Sowing calendar for 4.03 - gardeners and gardeners

March 2021

March 4, Thursday, 21st lunar day. The waning moon is in Scorpio


Soak and germinate seeds.

Sow and plant vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants for long-term storage, especially with climbing and climbing shoots, as well as with sharp organs.

Apply organic root dressing.

Water the plants in moderation, weed the beds, thin out and huddle seedlings.

Put organic matter in the compost.

Treat greenhouse plantings and indoor plants from aphids, scale insects and fungal diseases.

Cut off unnecessary mustache from strawberries, shorten shoots to slow down their growth.



  • beans, chickpeas and soy;
  • onions, leeks and chives;
  • radish, turnips and parsnips;
  • potatoes.

Sow horseradish, artichokes, mustard, and parsley from the spicy green plants.

If climatic conditions permit, plant bulbous flowers in the garden.

At home, landing is possible:

  • large-flowered staples;
  • rejuvenated the spherical;
  • oleander;
  • Cereus Peruvian.

Not recommended

Transplant plants and divide tubers, rhizomes and bulbs.

Carry out formative and sanitary pruning.

Plant, dive and pinch plants.


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Sowing calendar for 4.03 - gardeners and gardeners - garden and vegetable garden

April - one of the most stressful months for the gardener and gardener, because the work at the summer cottage is only being added. The weather is still changeable, and it is necessary to prepare the site for planting and sowing, to process fruit trees and shrubs from diseases and pests.

Gardener's lunar sowing calendar for April 2021 will help to plan work on the site correctly, will tell you favorable and unfavorable days.

Gardener's lunar calendar for 2021, garden with tables for all months, auspicious days

The gardener's calendar for 2021, lunar with a garden table for all months and lunar days, will give answers to the questions of gardeners and summer residents, tell you about favorable sowing days when you can sow and plant, as well as unfavorable ones, taking into account not only the location of the Moon, but also in which particular zodiac sign she is.

In addition to the lunar calendar of the gardener with favorable days in 2021, the garden table of sowing and planting days for summer residents and gardeners by month, here you can find in the second table and unfavorable days, especially for sowing and planting days, when it is not recommended to deal with agricultural crops, sow them and plant, but you can only carry out work with the land - weeding, hilling, loosening, watering, pruning, fertilizing, fighting pests and diseases.

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