Unexpected catch

Fishing luck is a very capricious and fickle lady. You are preparing for a trip to the reservoir with all diligence: the tackle is fine-tuned, and the bait is varied, and the weather seems to be favorable, but disappointment awaits on the shore - there is no bite, as if a conspiracy against you has been declared in the fish kingdom. There is probably no amateur fisherman, even the most experienced one, who would not face such a situation.

And then suddenly, as luck tramples - the bite is such that the heart rejoices. And fish tails splash abundantly in the cage.

And Nikolai Ivanovich Krasichenok more than once experienced both joy and disappointment from trips to the Berezina or to ponds and lakes in the vicinity of his native village of Chirkovichi. Especially in recent years. He worked in the company "Belorusneft" as a driver. The time has come for retirement - they were honored. And there was time for a favorite hobby - fishing.

Installation of circles on the oxbow Evening dawn, Belarus, Svetlogorsk

No, of course, he did not indulge in hobby all day long. The villagers, and they and their wife, Anastasia Ivanovna, have moved from a city apartment to their parent's country estate, there are always enough things to do.

Nikolai Ivanovich's hands, as the people say, are golden. I put the hut on a new foundation, renewed the roof, sheathed the house with siding - and now the old manor looks like new. And city amenities are also in the house. So you can live and not grieve. And also, like everyone else in the village, they have a large vegetable garden, where, in addition to the usual potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, onions, garlic, peas, tomato beds, there are greenhouses with peppers and eggplants. And the hostess - a big lover of flowers - took a significant part of the site to her favorites. In summer, dozens of varieties of roses, many dahlias, hydrangeas and other flowering plants bloom there.

In addition, they keep several dozen laying hens, sometimes they breed and raise turkey poults, and all these animals require daily attention and care.

Still, there are significantly more opportunities for fishing than before retirement. As you know, the best fishing time is morning and evening, so Nikolai Ivanovich uses them. I remember that a couple of years ago he invited me in a small company to go in the evening to the oxbow - the old bed of the Berezina - to relax in a beautiful pine forest and go fishing. While the women were gathering food on the table, Nikolai Ivanovich in a small boat, which he made himself, and so that it fit inside the van of an old Volkswagen, swam to set mugs. The evening was calm, the smooth surface of the water was calm, only behind the boat were light waves. He baited on the tee of the crucian carp and lowered the circle in an empty space among the yellow egg-pods and other aquatic plants. Soon more than ten circles lined up on the water in an uneven line, their bright side turned towards the sky.

Nikolai Ivanovich swam to the shore to have a snack, and I went with a fishing rod to the water - to try my luck. The evening was very warm, the fish, apparently, also decided to rest - there were no bites at all. I looked first at the float, then at the mugs whitening in the advancing darkness. Suddenly one of them turned abruptly and showed its reverse side painted with red paint. I called Nikolai Ivanovich. Not having time to have supper, he climbed back into the boat and began to work with an oar. And after a couple of minutes he pulled out of the water and showed us the caught pike. In appearance - about a kilogram. We also examined other mugs - they were lying calmly on the water. We didn't have to fish for a long time - the darkness of an August evening fell to the ground, and we had to return home. The boat was hidden in the coastal thickets. Nikolai Ivanovich asked: will I go with him tomorrow to check the tackle? I agreed. In the morning, still dark, we again made our way along the forest road to the oxbow. When we arrived, the sky was just beginning to brighten.

Unexpected catch - pike and walleye

Nikolai Ivanovich went to check the gear, and I ran along the dewy bank, trying to see the overturned circle from afar. Alas, they were not. This was confirmed by the fisherman who returned to the shore. All the crucians were in place, but they "fell asleep". He said that this is the main reason for the failure - the weather was hot, the water in the oxbow warmed up, and the live baits died because of this. And the pike, as experience shows, likes to take live bait. We were consolated then by several dozen boletus that grew among the pines not far from the coast. We loaded the boat into a van and returned to the village.

And last year Nikolai Ivanovich used almost all his free morning and evening hours. And the year was very lucky for him. As they say, fortune turned to face him. Having caught carp for bait in a nearby pond, he sat down in a dugout canoe and rowed to the cherished places. I must say, this shuttle has a long history. Back in the early sixties of the last century, Nikolai Ivanovich's father gouged himself a floating craft from a huge aspen. And then, as a teenager, he watched as his father carefully chose wood with a chisel, leaving only the thickness of the sides and the bottom in the log. Then the canoe was turned over over the fire, and it spread out in breadth from the heat.

Nikolai Ivanovich said that last summer the employees of the Rybolov-Athlete magazine sailed along the Berezina on a boat. Seeing him on the boat, they swam and for a long time looked at this creation of human hands without nails and screws, took pictures. They promised to tell about the boat and its owner in their magazine. Since, according to them, they traveled many kilometers along the Dnieper and along the Berezina, and they saw the dugout canoe for the first time. Apparently, the master craftsmen of this business were transferred.

Nikolai Ivanovich has several cherished places on the Berezina. One of them is located opposite the confluence of a small brook-rivulet into the river. Apparently, he endures something that attracts roach, silver bream, bream and other fish, they constantly fall for the bait there. And where there are a lot of small fish, there always find prey and predators. And in this place he often anchored his canoe and did not remain without a catch. For bait I used worms, tender "meat" of a pond snail, which is found in shallow backwaters. I used to catch catfish and pike for the zakidushki equipped with a worm or crucian carp. According to him, small catfish - from a kilogram or two and more - over the past year caught three dozen. And when I caught a catfish weighing six kilograms, which could hardly fit into the net, I had to redo this tackle. Made a new one with a rim diameter of 60 centimeters. This landing net was very useful for Nikolai Ivanovich in his most successful and unusual fishing, but in a different place and on the zherlitsa.

Dried pike head (next to boxes of matches)

The past autumn was successful for fishermen - and at the end of October, and even in November, they could do what they loved, because the ice on the Berezina was still not set, and it was quite warm. Nikolai Ivanovich at this time mainly used girders.

According to explanatory dictionaries, zherlitsa is a live bait for catching predatory fish, such as pike, pike perch, catfish, burbot, perch. It is a small flyer, very similar to a slingshot, on which the angler neatly winds a thick fishing line with an eight. At one end of the slingshot, a slot is made for the fishing line, in which it is fixed after winding so that in case of pulling the fish can easily unwind, giving the predator a certain freedom of movement (see picture).

This leaves the free end of the line, which is equipped with a lead and a tee. The length of the free line with a tee depends on the depth of immersion of the live bait, which takes advantage of the tee. The flyer is usually fixed on coastal trees or bushes, or on a pole driven into the bottom of the reservoir. Nikolai Ivanovich was fixing his gear on the willows hanging over the river. He set girders for the night, baited with crucians caught in the pond, and in the morning he hurried to his cherished place to check the tackle. On them, he has already caught more than one pike and not one catfish. So, on the day of his most successful and unusual fishing, he sat down in the canoe in the morning and directed him to his girders.

Here, perhaps, it is best to give the floor to the fisherman himself: “When I swam up to the bushes, for which I secured the girdle, I realized that the predator had already been caught - the whole line, about ten meters, had been unwound. He pulled the end hanging from the bushes and saw something incomprehensible stir in the water. Then, passing the line along the boat and lifting it, I began to make my way to the bushes, where my catch was stirring. A huge mouth of a pike briefly appeared out of the water, then it disappeared into the depths again. I prepared the net and pulled the line again.

When the pike emerged from the water, he brought him under it and with difficulty transferred the catch into the boat. Imagine my surprise when I saw two fish in the landing net at once - a huge pike and a solid pike perch, which she held across her body in her powerful teeth! Once in the canoe, she immediately opened her mouth and freed the pike perch, but it was too late. So I caught two predators at once. As the home weighing showed, the pike pulled 700 g by 10 kg, and the pike perch would also please any angler (see photo), since weighed 1 kg 400 g! Then I sat in the boat for a long time, coming to my senses and not believing in luck. I tried to understand: how did this happen? I think that the pike perch took live bait even in the evening or at night, then, trying to escape, unwound all the fishing line on the girdle. And stood under the bushes.

I was very lucky. The pike grabbed the pike perch, apparently just before my approach to the zander. I know that it usually takes its prey across the body, and then swims to a calmer place, where it begins to turn it headfirst into its mouth. I swam to the bushes in time. If she felt the tension in the line, then most likely she would have pushed the zander out, as she did in the boat. "

Wife - Anastasia Ivanovna with a record catch

At home, Nikolai Ivanovich had a real sensation. Relatives weighed the amazing catch, took pictures with a pike in their hands. The pike perch was fried the next morning, and the pike was butchered and frozen in the refrigerator. Then fish cakes were made from it for the New Year, and the head of the predator was soaked in salt in strong brine and dried. I held this head with its open mouth in my hands - even when dried it amazes with its size.

Son Maxim with his father's catch

E. Valentinov, Photo by Maxim Krasichenok

An unexpected chance

The life of a successful businessman Sergei Vladimirovich has come to a point when it is already possible to summarize some of the years he has lived. Not final yet, but still. A native of the turbulent 90s - a fighter, a brigadier, the leader of an organized crime group named Foma - he made money by being able, unlike many who walked the same road with him, to exchange them for years of life. Not a bad, I must say, life. Just the same as dreamed of in his youth. And yet, somewhere in the depths of his soul, Thomas, like most people, was bitterly aware of how time was passing faster and faster, and could admit to himself that he would give everything to restore his youth. But alas! It is impossible for a person to turn the river of life back. So it is generally accepted.

But Fomichev had a chance to live a new life in a different way, in a different time. Him and those who will go with him. An unexpected chance! But to do this, you need to break with this world for a long time. Fomichev put everything on this chance, put all his money and opportunities on not starting a new life from an empty place and a clean slate ...


Sergey Viktorovich

I really liked it. The book is super looking forward to sequel

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Dear readers, there are interesting books, and there are very interesting ones. It is up to you to decide what category "An Unexpected Chance" belongs to. Mikhail Alekseev! It is surprising that the author does not draw any conclusions, he rejoices and is upset, has fun and is sad, lights up and cools down with his heroes. In addition to captivating, engaging and interesting storytelling, the plot also retains consistency and sequence of events. It is written so captivatingly and vividly that all the pictures and protagonists are remembered for a long time, and even after quite a long time, they are instantly remembered. The finale is a little delayed, but this is completely compensated for by an absolutely unpredictable ending. It would seem that such frequent abstract scenes could be excluded from the text, but without them, witty remarks would not be so pertinent and satirical. The plot unfolds in a picturesque place that easily forms the basis and becomes almost familiar and as if familiar from childhood. At first glance, the combination of love and friendship seems common and boring, but later you come to the conclusion that the chosen problem is obvious. The intrigue is so intricate that, despite the clues encountered, it is incredibly difficult to guess the path the plot will take. Written is perceived with incredible excitement! - Every step, every nuance is suggested, but surprising at the same time. Throughout the entire novel, there is not a single superfluous image, not a single superfluous detail, not a single superfluous trifle, not a single superfluous word. "An Unexpected Chance" Mikhail Alekseev is unusual to read online for free, since the work is sometimes incredible, but at the same time, very interesting and exciting.

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It has long been known that in difficult moments of life, people are drawn to good books in order to escape from the burdens.

Chamber No. ...

It has long been known that in difficult moments of life, people are drawn to good books in order to escape from the burdens.

An unexpected way to clean a burnt pot

This method has been around for many years! But it works efficiently every time!

When you read about these hacks on the Internet, some part of you desperately wants to believe that they are real. But there is another part of you that is sure that this is all falsification and will never work. This option looks like from the second category. Well, judge for yourself, how can a drying sheet restore a burnt pan?

So, here's what you need to do to save the burnt pot.

Pour in a few drops of dish soap.

Add a few centimeters of hot (not scalding, but fairly hot) water.

Place the tumble dryer sheet in the water (you will have to push it to get it completely under the water).

You will most likely check periodically during this hour and see nothing happening. But patience !. After an hour, all the burnt pieces will soften!

Use a drying sheet to rinse off extra pieces.

We are sure you will be shocked and impressed. And you probably want to do it again. You, too, hate peeling off those burnt pieces, and soaking them overnight in just soapy water doesn't help much.

Note: Once you're done cleaning with a drying sheet, use your regular dish soap and water to wash the pot as usual.

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Why Wiki

Everyone knows that the jargon of the Russian language is filled with new highly specialized words on a regular basis.Many people hear words, use them in their vocabulary, but they far from understand the true meaning and meaning of these words. Or they put their own meaning. And there is nothing surprising in this, this is the norm in modern society, especially among young people. This article is dedicated to the next word "life".

What beginners need to know:

Strawberries grow well on loamy, chernozem and sandy loam soil. Too dry or wet soil is not suitable for it.

It is important that the place for the beds is protected from the wind and not constantly in the shade.
For seedlings, plant seedlings cut in the fall and stored in the winter at low temperatures are ideal. Be sure to pay attention to the length of the spine. A seedling with a root of no more than 5-6 cm will bear fruit well and for a long time. Remontant strawberry varieties have proven themselves positively. For myself, I noted the varieties: "Temptation", "Mashenka", "Diamant" and "Queen Elizabeth 2".

Strawberries are planted in May-June. From personal experience, I note that it is better not to rush to disembark. The ideal time for planting is a cool, cloudy summer day.

As with any plant, strawberries need constant care: weed regularly, remove dead leaves, cover for the winter and feed several times. Here are my proven recipes over the years:

For spring, nitrogen-containing substances will be the best feeding. Chicken droppings will perfectly cope with this task. We insist 1 kg in a bucket of water for several days, then each bush is watered, about 500 ml of fertilizer for each bush.

During the season we fertilize with minerals once. Ordinary ash is well suited: we dry and burn unnecessary garden vegetation, fertilize at the rate of 500 g per 1 m.

Before winter, fertilize with infusion of tomato tops. Such an infusion will not only fertilize the soil, but also serve as prevention against pests.

Strawberries are a troublesome berry, but the rich harvest of the sweet fruit is worth the effort.

Unexpected background music effect detected

There is a widespread myth that cognitive abilities while listening to music, even in the background, become significantly better.

However, researchers from Sweden and the UK conducted an experiment and found that background music negatively affects a person during his work.

Such conclusions were published in Internet sources.

Experts conducted experiments in which volunteers took part. Participants had to complete tasks with words. The task, as the scientists emphasized, required a creative approach.

Photo: Pixabay

In the course of observations, it turned out that background music significantly impaired verbal skills. It is noted that the genre of music did not matter.

At the same time, the scientists were also able to find out that in the library, where there is also background noise, the participants in the experiment coped with creative tasks as well as those who solved the problems in complete silence.

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