Summer candles for flower bed and pot

Summer light originates from and grows wild in the southern United States. Let it light up in Swedish summer gardens with clouds of small butterfly-like flowers.

Summer light, Gaura lindheimeri

The summer light gives an elegant feeling in both flower beds and pots with summer-flowering annuals. A tall perennial with a bushy growth that grows up to one meter high. The summer light lifts and gives the planting a graceful height in combination with other plants. It acts as a weaving plant that fills and binds together different plants in a nice way.

Thrives in well-drained and nutritious soil, and grows best in sun to partial shade but can withstand drought.

Short facts

Swedish name: summer light

Life form: perennial herb to half-shrub, usually grown as an annual.

Use: ornament outside, planting out.

Spread: S USA

Sort: 'Blaze', Karalee White ('Nugauwhite'), Lollipop Pink ('Redgapi'), 'Madonna', 'Passionate Pink', 'Pink Butterfly', 'Siskiyou Pink', 'Sunset Dream', 'The Bride', ' Whirling Butterflies', 'White Butterfly'.

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