Mosquito repellent plants

Question: Mosquito repellent plants

I have a garden in an area with a significant and annoying presence of mosquitoes and midges; I would like to know if there are any plants that can keep them away, thus allowing us to enjoy our garden even on summer evenings. Thank you.

Answer: Mosquito repellent plants

Dear Giorgio, welcome to our website, the green corner of the Italian web. Surely in the literature there are numerous plants that in theory should have anti-mosquito properties but often when we personally check the effective effectiveness of these plants we realize that they do not have particular effects on the presence of these annoying insects. Basil, geranium, mint and catambra are just some of the plants that according to literature would be able to ward off the presence of mosquitoes and flies. All these plants emit particular odors that keep mosquitoes away from the areas in which they are found. In practice, however, there are several factors that can vary from place to place and therefore it often happens that these plants do not work or at least have little significant effects on the presence of flies and mosquitoes. In conclusion, the fight against mosquitoes must be a battle that takes place on several fronts and that must be conducted both with a more ecological method (seedlings, boxes for bats) and with a chemical method (pulverized pesticides on hedges, plants and lawns) and physical ( mosquito repellent devices). Only the combination of these factors can give a good result in the fight against mosquitoes.

Gardening: Plants to defeat mosquitoes

One of the many alternatives to defeat mosquitoes is to provide yourself with different plants which, through the smell they emit, manage to annoy them and keep them away from environments in which they are not welcome. Among the many plants in circulation we find both ornamental ones such as geranium pelargonium, and aromatic ones such as lemongrass, lavender, basil, mint and rosemary. Apparently all of these plants are capable of disorienting mosquitoes by distracting them from their human target. In short, it costs nothing to try and if they don't work at least you will have a beautiful and fragrant space in which to cool off.

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