Peppers do not make flowers

Question: Peppers don't make flowers

I can't understand why pepper plants that are beautiful without disease but have no inflorescence. thanks x the answer

Answer: Peppers don't make flowers

Dearest Maris good morning and thank you for contacting us via the expert column of our website. Pepper is a plant that requires high temperatures for its cultivation. Vegetative growth needs an ideal temperature between 22 and 26 ° C while for flowering the minimum temperature required by peppers is 20 ° C. In addition to the high temperature, the pepper also needs a bright and well exposed position to the sun, with a soil that is not excessively humid but not too dry.

Ensuring the ideal environmental conditions for pepper plants is essential to have a good fruit harvest in the following months. The absence of flowers on its plants at this time of the year (July) could be a clear sign that the plant this year has skipped the production of peppers or has made a very poor one. If during the flowering period the temperatures are too low, the pepper can suffer a lot, providing a poor production in the following months.

It is no coincidence that the cultivation of peppers on a large scale is one of the most complex, both for the climatic needs of the plant and for the diseases that have repeatedly affected this species in recent years.

To be sure we have given you the correct answer we should know the place where you have grown the pepper plants but unless it is high mountains or particularly cold regions, you can consider our advice valid. A tip for future years, unless you have already tried this category of vegetables, is to use grafted pepper plants. Grafted plants are more resistant, more productive and require less cultivation care than plants born from seed. Grafted plants are produced by inserting a highly productive variety on a more rustic and resistant variety, to obtain greater yields and reduce the use of pesticides and other products for the fight against pests.

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