time I did not have a greenhouse. During growth, I faced problems with a lack of light, I had to constantly light up the tomatoes, it also turned out that these tomatoes do not like excess moisture, so I rarely watered them, only when the surface of the earth was completely dry.

Eighty days later, I was able to harvest the first crop, I have a large balcony, so the two-meter bushes were there, I tied them up additionally. The tomatoes grew small and tasted very pleasant and a little sweet. I used such tomatoes for rolling in jars and just for salads. Last year, I did not find this variety on sale, so I had to grow seedlings from the collected seeds. I did not produce any care and I did not apply fertilizers, so the yield was not too high.

For many years I have been working in the country and tomatoes are my favorite vegetables, since we love small tomatoes in jars more, I decided to choose a variety that will bring a big harvest and will not require special personal care. The Rapunzel tomato was an excellent way out for me, but I saw this variety on sale for the first time, but decided to try to plant this plant on my site, since the reviews about it were quite good.

Planting was carried out in a greenhouse, care was carried out according to all standards, periodically treated shrubs from pests and diseases, and also watered the soil near the plant a couple of times a week. Almost three months later, I got my first crop, from one bush I harvested almost six kilograms of tomatoes, the tomatoes were not large in size, while very dense and tasty. My wife used them for seaming, but we still had enough and just eat them in salads and dishes.

Wonderful tomatoes, I grew them for several months on the balcony from seeds, the sprouts required a lot of additional lighting, since without light they began to wither, I had to equip the lighting on the loggia. The bushes grew more than two meters, which is not suitable for my balcony, for this reason I had to think about how to place the stems of the plants so that they would not break. The yield was excellent even without complementary foods, I just constantly watered the plants and removed the weeds. Now this variety is incredibly difficult to find, so every year they collect as many seeds as possible in order to plant tomatoes already in a greenhouse in the country.

I heard about a new variety of tomatoes called "Rapunzel", and since I am a fan of trying new varieties, I wanted to find this type of plant on sale. As it turned out, it is extremely difficult to buy a variety, since I was looking for seeds for almost two years, having got a pack of seeds, immediately planted them for seedlings, transplanted large sprouts into the ground in a greenhouse. Here difficulties began, there was not enough light for the tomatoes, so I had to think about how to make lighting in the greenhouse, I also had to often ventilate the room, since excess moisture adversely affected the plants. Still, after three months I got an excellent harvest of small ripe tomatoes, there were so many of them that it was enough for both seaming and preparing salads. I advise you to try to grow such a variety on your site in order to get an excellent harvest and tasty fruits.

What gardeners say about the overseas variety

This original variety has not been seen "alive" - ​​only in the picture. I really liked the arrangement of the fruits on the bushes. They write that this hybrid was bred in the United States, and seems to be propagated by cuttings, not seeds. I also like that it is suitable for growing not only in the open field, but also on windowsills, balconies, in loggias. True, these tomatoes stretch a lot, which can create difficulties. They love the sun very much. The variety is considered a salad.


You can probably buy a pig in a bag from us, they offer seeds with exactly such a photo, there is also a video from the exhibition of this bush, however, the first tomatoes are already missing on the brush. Those who sell their photos do not post, which means they want to cheat.


What tomatoes. This is a novelty of 2015, seeds of foreign selection, are now enjoying great interest, I don’t even know where to buy it yet, therefore there is no information for which areas it is zoned. It is worth looking at the sites of online stores that sell planting material of foreign selection. It seems all the same that by the beginning of this season they will come out on sale somewhere.

I love salami

The Rapunzel tomato is a new cherry tomato variety described as a plant with surprisingly long clusters and sweet fruits. Many summer residents and gardeners dream of planting it in a greenhouse. However, this is not yet possible: the seeds of this tomato are not yet supplied to Russia. But in the US, their sale has already begun. This suggests that Rapunzel will appear in stores in our country in the coming years.

Taking into account the ripening time of Rapunzel, you can calculate the time of receiving fruits in winter or for a specific family celebration. But while getting the seeds of this curiosity is quite difficult. This is usually the case with new varieties. Sellers are reluctant to accept their seeds, relying on profits from proven varieties, and breeders are still working on the stability of the varietal traits of the seeds. This lasts 2-4 years before homemade tomato lovers and summer residents will see them on the free market.

The surest way to obtain planting material - cuttings or planting stepchildren - is also not available yet. But last year, there were reports that two UK retailers were already offering the seeds for this miracle.

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