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Ruscus aculeatus




The butcher's broom since ancient Roman times was considered a talisman and for this reason its twigs were worn during the saturnalia, that is to say in the days preceding the winter solstice. They claimed that having the butcher's broom in the vicinity of one's home kept evil at bay.

This aspect is thought to be linked to the fact that the butcher's broom with its sharp, leathery and prickly leaves represented almost a defense. The fact of its imposing appearance with its intense and glossy green color, the straight and rigid, evergreen stems, evoked duration, survival, prosperity.

The red and globular fruits of the butcher's broom, present throughout the winter, evoked the rebirth of the sun at the solstice to wish a new year.

So the butcher's broom has a more than positive meaning.

Meaning of flowers: the butcher's broom

For hundreds of years, man has been giving plants is flowers not only based on its beauty but also based on meaning. As the Christmas time, we have decided to focus our efforts also on showing you their language, making sure that you can give away one of the many plants typical of this holiday, aware not only of their good luck value, but also of their meaning, making everything more complete. Today we will talk about the butcher's broom.

The ruscus aculeate is one of the Christmas plants par excellence together with the poinsettia: this is because inside it contains the typical colors of this holiday: green and red. In particular the berries they recall tradition, and often with them pleasant compositions are created to be used as garlands or as a simple decoration.

Its meaning is positive. Unlike many other plants, it cannot rely on a specific "language". In principle, almost all traditions consider it one auspicious plant, able to bring joy and prosperity. We should not be surprised given the phytotherapeutic capabilities that the plant brings with it, in particular as regards the urinary system, for which it represents an excellent antibiotic.

Obviously, its favorable connotation does not depend only on this: the use made of it in ancient times certainly contributed to fueling the importance given to the butcher's broom. Already the ancient Romans, in their time, considered the plant a talisman. Maybe the whole thing it came from the red color of the berries, but it is known that the citizens, regardless of their wealth, used to carry with them some twigs of butcher's broom during the saturnalia, or in the days preceding the winter solstice.

Having this plant near the house was for them synonymous with protection from evil: a belief deriving from the particular thickness of the leaves which combined with their shape and consistency represented a real defense. Not to mention the importance of its color: the evergreen plant represented survival.

Flowers and their fascinating language

There is a colorful, elegant, fragrant and delicate language that is expressed with flowers, they not only carry their perfume, but also a secret meaning.

Expressing feelings and sending messages with flowers in our hasty and distracted times is no longer common practice, but in the romantic '800 it was very fashionable and in any case the symbolism of flowers has been used since ancient times.

If we all know that the Red Roses they symbolize Love and the darker the red the more intense and passionate the love is, maybe we don't know that depending on the color, roses have a different meaning.

For example the White Rose it symbolizes eternal, pure, unconditional, consolidated, universal love, such as fraternal love or for a family member.

There Yellow Rose that means jealousy Rose friendship, the Black Rose so suggestive and gloomy, which, moreover, does not exist in nature and is obtained with complex chemical operations of botany, it expresses sadness, pain, mourning and is an omen of misfortunes.

There Purple Pink, whose charm has been made unforgettable by the popular manga and anime Glass Mask (Maya's great dream), has the meaning of grace and beauty, but above all expresses the effect of magnetism and the sense of deep charm, it represents in particular the 'Magic spell. Those who give purple roses want to let people know that they are deeply in love and at first sight of the recipient of the floral gift. La Rosa Viola is synonymous with romance and good education.

But the rose in general is also synonymous with secrecy. Pink sub (under the rose) expression deriving from the Latin maxim: sub rosa dicta veiled east. In ancient times it represented silence, therefore when a rose was placed on the table, those present were obliged not to disclose what had been said, to keep it secret.

Since then the expression sub pink means something that is done in secret or exposed in confidence.

Frescoed roses - Pompeii

In the Roman domus, the houses of the ancient Romans, the painted or carved rose on the ceiling or on the walls was a reassuring symbol for guests, that what they would say would remain within those walls and not disclosed, that their confidences would be respected. .

The Rosicrucians are a legendary secret society, an esoteric order, so secret that its actual existence has never been proven.

On the confessionals of churches, images of roses are carved or inlaid to ensure the secrecy of conversations and confidences of the faithful, the Confessional Secret.

So giving a rose can guarantee the other that a secret will be well kept.

"Forget-me-not" flowers

But if the rose is the queen among the flowers, the others, all beautiful, also have their own meaning, as do the plants: theolive we know well that it is a symbol of peace, the Lily of purity and candor, the Violet of modesty, shyness, modesty while the Pansy and the Do not forget me they need no explanation because they enclose it in their name.

And then there Daisy which is synonymous with simplicity, freedom and smile, i Orange Blossoms or Zagare which are associated with marriage, while i Chrysanthemums they are considered bearers of good, joy and prosperity all over the world, except in Italy, where they are associated with mourning and sad contexts. This is because the Day of the dead takes place in the flowering period of chrysanthemums and for this they have taken on a sad meaning. In the East, however, chrysanthemums (whose name in Greek means "golden flower") are extremely positive: they are used for weddings, communions and birthdays.

Aconite - contains aconitine one of the most powerful poisons in the world

Among the flowers with negative symbols are theAconite, a graceful purple flower also very common in our Alps, which means revenge andOleander which means distrust, because these plants contain two of the most powerful poisons in the world.

They are not used for flower arrangements due to their nature and, if you intend to cultivate them, it is good to be very careful, use gloves to handle them and keep them away from pets, because if ingested they are deadly.

Holly - also called thorny laurel, aquifolium or butcher's broom

L'Fir represents Christmas and winter and family joys, even theHolly and traditionally used during the Christmas holidays, as it represents joy and prosperity, as well as the Mistletoe which is a good luck symbol. Mistletoe wreaths are hung in the house to attract good luck, family harmony, protection for those who live there. It is a lucky plant under which to exchange auspicious kisses. Peach blossoms instead symbolize Easter and spring.


L'Laurel it is considered the symbol of power, victory and glory. Laurel wreaths were placed on the heads of heroes, great poets, emperors and winners of the Olympics ... or to add flavor to the chicken

It is ideal to give laurel to celebrate an important milestone, such as graduation or a job promotion, for a victory in sport or in life.

Flowers have become one of the most used designs for tattoos, the meaning of their language is displayed on the skin as a message or personal vision of life and the world, just knowing how to read it.

Sending a message with a flower is a delicate and fragrant way of communicating and after all they bring joy and are received with pleasure, they are a kind and very welcome gift for women.

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