Front gardens

How to plant a front garden

The size of the front garden is determined by the size of the house, in most cases it occupies 2/3 of the building's height. Shrubs chosen for the front garden must completely cover the basement. The gradual descent, created with the help of plants of various sizes, cordially guides the person towards the entrance. If the wall at which the flower bed is planned does not have windows, a tall tree is planted: spruce, thuja or birch.

The soil substrate used annually for growing plants without proper feeding is gradually depleted. Experienced gardeners recommend fertilizing, ... Fitolavin, reviews of which can be read on thematic resources, is a fungicide used for the treatment of fruit, berry and vegetable crops. The drug has ...

How to decorate a front garden

It seems to us that recently the front garden theme has become less and less popular not only among landscape designers, but also among gardeners. Unfortunately, in our country, front gardens in general, and even more beautiful, elegantly executed, are rare. The reason for this, obviously, is the prevailing way of life, which involves fencing off the whole world with high, deaf fences.

Increasingly, instead of front gardens, only deaf high fences can be observed

In this case, the very idea of ​​breaking up the front garden loses its meaning - decoration in front of the house, put up for display, for everyone. If a decorative entrance area is created in fenced gardens, no one, as a rule, will see it, except for the owners and their guests. Traditional front gardens can still be found at times in villages, and their counterparts sometimes appear inside guarded cottage settlements, where the fences between the sites are low or easily permeable to the eye.

In villages or inside guarded cottage settlements, you can still find low, permeable fences.

In this regard, there is a lot to learn in foreign countries with a developed practice of home garden ornamental gardening. What kind of artistic techniques you will not find in the design of small plots of land under the windows or in front of the entrance to a Dutch, German or Belgian house. It seems that the owners of small private estates are competing with each other in terms of decorating the local area. Despite the overabundance of means of expressing the individuality of the site and the enthusiasm for eclecticism, many of the implemented projects stand up to the most serious criticism and can serve as an object for creative reflection and imitation.

Within the same street, various front gardens replace each other, like pictures in a kaleidoscope. Flat parterres and compositions with the use of geoplastic techniques adjoin, miniature slides, retaining walls and borders made of wood or stone rise. Concrete containers, ceramic flowerpots and boxes made of boards and old sleepers are hidden under cascades of ampelous annuals.

Decoration of the territory in front of the house, paving dominates here

Numerous options for paving and filling the surface with crushed stone, pebbles or gravel screenings alternate with greenery of short-cropped tiny lawns. Large stones are found: boulders, flat slabs or angular fragments of rock, reminiscent of islands, surrounded by a foamy surf of sedum, laskolka or thyme.

Many plots are dominated by flower gardens, which offer all the benefits of continuous flowering gardens. Often there are so-called staffing elements - objects made of stone, metal or wood: intricate sculptures, hollowed-out flower boxes, bird drinkers, ancient plows and anchors, as well as original garden furniture made of snags or roots.

Front gardens often feature intricate sculptures and original furniture made from natural materials, old garden tools and other vintage items.

Old stumps and wood cuts are transformed into flowerpots or pedestals. Stone sculptures of animals and birds compete with amusing wooden figures of twigs and thin twigs.

You can decorate the space around the house in a variety of ways. For inspiration, additional knowledge about the techniques for arranging the garden area will always come in handy. In the book by Andrey Lysikov “Beautiful Gardens. Secrets of Landscape Designers ”, which can be purchased in the official online store of the publishing house, you will find many practical tips for the design of the local area and other areas of your garden.

What kind of front garden do you have?

I look out of the window at my front garden, overgrown with phloxes and lupines, and dream of how one day I will be engaged in its transformation. And I still can't decide how to decorate the area in front of the new house: there are many options, where to stay? Therefore, today I propose to talk about the design of front gardens, exchange your ideas and findings, opinions and practical advice.

And what kind of view opens from the windows of your country house?

Dictionaries say that front garden - this is "small fenced garden in front of the house". And in this definition, each word has a meaning, and not only semantic, but also purely practical. So, speaking about the territory “in front of the house”, We understand that we are talking about that part of our site that is always in sight. You don't need to invite guests to the garden if you don't want to, but you won't be able to hide the front garden from their eyes.

What follows from this? Two simple truths: the front garden should be well-groomed, and it must match in character and style with the home... The latter is especially important because it is this combination that creates a sense of harmony and allows guests to draw conclusions about the tastes of the hosts. It is difficult to argue with the popular belief that the front garden is the business card of your home. Therefore, plants for him should be selected especially thoughtfully and carefully.

Front garden - the business card of your home

For example, I really like country-style front gardens - a little chaotic, with simple and familiar flowers from childhood: phlox, cornflowers and daisies, "golden balls" and bright orange lilies. But it is clear that not every modern building will benefit from such a design. But what a scope for creativity! For example, what can you say about such minimalist solutions?

The front garden can be minimalistic

By the way, an important nuance: it is advisable to plan the front garden in such a way that it is elegant and attractive all year round, regardless of the weather and season. Although, on the other hand, it is difficult for me to imagine the practical implementation of this idea in our conditions, when in winter snowdrifts are swept up to the windows, and the entire design (as well as its absence) is hidden under deep snow.

But back to our definition. Pay attention to the word “kindergarten»: Regardless of its size, the front garden is not just a flower garden, it is a garden, which means that it must be equipped according to all the traditional rules and canons of garden art. In addition to choosing a style, we must take into account the conditions (soil composition, light, moisture) and plant compatibility. Since this is a garden, not only flowers, but also shrubs can settle in it, and if the area allows, then trees. Blooming lilac, or cherry, or bird cherry under the window - everyone who has such memories will agree with me: it's unforgettable!

In the front garden, not only flowers can be located, but also shrubs and even trees

However, reasoning sensibly, we understand that there are limitations here. So, you should not plant too tall trees with a spreading crown in the front garden. A powerful root system can damage the foundation, dense foliage - block out the light, abundant root growth - displace other plants.

All kinds of ornamental shrubs, for example, spireas or barberries. If possible, it is worth planting conifers - of course, they did not eat or pine, but something compact, for example, low junipers or thuja. But, it is worth repeating, all this is good only if the area of ​​your front garden is large enough. But what if the piece of land in front of the house is very tiny? And if the soil is also such that even the most unpretentious plants cannot survive on it?

The front garden can be very tiny

The problem can be solved in two ways: bring in fertile soil or use container plantings. A third way is also possible: combine the two previous ones.

Small front garden problems can be solved with container plantings

By the way, an excellent idea, in my opinion, is to complement an elegant blooming front garden with beautiful flowers in pots and flowerpots on the terrace or porch. Such a simple technique helps to connect, combine the space of the flower garden with the house. For this purpose, you can use all kinds of vines, both annual and perennial. Among other things, they are able to hide the mistakes of the architect, revive a boring facade. In addition, climbing plants do not require large areas, and therefore are suitable even for very tiny front gardens.

A wide range of outdoor pots, flowerpots and flower pots is presented in our catalog, which combines the offers of large garden online stores. Choose suitable plant containers.

Even a small pond with a fountain can be placed in the front garden. What can you say about the version with rockery?

Rockery in the front garden - why not?

Here it is worthwhile to turn again to our definition, this time paying attention to the word “fenced". Nowadays, this requirement is far from unconditional; modern front gardens are like closedand open, and in the above photos we see just an example of an open front garden. And fences can be very diverse: from traditional wooden fences, often decorated with decorative elements, to a low, purely symbolic frame - rather a border than a fence.

You can find a wide range of decorative fences for decorating your front garden in our catalog, which combines the offers of large garden online stores. View a selection and choose a decorative fence.

The word "small”Today, too, does not always correspond to the truth. But the area is still one of the key issues in the layout of the front garden. The larger it is, the, on the one hand, you have more opportunities for design. But on the other hand, the more difficult it is to find a good solution: a spacious front garden from a "small garden" turns into almost a full-fledged garden, albeit in a limited area. Here you already need to break paths, think over the location of landscape elements, pay attention to viewpoints and plan seasonal changes ...

The spacious front garden turns into almost a full-fledged garden

If space permits, in the front garden, you can equip a full-fledged recreation area - with a bench or a small tea table surrounded by cozy armchairs. But if you love seclusion, you may not find this idea appealing. Then you should pay attention to small architectural forms: sculptures and various decorative structures are quite appropriate here, regardless of the size of the front garden.

In the front garden, the use of small decorative forms is appropriate.

Such expressive details catch the eye, attract attention, enliven the landscape. The main thing is not to get too carried away and not to forget about the unity of style, remember that in a small space, any mistake will be immediately noticeable.

Summing up everything that has been said, we note once again the main points of arranging a beautiful front garden:

  • unity of style:
the front garden must certainly be combined with the house, take into account the peculiarities of its architecture and design
  • grooming:
The "face" of your home needs to be kept neat and tidy if time is short, it is advisable to choose such design options and plants that subsequently do not require significant efforts from you
  • careful selection of plants:
by size and color scheme, by living conditions and mutual compatibility, by care requirements, and other important features
  • seasonal decorativeness:
the perfect front garden is beautiful all year round.

Friends, be sure to share your experience in creating front gardens in the comments! We need your ideas, your opinions! Attach photos, tell us about your own "small gardens in front of the house."

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