Fertilizers and feeding

In the section "Fertilizers and top dressing" you will learn how to effectively apply fertilizers in garden plots and summer cottages, avoiding serious mistakes, how to use top dressing to increase the yield of fruit and vegetable crops.

The company "Real Japan", Vladivostok, offers wholesale and retail vitalizers HB-101 and Daihosaku GT-S - plant growth stimulators from Japanese manufacturers. Direct deliveries from Japan. +7 (908) 440-05-27

Balanced liquid fertilizer with a combination of nutrients and bioactive enzymes from Iris Ohyama inc. for indoor, ornamental and garden crops. Direct deliveries from Japan

The Vita-AVA company offers the entire line of complex long-acting mineral fertilizers "AVA" wholesale and retail at manufacturer's prices. +7 (812) 777-01-41

Philodendrons have gained popularity in indoor floriculture due to their large leaves and easy maintenance. A large philodendron gives the room an exotic flavor. Philodendrons are divided into two groups: tree-like forms and vines.

The lack of minerals causes changes in physiological processes, which leads to morphological changes. The most vulnerable part of the plant is the leaves: they change in size, shape and structure.

Water-soluble complex fertilizer Novofert is intended for seed treatment, foliar treatment of plants and can be used at almost all stages of the growing season. +7 (911) 237-03-76

The effectiveness of green fertilizer depends, firstly, on the yield of green manure. The higher it is and the larger the mass is plowed into the soil, the stronger the effect and aftereffect of green fertilizer. Therefore, it is important to choose a green manure that, in the allotted period of time, accumulates a sufficient amount of nitrogen and organic matter, does not dry out the soil and does not deplete it in nutrients.

All plants in question are ephemeroids. By the middle of summer, their aboveground part dies off, and the underground part goes into a state of rest. Flower beds with small-bulbous snowdrops are decorative if the plants are densely packed and there are a lot of them. Then they create a bright spot.

LLC "AgroEco Consulting" offers a line of complex micronutrient fertilizers "Active" for fruit and ornamental crops, containing all the macro and microelements necessary for plant nutrition in an optimal ratio.

"Baikal EM1" is a microbiological fertilizer containing a whole complex of microorganisms: lactic acid and photosynthetic bacteria, bacteria fixing nitrogen, saccharomycetes, their waste products

Vermisil is a fine-grained lightweight material. It loosens the soil, makes it light, does not allow caking. When watering, expanded vermiculite absorbs water like a sponge, moisture and nutrients dissolved in the soil accumulate in its pores.

One of the main difficulties in using fertilizers for trees and shrubs is their application. Fertilizers "Raketa" are an innovative product that relieves you of the hard work of a digger. +7 (343) 351-05-41

Agrovermiculite Vermisil (expanded vermiculite) is an environmentally friendly mineral that, due to its porous structure, creates a favorable microclimate for the development of the root system and the plant as a whole, and also serves as drainage. +7 (812) 244 40 05

The company Onis-Technotorf (St. Petersburg) offers a large selection of soils of its own production based on peat-sand mixtures for vegetable and flower crops, trees and shrubs, indoor and balcony flowers.

Novofert packs for amateurs an exclusively professional product, that is, the same fertilizers that are used in agricultural production, in nurseries for growing planting material, in vegetable growing. 8 (910) 313-80-13

Organic fertilizers include manure, feces, bird droppings, peat-based composts, prefabricated and organic-mineral composts, green fertilizers, etc. Of these, manure and bird droppings are the main and most widespread organic fertilizers.

Novofert is a water-soluble, complex (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) fertilizer containing meso- (magnesium, calcium, sulfur) and trace elements (copper, iron, zinc, manganese) in chelated form, as well as boron, molybdenum in mineral form. 8 (910) 313-80-13

There are as many fantasies about the construction of composts as there are gardeners themselves. Practice has shown: good compost is obtained in structures that have access to air. The compost does not need to be buried to create a hole.

Not all varieties of vegetables can withstand new diseases. New pathogens began to show amazing "versatility". Even crop rotation has ceased to be a factor that breaks the chain of infection transmission.

Two types of dressings are used - root and foliar. There are dozens of ready-made schemes for their implementation, which must be taken as a basis, making adjustments for the initial filling of your site with fertilizers, for the condition of plants and weather conditions.

Organic needs 20-25 kg - compost, humus or rotted manure; - phosphoric - or 150-200 g of superphosphate, or 450-600 g of phosphate rock; - potash - or 60-80 g of potassium chloride, or 80-110 g of potassium sulfate, or 500 g of wood ash.

Beets, as a root crop, differ little from carrots in their biochemical reaction to applied fertilizers. The best quality beet crop is usually obtained with the application of phosphorus and potash fertilizers against the background of moderate doses of nitrogen.

The content of sugars and carotene in carrots on sod-podzolic soils depends on the degree of their cultivation. On poorly cultivated soils with an acid reaction, carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed - monosaccharides accumulate in the plant, and the synthesis of disaccharides becomes difficult.

The drug is intended for seed treatment, foliar treatment of plants and can be used at almost all stages of the growing season. Novofert is compatible with most pesticides in one working solution. +7 (910) 313-80-13

With a lack of nitrogen, potatoes have a small leaf surface, which leads to a decrease in starch. Excess nitrogen contributes to the powerful development of tops and lengthens the growing season, which also reduces the yield and starchiness of tubers

Mineral fertilizers, or in other words tuki, are inorganic compounds containing nutrients necessary for plants. Mineral fertilizers contain nutrients in the form of various mineral salts.

I have a crossbar above the compost sections. I put a film on it - and the greenhouse is ready. I spend the earliest sowing in this makeshift greenhouse in the third decade of April, but most often in the middle of this month.

The advantages of organic fertilizers are manifold. They are a source of carbon dioxide for air nutrition of plants, they have a mild effect on the soil, as they slowly release mineral nutrients.

The main feature of chelated fertilizers is that the inorganic elements contained in them are found in organic molecules, which is achieved by using ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, a special chelating agent.

Extrasol and its dry form BisolbiFit are developments of the All-Russian Institute of Agricultural Microbiology. They are capable of producing substances that suppress the development of pathogens of most fungal and bacterial diseases of cultivated plants.

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Fertilizers "Clean Leaf" Success (9)

Fertilizer "Clean Leaf Success" is a complex mineral fertilizing for all types of indoor plants. Contains all the necessary macro and microelements, in a form available for complete nutrition of plants.
A specially selected ratio of all elements contributes to the development of the root system, the powerful growth of the leaf surface of the plant crown. Stimulates flowering and budding. Restores soil fertility. Fertilizer Success consists of 7 items: universal, for palms, for fruit and ornamental plants, for ornamental deciduous plants, for flowering plants, for bromeliads, for orchids.

In this section, you can buy Fertilizers wholesale and retail with fast delivery throughout Ukraine.

  • Seeds of watermelon
  • Melon seeds
  • Tomato seeds
  • Cucumber seeds
  • Eggplant seeds
  • Pea seeds
  • Dill seeds
  • Parsley seeds
  • Carrot seeds
  • Cabbage seeds
  • Zucchini seeds
  • Pepper seeds
  • Corn seeds
  • Radish seeds
  • Radish seeds
  • Lettuce seeds
  • Onion seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds, squash
  • Celery seed
  • Beet seed
  • Bean seeds
  • Herb seeds
  • Lawn grass seeds
  • Spinach seeds
  • Sorrel seeds
  • Flower seeds
  • Seeds, large packing
  • Elite seeds in a jar
  • Tobacco seed
  • Strawberry seeds
  • Siderat seeds
Seeds Packaged vegetable seeds from leading copyright producers. A wide range of popular varieties and hybrids, excellent germination and a large yield. To buy seeds in the Agromagazin Sad-Ogorod is the best choice, a favorable price, a quality guarantee and positive customer reviews. With the support of professional seed growers and breeders, as well as at the request of our customers - farmers, greenhouse plants, amateur gardeners, agronomists and wholesalers of agricultural products, we present the best hybrids and varieties of seeds that you can buy. The catalog selected vegetable seeds that have successfully passed the test of time and have become classic, give 100% germination and high productivity. Small packaging of selected seeds allows our customers to buy seeds at retail at wholesale prices, with fast delivery throughout Ukraine. In this section, seeds of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchini, peppers, cabbage, carrots, beets, dill, parsley, salads, squash, watermelon and melon, professional Dutch and French seeds, and other popular and popular vegetable seeds are presented for purchase. You can buy seeds wholesale and retail at the lowest prices in Ukraine. Delivery in all regions: Kharkiv, Kiev, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Odessa, Krivoy Rog, Sumy, Vinnitsa, etc.
  • Net to protect grapes from wasps and birds
  • Shading mesh
  • Cucumber mesh
  • Vegetable nets, polypropylene bags
  • Pickling bags
  • Bird protection net
  • Floral trellis mesh
Grids In this section you can select and buy various types of nets for a wide range of applications Vegetable nets and polypropylene bags - for packing, storing and transporting various agricultural products, practical and easy to use, moisture-proof, frost-resistant, economical, environmentally friendly in use for food. Nets for protecting bunches of grapes - allow you to keep the ripening harvest of grapes on the vine for a longer time, reliably protect the grapes from insect pests, wasps and birds, while the berries do not die, are not damaged by hail. Cucumber nets (trellis) - used to support climbing plants for the formation of plants during their growth, for growing vegetables vertically in the open field, to achieve savings through more efficient use of acreage - you can harvest twice as much from one square meter the former. Shading nets - will help protect vegetable and fruit crops on land plots from the scorching sun, retain moisture in the soil, plants can be watered less often than usual, serve as protection for plantings, covering them from hail, rain, wind, pests and other external factors.
  • Irrigation hoses
  • Drip irrigation
    • Drip tape
    • Drip tubes
    • Fittings
    • Filters
    • Fertilization
    • Sprinkling
Everything for watering Tools and materials used for watering plants. In this section of the catalog of goods for your garden and vegetable garden, high-quality universal trigger-sprayers are presented - nozzles for PET bottles of the "Rosinka" type, as well as pump-type sprayers. Indispensable tools for spraying any liquid (water, fertilizer solutions, pesticides and other aggressive substances in the form of liquids). Convenient and simple, widely used both in everyday life at home and in the backyard. Watering hoses - in most cases these devices are simply irreplaceable for keeping your garden plot or vegetable garden in a tidy condition. Good results with irrigation hoses can be achieved very inexpensively: a meter of its length of the highest quality is offered quite cheaply in our agricultural store. Drip irrigation or drip irrigation is the most efficient and preferable irrigation method, providing a slow and even discharge of water, with automatic control. This is a progressive method of irrigation of crops, in which water is supplied in small doses through densely branched pipelines and through special droppers it flows directly to the roots of plants. Such watering throughout the growing season allows you to maintain close to optimal soil moisture.
  • Greenhouses, seedling cassettes
  • Seedling pots
  • Jiffy pills
  • For planting seeds and more
Everything for seedlings The section presents effective means for plant seedlings: greenhouses and cassettes, pots, peat and coconut tablets. Seedling trays and greenhouses are an economical and convenient way to grow future crops, they include a tray to retain moisture and a seedling tray. Pots for seedlings, of various diameters and volumes, are used in horticulture and floriculture, intended for growing any plants, vegetable seedlings and various ornamental plants. Designed for both professionals and amateurs. Peat tablets are an effective and simplified way of growing seedlings of vegetable and flower crops. Using these seedling products, you will feel the ease of use and will achieve better results when growing any crop than using the conventional seedling method.
  • Insecticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Plant growth stimulants
  • Biosecurity of plants
  • Disinfectants
  • Polyethylene film
  • Adhesives
  • Protective equipment universal
  • Fertilizers
    • Fertilizers "Master"
    • Fertilizers "Planter"
    • Fertilizers "Agrolux"
    • Fertilizers "Baikal"
    • Fertilizers "Helatin"
    • Fertilizers "Magic mixture"
    • Fertilizers "Kemira Lux"
    • Mineral fertilizers
    • Fertilizers based on humates
    • Fertilizers "Reakom"
    • Fertilizers "Clean sheet" crystalline 1.2 kg
    • Fertilizers "Quantum"
    • Fertilizers "Stimul"
    • Plant care products "Clean sheet"
    • Fertilizers "Clean sheet" crystalline 20 gr
    • Fertilizers "Avangard"
    • Fertilizers "Sudarushka", "Ryazanochka"
    • Fertilizers "Clean sheet" crystalline 100 gr
    • Fertilizers "Clean sheet" crystalline 300 gr
    • Fertilizers "Clean sheet" in sticks
    • Fertilizers "Clean sheet" Success
    Fertilizers Fertilizers for your garden and vegetable garden. In this group of products for our customers are presented the best and most popular high-quality fertilizers for growing a wide variety of crops and plants. These are concentrated water-soluble fertilizers, granulated, universal, which include mineral, nitrogen, phosphoric, urea, sodium, calcium, ammonium (nitrate) additives and formulations. The range of fertilizers Agrolux, Reakom, Master, Plantafol, nitrogen fertilizer Carbamide (urea), ammonium nitrate is presented. Baikal EM1 is a concentrated universal composition in the form of a liquid, in which a large number of beneficial microorganisms are grown, which in reality live in the soil.We are in great demand and we have on sale: boric acid, potassium humate and potassium fertilizer, Ryazanochka, Sudarushka, magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate, potassium nitrate and phosphoric fertilizer Superphosphate and many others.
  • Sprayers
  • Flower pots, planters
  • Gloves
  • Awnings
  • Remedies against the Colorado potato beetle
  • Means of protection against cockroaches, Prusaks, bedbugs, fleas, domestic and garden ants
  • Means of protection against mosquitoes, mosquitoes, ticks, wasps, midges, horseflies
  • Fly protection
  • Protection against moths
  • Means of protection against a bear
  • Mole protection products
  • Rodent protection
  • Preparations for septic tanks, cesspools and country toilets, biodestructors
  • Household goods
  • Plant protection products
  • Bestsellers - top sellers
  • Buy seeds - bestsellers
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    • Seeds Professional Packing Holland
      • Cucumber seeds in professional packaging
      • Tomato seeds in professional packaging
      • Watermelon seeds in professional packaging
      • Eggplant seeds in professional packaging
      • Zucchini seeds in professional packaging
      • Cabbage Seeds in professional packaging
      • Pepper seeds in professional packaging
      • Carrot seeds in professional packaging
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    Archive An archive of goods that are currently out of stock for a long time, but if they appear, we can easily move them to the appropriate sections. If you got to this section and saw that the product is out of stock, you may be interested in other similar or similar products - use the search on our website or go to other sections.

    Fertilizers and fertilizing - garden and vegetable garden

    Mixed fertilizers.

    As a rule, several types of fertilizers are applied to the soil at once, mixing them beforehand. The industry produces such fertilizers ready-made, with a specific purpose. There are fertilizers, the salts of which contain two or three nutrients. Complex fertilizers are usually used as the main ones and are applied during soil preparation.

    Complex fertilizer includes three main nutrients (16% each): nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus. It is used for the normal life of all plants in closed and open ground in spring for cultivation and digging of the soil. Fertilizer is applied to the holes, rows when planting potatoes (30 g per square meter of planting), planting seedlings and sowing vegetable seeds - early cabbage (50 g), late (80 g), beetroot (60 g), onions, garlic, radish (50 g), carrots (30 g), strawberries (15 g).

    Kemira universal-2 is a complex fertilizer with all nutrients necessary for a plant. Contains: total nitrogen (12%), ammonia nitrogen (9%), phosphorus (8%), potassium (14%), magnesium (2%), sulfur (8%), manganese and iron (0.2% each) , boron and copper (by OD%), molybdenum (0.01%). Does not contain heavy metals.

    Kemiru universal-2 is used for growing both garden and vegetable crops in open ground and greenhouses.

    It is used as the main fertilizer when digging the soil and for feeding during the growing season. Promotes high quality harvest.

    Fertilizer "Osennee" is an organic-mineral, granular, complex fertilizer with microelements. Does not contain chlorine, which is very important when applied in spring during cultivation and digging or locally in holes, rows, ribbons, ridges simultaneously with sowing seeds and planting seedlings of crops that do not tolerate chlorine. In autumn it is used for feeding and pre-planting introduction into the soil when sowing vegetables before winter.

    Has the effect of prolonged action - nutrients are consumed by plants during the entire growing season with a single application to the soil.

    A kilogram of fertilizer is equivalent to 100 kg of manure.

    Nitrophoska contains three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (from 11 to 17% each). Refers to neutral salts. Available in granules. It is applied on all soils for all crops. On heavy soils, it is better to bring it under the autumn digging, on light soils - in the spring. It is used in summer dressings in a dry form, introducing rows, furrows, holes into the moist soil so that tubers, seeds or roots do not come into contact with the fertilizer. They are not used in liquid form due to the formation of an insoluble phosphorus compound.

    The average application rate is 20 g per square meter, 5 g per hole.

    Nitroammofoska is also a triple compound fertilizer (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, 14-25% each). Granulated. It dissolves well in water. Contains a highly soluble form of phosphorus, which makes it especially valuable in spring processing and in summer when feeding.

    Ammophos, diammophos, nitrophos are complex nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers. Used for all types of crops, on all soils. Better to place in holes or rows.

    Potassium nitrate contains 13% nitrogen and 46% potassium. Soluble in water. It is used on all soils, for all crops in the form of dry, liquid dressings during the period of fruit setting and formation. It cakes strongly, so it must be stored in a dry pavement. Slightly alkalizes the soil.

    Mineral fertilizers clip art

    Mineral fertilizers (tuki) are substances of an inorganic nature of origin. They are traditionally used in agriculture as are more affordable than organic, give a quick positive effect, and have a wide spectrum of action... It is also much more convenient and cheaper to transport them.

    These "quick" feeds are composed of substances that do not have a carbon backbone. The main composition of mineral fertilizers includes metals and their various compounds (salts, oxides, acids). In appearance, mineral fertilizers are simple and complex:

    Simple ones contain one main nutrient, which makes them well targeted. But their "suite" also includes additional components that have a concomitant positive effect on plants.

    Fertilizer "NOVOFERT"

    All fertilizers brand "Novofert" - 100% water-soluble, chlorine-free, containing a balanced complex of microelements: Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, Mg, Mo, in a chelate base, which increases the absorption coefficient of nutrients up to 90-95%. Recommended dosage: for 10 liters of chlorine-free water (settled). Pour in 2 measuring spoons of Novofert fertilizer without a "slide" (1 measuring spoon corresponds to 10 grams of fertilizer) and stir. The solution is ready for use by spraying or dripping. It is used for feeding almost all types of plants. The frequency of processing is once every 12-14 days. Provides effective rooting, promotes growth and rapid restoration of rich color, increases immunity to adverse weather conditions.

    It is recommended to spray in the morning or evening. More detailed instructions for use are indicated on the packaging.
    Advantages of Novofert fertilizer:
    - balanced ratio of macro- and microelements:
    - faster initial growth:
    - reducing the incidence of bacterial diseases, resistance to sudden temperature fluctuations
    - the possibility of combined use with almost all plant protection products in one working solution, subject to preliminary testing for the absence of sediment
    - a guarantee of a high return on costs when applied.

    General recommendations for the use of Novofert® fertilizers

    Name of culture

    Application period (plant development phase)

    Number of dressings

    Fertilizer quantity
    (kg / ha)

    20-20-20 + lMgO + ME
    18-18-18 + 3MgO + ME
    17-7-2 l + 3MgO + ME
    15-9-28 + 2MgO + ME
    15-8-25 + 3.5MgO + ME
    13-40-13 + lMgO + ME
    9-8-40 + lMgO + ME
    8-17-41 + lMgO + ME
    6-l4-31 + 3MgO + ME
    4-17-35 + lMgO + ME

    and a number of other formulas according to the individual order of the consumer

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