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Ares, Vatican Museums, Rome

Ares, in Greek mythologyhe was the son of Zeus of Era according to other legends of the only Era who, jealous of the fact that Zeus had given birth alone Athena, conceived him sitting on a flower indicated to her by the nymph Flora.

Ares, Cardinal L. Ludovisi collection, Bologna

Ares, who is identified as the fierce and cruel god of war was raised by Enio who was a deity who personified all the cruelty, ferocity and destruction of war.

Ares was also famous for the fact that every time he went into battle he was accompanied by his sons Deimos (the fright), Fobos (the terror) and Eris (the discord). In the Trojan War he sided with the Trojans and was wounded by Diomedes to whom Athens directed the auction.

Homer in the Iliad (Iliad, V)

«(...) the wounded man moaned
god, and broke in a thunder, even of nine
or ten thousand fighters shouting
when they start a fight (...) "

Despite his ferocity he fell madly in love with Aphroditee at the behest of Zeus, the two married and had five children: Harmony (harmony), Eros (love), Anteros (mutual love), Deimos (fear) and Fobos (the terror). He had numerous lovers but mortals but Aphrodite was the most beloved companion.

Ares was an object of worship only among the Thracians, considered a warrior and savage people. However, he had several temples dedicated to him in Thebes being the father of Harmony whose son, Cadmus had been the founder of the city.

In Latin mythology is identified as Mars and he was a particularly honored god as he was considered the father of Romulus and Remus.

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