Video of planting lobelia seeds for seedlings, caring for lobelia seedlings


Video of sowing lobelia seeds for seedlings

We suggest planting lobelia on your plots - a magnificent flower that can be perfectly used both as a ground cover plant and in hanging pots. And since the plant develops extremely slowly, then you need to plant it early - already in January-February. Lobelia seeds are very small and resemble dust. Now we will tell you how to grow lobelia from seeds, and how you can sow lobelia seeds for seedlings.

Very often it is suggested to mix them with sand for more comfortable sowing of small seeds. These are the seeds of plants such as petunia, lobelia and others. The seeds are mixed with sand, and then this mixture is scattered over the surface of the prepared soil. This method has a right to exist, but it has a drawback - it is not known exactly where how many lobelia seeds got during sowing. Therefore, today we will sow lobelia seeds without mixing with sand, just from a glass.

Open the original packaging of lobelia seeds and pour them into a plastic white cup. Pour into a white glass because they simply won't be visible in a transparent glass. Seeds can also be sown from a piece of paper folded in half, but since the seeds are very small, due to the hairiness of the paper, they will not normally fall off the sheet.

We tilt the glass and carefully pour out the seeds, lightly tapping the glass with your finger. We try to distribute the seeds evenly over the entire container with soil. The seeds are practically invisible, but they spill out onto the surface of the soil, so the planting process is quite interesting.

After sowing the seeds, you do not need to sprinkle them with earth. Next, the container with the crops must be covered with glass and placed in a warm, bright place, where the seeds will germinate. The first shoots should appear within a week. The glass will need to be removed from time to time to ventilate the container.

Now it remains to wait for the shoots to appear. And after that you need to transplant lobelia seedlings.

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Painstaking care of lobelia seedlings

Millions of flower growers lament that lobelia has not only small seeds, but also quite tender seedlings. Caring for her can be problematic. Surface seeding is the reason for this. As a result, the root system is located very close to the topsoil. Due to regular or abundant watering, water in densely planted areas begins to stagnate. This, in turn, leads to the defeat of the sprouts by the black leg. Such painful specimens develop poorly, infect neighboring seedlings and eventually die. To protect your crops from such a fatal outcome, it is worth learning some technologies for caring for fragile seedlings.

In February or March, the daylight hours are very short. For full growth, seedlings need access to ultraviolet light for 12-14 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to use additional lighting lamps: in February - about 5-6 hours, and in March - 3-4 hours.

How to plant lobelia seeds for seedlings

Regardless of what type of lobelia will be grown for use in landscape design, the grower needs to take care of the preparation of the soil, sowing containers and seeds in advance.

Soil preparation for sowing lobelia

In order for a tiny grain of lobelia to successfully catch on the soil with weak roots, you need to take care of its quality - it must be loose, with good moisture and air permeability and a neutral pH level.

Horticultural centers abound in an assortment of ready-made soil mixtures for growing ornamental plants, and the grower will only need to make minor pre-sowing adjustments to the composition. Remove large fractions by sifting through a sieve or colander, and treat with disinfectants to eliminate possible diseases and pests and to protect future seedlings.

For those who prefer to work with the land on their own, the following formulations can be recommended:

  • turf land - 2 parts
  • peat - 2 parts
  • humus - 2 parts
  • river sand (coarse) - 1 part.

The introduction of a small amount of dolomite flour or wood ash will help reduce acidity.

A soil mixture from garden or turf soil with the addition of sand and vermiculite is also good for lobelia.

Peat-distilled tablets are widely used as a substrate for sowing lobelia. Their use solves 2 problems at once: the grower has ready soil and containers at the same time.

A self-prepared composition must also be processed before sowing. They use methods such as:

  • steaming in a water bath
  • treatment with "Fitosporin" or potassium permanganate
  • heating in the oven
  • watering with hot water.

It's good when the summer resident has the opportunity to store the components harvested from the fall in the cold. This natural method freezes weed seeds from the soil and destroys pathogens.

Preparation of containers for sowing lobelia

For sowing, use low (4-5 cm) containers with drainage holes. These requirements are met by plastic containers and cassettes, which are presented in large variations in horticultural centers. Their convenience lies in their lightness, compactness, reusable use and the ability to transplant a plant without damaging the earthy coma, by transshipment.

No less convenient is the container that remains after the use of food. Small containers from yoghurts and sour cream must be equipped with holes for the outflow of excess moisture using a hot nail and a convenient seedling container is ready. Plus, it's completely free.

An interesting and convenient method of sowing lobelia in eggshells. The work requires skill and care at the stage of preparing such a container. But when planting seedlings, it is enough to gently crush an impromptu glass in your hands, and the roots will gain access to the soil.

In the absence of individual seed containers, common seedling boxes can be used, but smaller in height.

Preparing lobelia seeds for sowing

As a rule, lobelia seeds are not subjected to additional processing before sowing due to their microscopic size.

To grow seedlings, they use seed collected from their site or purchased in a store. To facilitate the work of the grower, the manufacturer often offers seeds in granules. One dragee contains 5-8 lobelia grains and it is much easier to distribute them evenly over the soil surface.

Sowing lobelia seedlings

The end of February (for the most impatient), all of March and the very beginning of April are the dates for sowing lobelia seeds for seedlings. Before starting work, it is recommended to mix the seed with a small amount of sand.

  1. Individual cups or cassettes are filled with soil, lightly tamped and sprayed from a sprayer. Distributes seeds evenly on the soil surface.
  2. Humidification is carried out from a spray bottle.
  3. Covering seeds with soil is unacceptable. (The lobelia needs sunlight to germinate.)
  4. Crops are covered with foil or glass.

Until the emergence of seedlings, containers with crops are daily ventilated and condensate is removed from the surface of the covering material.

The first shoots of lobelia. What to do?

After the emergence of shoots, the shelter is removed. Now it is desirable to lower the growing temperature to 15-17⁰C, but this is not always possible in a city apartment. In this case, special attention should be paid to the condition of the soil, it should always be slightly moist, but without waterlogging.

About a month later, after the second pair of true leaves appear, the lobelia seedlings will be ready to dive.

Variety selection

In the European part of Russia, Lobelia is grown as an annual plant. It is better to choose this variety with a one-year growing cycle. The brightest and most beautiful are:

  1. Lobelia Strong. The bushes are high and dense. The stems are strong. The leaves are large, fleshy. The inflorescences are large in size, painted in bright blue or purple. A white core stands out inside.

  1. Ricardi Ampelnaya. Hybrid variety. The lashes grow 30–35 cm long, powerful, strong. The inflorescences reach 2 cm in diameter, the color is purple or white. Propagated only by cuttings.

  1. Erinus. Has several shapes and sizes of the bush. There is a dwarf, spreading, climbing, erect. Shades: blue, white, light blue, pink. Popular subspecies are Reggata Rose, Reggata Blue, Riviera Sky Blue.

  1. Gerardi. A distinctive feature is frost resistance, it can withstand cold temperatures down to -30 ° C. Even in cold areas, the flower is grown as a perennial. Otherwise, planting seeds and avoiding other Lobelia varieties is no different. The height of the bush is 120 cm. The color is purple.

  1. Fiery. View of an erect Lobelia. Shoots grow up to 75 cm. The foliage is green or with a red tint. The inflorescences are scarlet. The best representative is Queen Victoria.

After sowing, the tray with tablets is also placed on a light windowsill, covered with cling film and the seeds are waiting for germination. For the prevention of diseases of the black leg, it is worth spraying the planting with a solution of a fungicide, for example, "Maxim".

The key to successfully growing lobelia seedlings is compliance with the regime and ensuring high-quality lighting and room temperature. Until the seeds germinate, watering is carried out only with the help of a spray bottle. Then you can water the seedlings through the pallet. The planting must be ventilated to avoid mold formation.

Lobelia! Three secrets of good seedlings. Lobelia seedlings care - video

The optimum temperature for growing lobelia seedlings is considered to be + 18C. The shelter is gradually removed for a longer period of time. The first shoots appear 14 days after sowing. As soon as the seedlings reach a height of 4 cm, they can be dived into separate containers of 4-7 pieces. In the case of planting in peat tablets, the plants immediately grow into a bush that does not need a pick.

Seedlings with tablets are planted together in separate containers. Suitable flower pots are selected, half filled with soil. Pills with seedlings are planted in their center. After that, the free space is filled with soil and the plantings are moistened.

The flowering of the plant occurs at an early age, when it is still in a seedling state. The first flowers will appear 8-10 weeks after planting.

The key to the success of growing lobelia from seeds is the competent selection of the seed... If you create the right care, the flowering of the plant will be so abundant that you will not see foliage behind a huge number of flowers.

What is lobelia

By nature, lobelia is a perennial plant, but in the middle lane it is cultivated as an annual. Flowering continues throughout the season - from early summer to frost. If in late autumn you dig up a lobelia bush and arrange it for the winter in a greenhouse or on an insulated balcony, then in the spring you can plant it back in the ground. In the second year, flowering will be even more abundant.

Thanks to the work of breeders, many varieties of lobelia have appeared:

  • white-colored varieties - Nicole, White Lady, White Fountain, White Cascade, Snowball, Minx, White Riviera
  • varieties with blue flowers - Crystal Palace, Emperor Vili, Cozy Corner, Blue Cascade
  • rosaceous species - Crimson ringing, Pink cascade, Rosamund, Riviera pink
  • dark-colored varieties - Cambridge, Blue Crystal, Niagara, Nostalgie, Blue Breeze, Beads
  • varieties with red flowers - Red fountain, Red cascade, marquise
  • with lilac flowers - Lacemaker, Margot, Miss Clebran
  • multicolored varieties - Viennese waltz, Merry notes, Pearl thread, Serpentine.
Lobelia bloom

By the shape of the bush, the following are distinguished:

  • compact species, characterized by a spherical shape and a height of up to 20 cm
  • upright - bushes in the form of a column, reaching 30 cm
  • climbing species with cascading shoots 30-50 cm long.

Planting lobelia seeds

When performing this planting method, it is worth remembering that flowering will begin a couple of months after sowing. For this reason, gardeners most often use seedlings.

Soil and containers for planting.For good development of seedlings, it is recommended to use soil with a loose consistency that allows air to pass through well. Its acidic level should be 6.5 pH. For these purposes, purchased soil is suitable or made independently, which includes peat, humus, river sand and turf soil in a ratio of 2: 2: 1: 2. The selected container must first be disinfected, and several holes must be made in its bottom to drain excess liquid. The soil is also disinfected with boiling water, fungicidal solution or steam heating. When the ground cools down, dries up, you can proceed to further work.

Video about planting Lobelia for seedlings and her picking

To sow Lobelia for seedlings, you should adhere to the rules described in the article. Only the correct planting of Lobelia for seedlings, care for seedlings and timely picking of seedlings will give you a lush, bright flower.

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