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The rock water remedy of Bach flowers is for those people who are too rigid with themselves and follow strict rules that they impose themselves.


Roch Water is the only Bach flower remedy that is not made up of plant essences but of spring water.


Bachrock water remedy is for those people who are very focused on themselves, always striving to perfect themselves and live following strict rules that they themselves impose. They love discipline and cultivate very strict ideals that they put into practice. This rigidity leads this type of person not to have the slightest compassion for himself, always asking himself the maximum convinced that only an iron self-discipline can achieve the desired results, not thinking about how important the spirit with which they are made can also be. things, that is to say with enthusiasm and pleasure.

They never question themselves, also avoiding confrontation with others because they think they are always right. The Roch water person is generally always active, healthy in body and mind, therefore, also having precise aesthetic ideals, he is always on a diet and performs regular physical activity. In general, pleasure as an end in itself is banned from his life because he thinks it can interfere with his lifestyle by repressing even spontaneous emotions. He is in fact a dogmatic and closed person.

He loves to set a good example without forcing others to follow his rules even if he does not love those who do not follow his lifestyle or who do not have the same self-control.

Edward Bach gives the following description of a personarock toilet: ¬ęThose who are very rigid in their way of life. They deny themselves many of the joys and pleasures in life because they feel it might interfere with their work. They are strict judges of themselves. They want to be healthy, strong, dynamic and do whatever they think will keep them that way. They hope that their example will inspire others to adopt their ideas in order to be better accordingly "(1).


Bachrock water flower remedy helps to be less rigid, to have greater mental flexibility, to find the right balance between body and spirit, to discover the pleasant sides of life, to be more carefree and cheerful, to enter the great river that is life and let yourself go.


To prepare the remediorock water it is necessary to find a natural spring, which has not been contaminated by man with channels or constructions. It must flow in pure environments and preferably be located in sacred places frequented by ascetics or hermits. It does not have to be the water of a sanctuary or a church because they already have their own spirituality that is different from what is needed for this remedy.

The water should be taken with a glass bowl and left exposed to the sun for one or two hours, making sure that during this period no shadow can pass over the water (if this happens, you have to throw everything away and start over). After that it is filtered with paper and an equal amount of brandy is added and everything is kept in a dark bottle. At that point the mother tincture is ready to be stored and used to prepare the stock bottles.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

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