Variety testing plot "Rostok" - nursery of perennial plants

Perennial plants for gardens of the Northwest and more southern regions

Address: Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region

Telephone: +7 (900) 644-67-70 Show phone

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

We grow and sell:
daylilies, hosts, Siberian irises, astilbe, phlox, asters, chrysanthemums, geleniums and other plants. ...

Plants offered in the nursery:

Growing plants is not easy and, in a commercial sense, risky. And the simplest thing is to buy plants through intermediaries at bargain prices, plant them in pots, call yourself a nursery and start selling. Recently, such "nurseries" are no longer a rarity. But there are still places where planting material is actually grown. There are few such nurseries, and we are one of them.

And, if you want to plant a live fresh plant with healthy roots, then see exactly the variety that you ordered in bloom, and at the same time be sure that your purchase will not freeze in the first winter, then come to us and buy plants from us.

The main specialization of the nursery is daylilies, hosts, astilbe and phlox. We are constantly increasing the number of varieties of these plants. The nursery has an interesting collection of chrysanthemums wintering without shelter. There are other plants as well. Our beauties turned out to be by no means sissies, and recently have become a real autumn decoration in many gardens of the North-West. All our plants are capable of growing, wintering and blooming in our, far from the best climatic zone.

To order perennials from our nursery, you need to send a letter with a list of the plants you need.

How and when you can order garden plants, where and at what time you can get them, how to pay for the order can be found on the page Terms of delivery

On the Order - contacts page, you will learn how to contact us. There you can also download plant order forms for residents of St. Petersburg and for flower growers from other regions. And send an application for plants

If you do not live in the Leningrad region, then we can send you perennial garden plants by Russian Post. By the way, there are no complaints about the work of the Russian Post. Surprised? ...

We send perennials by mail, although we do not send by mail all types of perennials, but those whose safety we guarantee. Among our clients there are residents of both very southern regions and the very Far East, and, according to their reviews, plants that can grow in the gardens of the Northwest feel much better there than here.

And once again about the main thing - we sell plants grown exclusively in our nursery (what is called from scratch) and do not resell.

We are here for you.
Best regards, Rostok kennel

Daylilies, hosts, astilbe and phlox for the North-West

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