The mother tincture represents a liquid preparation that can be obtained through the extraction activity carried out by an excellent solvent such as alcohol.

The mother tincture has a particular defect, namely that of being neither standardized nor titrated and can boast a presence of active ingredients that remains at rather low levels.

Within homeopathy, mother tincture is frequently used as if it were a real base for the preparation of various homeopathic and medicinal products.

This extraction operation through alcohol is carried out both on the complete parts of the plant and on individual portions, such as the leaves or roots and, in other cases, the flowering tops.

Precisely due to the fact that the solvent used to obtain the active ingredients corresponds to alcohol, ... continues

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continue ..., which also has an excellent preservative activity, mother tinctures can be included in the category of alcoholics.

There tincture you can easily buy it in any herbalist's shop (rather frequently mother tinctures are called with the term hydroalcoholic extract).

Another place where you can buy mother tinctures is at the pharmacy: in most cases they are sold in bottles containing fifty milliliters of solution.

The cost of a bottle of mother tincture, in most occasions, is between a minimum threshold of 6 euros and a maximum of fifteen to twenty euros.As regards the methods of use of the mother tincture, there are no particular difficulties, since it is necessary to pour the predetermined quantity of drops into half a glass of water and then swallow the preparation.The dose that is used in most cases for an adult subject is between a minimum level of fifty drops and a maximum threshold corresponding to one hundred and fifty drops in the same day.

Obviously the minimum and maximum dosage strongly depend on the plant that is used to make the mother tincture, as well as on the particular disorder that you intend to treat, as well as on the joint use of other substances and remedies).

In most cases, this general dosage is differentiated into three intakes throughout the day.

The dose that must instead be paid to subjects going through the adolescent phase corresponds to two thirds compared to the traditional dosage (it is a dosage that is good, as well as for young people, also for older people), while the fractionation is a half in case the person is in the pubescent age and a tenth when it comes to administering the tincture particularly young children, as well as infants.

It is one of the most widespread preparations in the phytotherapeutic field and is used for the treatment of a large number of ailments.

Obviously, the effects of the mother tincture used change in relation to the plant that was used for the preparation of this phytotherapeutic product.

It is important to remember that the expiration of a bottle of mother tincture is around five years when the package is still closed.

As for the contraindications, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the presence of alcohol: this explains why all those subjects who have to deal with liver problems, mother tincture is certainly not the most adequate solution.

The mother tincture is one of the preparations that are best suited to the so-called self-medication practice and, in most cases, guarantees good efficacy.The preparation of the mother tincture takes place following a particularly complicated procedure.

First of all, only and exclusively the fresh drug is used which is macerated in a mixture composed of water and, to a much greater extent, ethyl alcohol (this particular phase is called with the term hydroalcoholic maceration).

The alcohol content can then be different and is always between a minimum value of fifty and a maximum threshold of seventy: the level is established in relation to the quantity of water that the plant is able to retain by nature.

Obviously, the presence of a well-determined quantity of alcohol is essential, which makes it possible to obtain a ratio of one to ten between the fresh drug and the solvent.

Subsequently, you will have to wait at least twenty-one days, before the basic preparation of the mother tincture is subjected to filtering, then through the pressing procedure and placed to rest for at least two days in a completely dark place, away from direct light .

Even if the mother tincture represents the basis for a large number of homeopathic preparations, they cannot be defined as homeopathic products, even if a good number of companies have the bad habit of putting this writing on the package.

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