Firewood carriers: an overview of 4 different material options

As the summer cottage season approaches, we begin to think about updating the inventory, purchasing convenient devices for summer cottages - comfort in the country is no less important than at home or at work. The first warming always makes you want to spend time in nature by the fire, barbecue, and here you cannot do without firewood. A device for carrying firewood can be a convenient help - the fire needs to be maintained, the firewood must be prepared in advance. With the use of a home-made or ready-made bag for firewood, there is no need to go to the woodpile several times, and if you went out on a picnic in the planting, in the forest, or on a fishing trip, carrying it will be very useful here - you can conveniently fold brushwood and dry branches into it and not carry it all this is in an armful.

The advantage when using a carrier is to keep your clothes clean, carrying firewood in your hands is unlikely to be able to maintain a neat appearance. Rigid portable structures - metal or wicker made of wicker, can also be used as a stationary firebox in the hall by the fireplace or in the sauna.

Consider a few simple ways to make a carrying bag.

Option # 1 - fabric or leather carry

You need to pick up a thick fabric, you can use old unnecessary clothes. We cut out a pair of rectangles from the fabric - 50/80 cm.If the material is very strong, you can get by with a piece of fabric in one layer, we sew two panels for greater strength. By width, we determine the center of the canvas, in the center a segment is cut to the size of a man's hand (on average 15/15 cm). The same segment is cut to the width on the other side.

The resulting strips of fabric will be the carrying handles and need to be folded in half and sewn onto the fabric, leaving space on the sides unstitched. The result should be handles with side holes, where you then need to insert strong sticks made of plastic or wood. You will get a convenient carrying for firewood. A more expensive option is to use leather instead of dense fabric, such a carry is more practical and will last longer. Today, carrying services are also offered online.

To make a carrier, you need to pick up a thick fabric, not necessarily a new one. It could be an old coat, jacket, or a piece of tarpaulin. If you have an unnecessary old leather jacket, use it to create a durable carry.

We cut out a carrier for firewood, securely sew the handles to the main canvas. Since the cutout for the arms is quite large, you can use sticks of different diameters, the main thing is that they are comfortable to hold in your hand.

Option # 2 - ready-made wicker wood racks

At the dacha, you can successfully use a wood stove for a sauna in the form of a wicker basket. A basket made of a vine for carrying firewood is not suitable as a device for large logs, but small logs and brushwood will be convenient to carry in it. Wicker baskets for storing firewood by the fireplace are also suitable, they are larger.

The finished wicker firebox is beautiful and graceful, but not very functional. Suitable for carrying a small amount of firewood at a picnic

Such ready-made wicker baskets for storing firewood by the fireplace can also be used in the country. They are roomy, large, stable

There are special baskets with a convenient handle, with a support, and on wheels, which can be an alternative to a simple wood burning stove.

Two options that can be used as a firebox - a wicker basket with support on wheels, very spacious and convenient, and a small firebox made of beams with copper edging along the edge and a copper handle

Option # 3 - metal carrier

Do-it-yourself firewood carrier can be made not only from fabric. Convenient easy carrying can be done using a sheet of metal and metal rods. The sheet, depending on the thickness, can be bent or bent only its edges, leaving the middle straightened, and welded to it on the sides one or better two or more metal rods, which will act as handles. If you also weld the legs below, the firebox will be stable, this can be used both at home by the fireplace and in the sauna.

Various options for metal carriers for firewood - forged and welded from a sheet of metal and iron bars. Such a device with legs will be much more convenient.

Solid metal firebox with cut-outs for hands. A practical tool for carrying a small amount of firewood, perfect for use in the country

You can carry an old mesh hammock or a long-sleeved flannel shirt if you haven't made a more practical bag yet.

Option # 4 - a tire fixture

Old tires have received a second life today - for which only they are not used: they create flower beds, cut out sculptures, but it is quite possible to use the tire to create a carrier. For this purpose, we cut the tire, turn it inside out, you can put plywood or a plank on the bottom, we also cut out the handles from the tire. They can be glued or fixed with rivets.

Carrying firewood from a tire is the easiest and most budgetary option. And it can be done quickly and effortlessly. For carrying a small amount of firewood, it is quite suitable

As you can see, there are many devices for carrying firewood - fabric and leather bags, wicker baskets and carts, old tires, metal firewood boxes, which can be used both portable and stationary. Among such an extensive assortment, it is easy to choose for yourself exactly what you need - a light bag for convenient transportation of firewood, a basket or something else.

A ready-made metal bag with leather straps is a convenient device for carrying, moreover, it looks very presentable. There are also ready-made leather bags. If you don't want to mess around yourself, you can choose this option.

In any case, using this simple device, you will keep your clothes clean, and it is much more comfortable to carry firewood than in your hands.

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Thanks to this self-made device, it will be possible to transfer a lot of firewood at one time. The device can be taken on vacation as it does not take up much space in the trunk or backpack. Plus, your clothes will stay clean if you put the dead wood in this simple device.

You can make a firewood carrier with your own hands from the following materials and improvised means:

  • metal
  • thick fabric (for example, canvas or burlap)
  • genuine leather
  • vines
  • plastic mesh
  • car tire
  • canisters.

Making this device yourself is a simple task, for which you first need to prepare a screwdriver, square, hacksaw and other tools.

How to do it yourself

To make a portable device, you can use sheet metal, pipes, wire, sturdy cloth, leather, ropes, rods. Homemade designs can be of very different shapes - in the form of a voluminous basket, bag, frame, trolley, the main thing is to be light, roomy, hold the logs tightly and have a comfortable handle.

Carrying should be light and comfortable

Bag made of fabric or leather

Durable and easy to use, the bag can be made from durable fabric or leather. It allows you to easily transfer chopped logs for kindling a stove or fireplace. The compact carrying does not take up much space in the car or backpack, so it will come in handy not only at home, but also at a picnic.

Carrying bag made of fabric or leather, durable and lightweight

  • a piece of thick fabric (jeans, tarpaulin) or leather 110x50 cm
  • corsage tape 35x4 cm for handles and 2 pieces of 104 cm to strengthen the structure
  • scissors and sewing accessories.

    Build a basic pattern.

The bag pattern is given without seam allowances

If you wish, you can make a pocket for matches on the side, or instead of a tape for pens, use 2 round sticks 50 cm long, which are inserted into the drawstring.

The handles in the bag are made of 2 sticks threaded through the drawstring

Video: cloth carrier for firewood

It is not necessary to use a whole piece of material for carrying, two strips of leather and 2 thick rails for the handles will be enough.

A bag made of 2 thick leather belts with wooden handles will also last long.

Cloth and leather bags get dirty quickly, become damp from damp firewood, so they need to be cleaned and dried regularly.

Plastic mesh carrier

A simple, roomy and practically weightless firewood carrier can be made of plastic mesh.

A product made of plastic mesh is very easy to manufacture - its assembly takes no more than half an hour

  • a piece of fine-mesh plastic mesh 100x50 cm
  • thick wire for handles
  • 2 pieces of hose 35 cm long.

  1. On the long side of the mesh, stepping back 10 cm from the edge, thread a wire through the cells.
  2. Push it into the first piece of hose, drag it through the cells along the second long side of the mesh at a distance of 10 cm from the edge and insert it into another piece of hose.
  3. Tie the ends of the wire and hide it under the hose.

Metal carrier

A metal device is durable and durable, but the manufacturing technique is more complex, requiring certain skills and special tools. And metal structures weigh a lot.

A portable firebox, set on legs, can also be left for interior decoration

  • 3 reinforcing bars with a diameter of 8 mm, a length of 1.5 m
  • metal sheet 600x800 mm, thickness 0.50-0.75 mm
  • welding machine
  • saw for metal
  • shovel handle.

    From 1 bar make 2 rings with a diameter of 45-50 mm and 2 rings with a diameter of 70 mm, leaving a gap between the ends of 10 mm.

There should be a gap of 10 mm in the rings

Rings are welded to the top of the workpiece

Attached to the bottom of the workpiece by welding the leg ring

Symmetrical cuts with a width of 8 mm are made on the opposite edges of the sheet.

Forged structures are beautiful and durable, but too heavy, so they are usually used for storing firewood and as an element of decor.

A heavy forged structure loaded with wood is very difficult to lift

Portable fire boxes can be assembled from metal pipes, fastened with corners. Metal hoops are also suitable, which can be easily converted into a carrier for logs by bolting them to wooden blocks and making a pallet from a thick rope stretched in several rows. In the upper part of the structure, the hoops are connected and wrapped with a rope to make it more convenient to carry firewood.

Just a couple of metal strips from wine barrels, wooden bars, a rope - and you get a beautiful and comfortable stretcher for logs

Wire attachment

The sturdy wire carry will not add extra weight and will not take up much space during storage. But small chips and other debris fall out of the open structure.

The lower distance between the rings should not be too wide so that the logs do not fall through

  • Wire 1 cm thick.
  • Welding machine.
  • Scissors for metal.

  1. 2 rings with a diameter of 80 cm are bent from the wire.
  2. The rings are placed at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other.
  3. Several wire bridges are welded between the rings in the lower part for structural rigidity.
  4. The upper part of the rings is connected and welded.

Video: Carrying Metal Wire

Wire firewood devices can be square or rectangular, in the form of a rounded basket, with wheels or legs - the main thing is that it is convenient to carry rather heavy fuel for the fireplace in them.

Frame stretchers made of wire will last for many years

Wicker baskets

Such carriers for firewood not only look stylish, but also quite roomy. And if you put them on wheels, you can significantly facilitate the process of delivering the logs to the hearth. Baskets are made of grape, willow vines, rattan and can have an oval, round or rectangular bottom.

Such a carrier is woven from a willow vine, covered with varnish for strength

Wickerwork will last longer if properly cared for: clean it with a soft brush, if it is heavily soiled, rinse it in soapy water and dry it away from the stove.

Video: weaving a carrier from a vine

Without owning a complex weaving technique, you can make an affordable structure from slats and rods.

Weave such a carrier from flexible rods

  1. A frame of 4 thick slats 50 cm long is knocked down.
  2. From flexible rods and thin slats, a product is woven like a basket with a flat bottom and nailed to a frame.
  3. The handle is made of 3 long rods: it is bent with an arc, the edges are tied with a willow tape to the basket, in the upper part they are connected together and wrapped with a rope.

Carriers-baskets are beautiful, but short-lived, fall apart after 5-6 years, and small debris wakes up through the wicker bottom.

Firewood rope stretcher

You can make it easy to carry with only a rope and a shovel handle. The piece of wood is sawn into 2 parts, 2 holes are drilled in each, through which a rope is threaded and knots are tied at the ends. A carrier with a rope jumper and a wooden handle is light, roomy, quickly made, but the firewood from it will have to be transferred to a stationary firewood in the house.

These stretchers are very comfortable and cost-effective.

The rope structure will accommodate logs of different lengths, curved and with nails.

Carrying out of the canister

A plastic container with a handle should have a volume of 10–20 liters. The opposite side walls of the canister are cut out, a frame is obtained into which the chopped firewood is folded and transferred to the house or bathhouse. But a lot of logs will not fit into such a carrier.

For carrying firewood, you can adapt a 10-liter canister with a handle by cutting off 2 opposite sides of it

Summing up

Regardless of the functionality, as well as the type of construction, making it yourself is quite simple.

Original combined wood and leather firebox

Brief description of devices depending on the material:

  1. Stationary models are made of wood, metal and have a base. These models can be located not only outside the house, but also inside. The latest modern models of fireplaces already have such a design, which, as a rule, is located at the bottom of the hearth or on the side.
  2. Mobile devices can be made from almost any material. The main condition for them is strength. However, it is recommended to use only metal structures near an open fire, while other options are not only of direct functional significance, but can serve as an additional element of the interior. In their shape, they resemble bags, sacks, braids, boxes. Self-execution implies the use of any materials at hand.

Buying a finished product or making it yourself is a purely individual matter.

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