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We have been manufacturing luxury barbecues for summer cottages, houses, cafes or restaurants for over 15 years. You save yourself from garbage, several weeks of construction, as well as a monolithic foundation for complexes. Since our barbecue complexes do not require a special foundation, they can be installed both outdoors and indoors, in cafes and restaurants.

Welcome to the SAD-OGOROD agro-shop! There is always a wide range of products, wholesale prices, constant availability of the necessary stock, many convenient schemes for working with different clients. We are always glad to cooperate with you.

Agromagazin "SAD-OGOROD" offers means of protection for the house, dacha, garden and vegetable garden:

Seeds - a catalog of high-quality packaged vegetable seeds from leading copyright producers. Here you can buy seeds with delivery to all regions of Ukraine, at the lowest wholesale prices.

Herbicides - preparations for the destruction of vegetation: continuous and selective action

Insecticides - preparations for the control and destruction of insect pests

Fungicides - preparations for the prevention and treatment of plant diseases

Plant growth stimulants - substances promoting the development of the root system and accelerating plant growth.

Disinfectants - chemical preparations intended for the treatment of seed and planting material in order to protect them from damage by soil pests and from being affected by various diseases.

Fertilizers - substances that contain nutrients necessary for plants, which contribute to their normal growth and development and, accordingly, to increase their productivity.

You can also order the following products from us: cucumber mesh, vegetable mesh, polypropylene bags, household gloves, irrigation devices.

In a wide range of products in our store are presented means of protection against crawling and flying insects: cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, domestic and garden ants, rats, mice, moles, mosquitoes, mosquitoes, ticks, midges, horseflies, moths, flies etc.

We are always glad to communicate with our clients. If you have any wishes, suggestions, comments regarding the work of our online store - write to us, and we will gratefully take your opinion into account.

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