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Dormancy (or vegetative rest or quiescence) is a condition of latent life in which plants (or a vegetable organ, for example a seed, a bulb, etc.) are arranged to cope with an adverse period (due to light, temperature, nourishment, etc.) during which they minimize physiological functions such as respiration and photosynthesis to restore them as soon as the conditions favorable to their development return. This period generally coincides with winter.

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1 Action and result of enchanting spell: and more do not put / for herbs or for spells to retract it (Petrarch) the charms of Circe, of Medea
|| As if by magic, as if by magic, suddenly, suddenly
|| Enchanting, marvelously, stupendously: that dress fits you.
|| Breaking the spell, canceling its effects fig. breaking an illusion, bringing or abruptly returning to reality

2 fig. Attraction, seduction, charm: the i will certainly not be enough to fold it. of your beauty
|| Pleasure: he sang that listening to him was an i.
|| Almost magical, supernatural beauty: there. of his eyes
|| Enchanted atmosphere: there. of a moonlit night

enchantment 2
[in-cГ n-to] as amended
1 DIR In the stipulation of State contracts, competition between different competitors for the assignment of the contract to whoever makes the most advantageous offer for the public administration
|| Auction sale, in the context of forced execution of an insolvent debtor, sale of the assets to the highest bidder

2 extens. Public sale system to the highest bidder: put, sell to the i. a commodity buy at the i.
SIN. auction

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