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January 2021

January 18, Monday, 6-7th lunar day. The waxing moon is in Aries


Since Aries is considered an infertile sign, sowing and planting these days will not bring good results. Sowing and planting seedlings can only be fast-growing crops that give greenery, but you cannot collect high-quality seeds from them and they will be poorly stored.

Better deal with the processing of the beds: digging, loosening, weeding, thinning and hilling seedlings. Replace potting medium in indoor plants as needed.

You can remove the overgrown strawberry whiskers and pinch the tips of the shoots to increase branching. Shortening shoots is only advisable if you want to slow down their growth.

Treat plants from diseases and pests.

Apply dry mineral fertilizer to the soil.

Get vaccinated.


Vegetable plants can be sown and planted with seedlings:

  • Peking cabbage;
  • onions on a feather - batun, chives and onions.

Sow parsley over greens, mustard leaves, and lettuce. Basil and cilantro will also grow well.

Indoor plants in Aries are better not to disturb.

Not recommended

Do not water or feed the plants with liquid fertilizers.

Do not repot, dive, pinch, or trim the shoots, or they will grow slowly.

Do not root cuttings.

Do not use the budding method for vaccinations.


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Table of unfavorable days for planting and gardening for 2021

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