Biological products for plant protection against various diseases

Biologics help improve plant formation and growth, increasing plant vitality, which enhances immunity. This article will tell you about the drugs that act specifically on the causative agents of various plant diseases. These drugs are based on viruses, bacteria and antagonist fungi that can stop the development of harmful bacteria. The advantage of these drugs is that they are harmless to humans and pets.

Although these drugs are safe, nevertheless, after their application, it is advisable to treat the soil with EM-solutions of your own preparation or purchased ones, such as "Baikal", "Vostok", "Shining", etc. This is necessary to restore the microflora in the soil.

Fungicidal (drugs for the prevention and treatment of diseases) biological products will help to carry out preventive treatment or stop the development of various plant diseases.

Types of biological products for plant protection

Trichodermin (Glyocladin)

Composition and use. The basis of the drug is the vitamins of the Trickoderma Lignorum fungus. This preparation can be used to treat seeds before sowing. The concentration of the drug is 2%, and when preparing for planting for seeds, a solution is added to the wells, at the rate of up to 4 ml per plant. In the first days of the third week, they are treated with a 1% solution, throughout the whole season.

Act. The defeat of various vegetables with diseases such as white, dry, gray and root rot, helminthosporosis, late blight, downy and powdery mildew, etc. At the same time, the drug participates in the processes of soil decomposition, while improving it, enriching it with useful substances. This, in turn, leads to stimulation of plant growth, while increasing their resistance to diseases. When using this drug, the yield of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other garden crops increases.

Planriz (Rizoplan)

Composition and application. The preparation contains bacteria living in the soil of a special strain of Pseudomonas fluorecsens. It is intended for prophylactic treatment of plants with a 0.5% solution at the beginning of every third week. It is used to protect seeds before sowing with 1% solution (for one day) or adding 0.5 ml to each well during planting.

Act. It has the ability to stop the development of fungal or bacterial pathogens, such as various types of rot or powdery mildew, bacteriosis, septoria, brown rust, etc. It gives an impetus for the development of vegetable and berry crops, as well as for their growth, eliminates the consequences of violation of the multi-field.

Pentaphage C

Composition and application. The preparation contains full-fledged viral particles, consisting of bacterial pathogens of five strains. The type of these strains is a source of natural chemicals (BAS), as well as substances that cause a disease called bacterial cancer. It is used according to the recipe, depending on the specific type of damage to the plant and against a specific pathogen.

Act. The use of the drug reduces the likelihood of bacterial cancer in fruit trees, angular spot, and perforated spot of stone fruit. The product is effective for lesions with powdery mildew or scab, as well as pockmarked and bacterial spot. This increases the quality of the crop and its quantity.


Composition and application. Phytobacteriomycin is the basis for the active substance. This is a collection of antibiotics - streptotricin, isolated from fungi. It is used both in open ground and in greenhouses. The concentration is selected based on the specific type of disease and the specific type of plant.

Act. The effect of the drug is manifested when plants are damaged by fungal diseases and bacterial diseases such as scab or rot or fusarium, anthracnose, as well as bacterial cancer, etc. Its scope extends to the protection of vegetables and trees, as well as various shrubs.


Composition and application. Iodine-based preparation. Designed for spraying various plants. For 10 liters of water, take one teaspoon and stir.

Act. Differs in a potent effect against various types of microbes, bacteria and phytopathogenic viruses. With an increase in concentration, it can stop the development of fungal diseases. The drug Pharmayod can be used to treat trees, various shrubs, roses and garden crops. It is widely used to protect tomatoes from tobacco mosaic damage, heart-shaped bacterial necrosis, as well as to protect pumpkin seeds and to protect cucumbers.

Fitosporin M

Composition and application. Bacillus subtilis 26D - is the main active ingredient. Plants are sprayed with this preparation. The plants are watered with it. Before planting seeds, tubers, cuttings, they can be soaked in the preparation. Before planting various plants, it is advisable to treat the soil and compost with this preparation. The method of application is indicated in the instructions.

Act. Fitosporin is able to stop the development of a number of fungal and bacterial diseases. They are late blight or wilting, scab and fusarium, various rot and brown rust, dust smut, this also includes Alternaria and Septoria, etc.

Gamair (Bactericide)

Composition and application. A solution of this drug is used when spraying or watering plants. To increase the effect, 1 ml of liquid soap should be added to the solution.

Act. It is an effective drug. It is used to combat such plant diseases as: various rot, scab and bacterial cancer, late blight, fusarium blight, necrosis and bacterial burn, etc.

Alirin B (Bio-fungicide)

Composition and application. The preparation contains VI3R-10, titer 109 CFU / g. You can find packaging with pills, and packaging with powder. It is used for watering (for this, 2 tablets are diluted in 10 liters of water). It is advised to add 1 ml of liquid soap for greater effect.

Act. Actively against fungal diseases and their varieties, inhibiting their development. These can be the following diseases: late blight, alternaria, rhizoctonis, various rot, scab and cercospora, and many others. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on productivity, increasing the quality of the fruit, while reducing the level of nitrates. Neutralizes the effect of various chemicals that were used in the process of growing various crops.

These are the so-called highly specialized preparations of fungicidal action, designed to combat various diseases. Along with them, it is possible to note "Gaupsin", which is able to give protection to plants from pests and various diseases. The main active pharmaceutical ingredient is a bacterial strain belonging to the Pseudomonas aureofaciens IMV2637 group. The drug is adapted to suppress the development of fungal diseases and their varieties, and also protects fruit bushes, trees from the invasion of pests.

Biologicals to protect garden plants from pests ✅ Summer cottage garden and vegetable garden with Hitsad

Biological products for soil and plants, unlike traditional fertilizers and protection products, do not contain chemicals. They are environmentally friendly and safe, since they are based exclusively on "live" microorganisms that increase the biological activity of soil and plants.

  • Strengthening plants
  • Boosting growth
  • Disease resistance
  • Increasing the nutritional value of products
  • Increased yield
  • Enrichment of the soil with beneficial bacteria.

We offer preparations for soaking seeds, foliar treatment of plants at various stages of vegetation. Also in our assortment are soil conditioners for restoring soil fertility.

What are biological products, and what are they?

Biological products that are used in agriculture - special means to combat plant pests, pathogens and weeds. They work on the same principle as pesticides, but differ from them in that they contain microorganisms or are made from waste products, and not made from completely synthetic compounds. Because of this, they become harmless to cultivated plants, soil, humans, insects, animals.

Depending on the origin of the active substance, preparations of biological origin are divided into bacterial, fungal and viral. The first group is used mainly to combat phytopathogens, rodents and harmful insects. Means with fungi-entopathogens are used against microorganisms that cause diseases and pests. Both plants and soil are treated with biological products. Viral biological products are produced on the basis of entomopathogenic viruses. They are specific in orientation, they act on pests of a certain type.

How is the solution prepared?

A certain amount of a biological product (ml), in accordance with the recommendations of the developer, is mixed with a small amount of water. The resulting solution is distributed in the soil and mixed thoroughly.

Here is an example of preparing a working solution from a preparation based on Trichoderma (Fungilex): preparation (100 ml) + water (1 l). The solution is distributed in a bucket of peat substrate. They do the same with bacterial and other drugs, but always taking into account the dosage recommended by the manufacturers.

Fortifying biological products based on plant extracts

This group includes funds obtained with the addition of bioactive plant extracts and capable of "working" against diseases and pests, and at the same time accelerate ripening, strengthen the immune system of horticultural crops, increase their resistance to stress and yield.

Drug name

What contains

What is it used for

Extracts of pine and spruce needles, humic acids of peat

Increases productivity, strengthens immunity, enhances the ability to restore tissue, improves the absorption of nutrients by plants, has antimicrobial and antiviral effects

Triterpene acids of Siberian fir needles

They improve the germination of seeds, increase the yield, increase the vitality of horticultural crops, and extend the shelf life of fruits. Prevents the occurrence of bacterial, viral, fungal diseases, and also reduces the risk of brown rust, white and gray rot, late blight, anthracosis

Extracts of cypress, Himalayan cedar, pine and plantain

Accelerates the ripening of fruits, increases productivity, strengthens immunity, increases resistance to changes to abrupt climatic changes

Goldenrod, Barberry and Ginseng Extracts

Strengthens the immune system, neutralizes the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, removes toxins and heavy metals, improves the taste of fruits of garden and garden crops

Increases plant resistance to fungal diseases, prevents and reduces their symptoms, replenishes the lack of certain trace elements (zinc, manganese)

7 biologics you should have on hand

Do you want to grow organic vegetables, but don't know how to cope with diseases and pests without "chemistry"? Biologics to help you.

Save this information to yourself and use effective and safe means correctly! If biological drugs are not new to you, share your experience with them in the comments.

Basic biological products for pests

These biologically active insecticides effectively fight almost all pests, both vegetable plants and fruit trees and berry bushes. The funds begin to work within a few hours after spraying on infected plants. After treatment, the funds are effective for at least 3 weeks.

They can be used both on large farms and on personal plots. The only condition is that it is better not to carry out treatment with biological products in rainy weather, so that the product is not washed off the plants by rain.

The main drugs used for plant protection:


Fitoverm contains substances produced by microorganisms in the soil.

Used to combat potato pests, ticks, moth and other harmful insects.


Lepidocide is a substance designed to combat silkworm caterpillars, scoops and other pest butterflies. It should be diluted in strict accordance with the instructions for use.


Bitoxibacillin is a spore-crystalline complex and exotoxin of microbial culture.

The use of bitoxibacillin is protection against the Colorado potato beetle, spider mites, leaf-gnawing caterpillars of vegetables and berries.


Nemabakt is a special drug that consists of small worms that feed on pests. They eat the larvae of harmful insects, and there is no limit to their saturation. They are active all season - from spring to late autumn, in winter the worms fall asleep, and with the arrival of heat, they again begin to fight pests.


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