GardenPlast, garden decor, swimming pools, PVC-based products for the garden

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Internet-shop "GardenPlast". Collapsible pools, garden decor, PVC-based structures for the garden and vegetable garden:

Address: Leningrad region., Vsevolozhsky district, pos. Murino,
pl. Privokzalnaya, 3, "Gardening and Farming Center" Dacha-Service "in Devyatkino"

Working hours: Monday - Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm
Retail Sales Department:
Tel .: 8 (812) 954-84-49, e-mail: [email protected]

Wholesale department:
Tel .: 8 (812) 942-85-92, e-mail: [email protected]

We offer:

GardenPlast company is engaged in the development and production of its own exclusive products for summer cottage life.

We offer:

Products for the arrangement of the garden

• tiered beds

• tiered flower beds

• collapsible barrel

• vertical bed

• collapsible composter

• border tape

• garden pond with a fountain

• drip irrigation

• coconut substrate


• collapsible plastic pools

• collapsible wooden pools

• small pools

• accessories

Garden decor

• stands for flowers and trellises for clematis

• arch for flowers

• garden arches

• bench in the arch

• arbor hermitage

• decorative fencing

• set of lamps

• garden bench

Mobile bath "Nirvana"

Collapsible fonts

Hammocks, trampolines, umbrellas

Home autowatering

About company

For more than 10 years we have been developing and manufacturing goods for the garden, summer cottages and vegetable gardens, and present on the Russian market our own brand "GardenPlast". The entire range is made of high quality materials (PVC), thanks to which the products:

- not subject to corrosion;

- not subject to mold and decay;

- resistant to frost;

- retains its original appearance for a long time;

- does not cause difficulties during transportation;

- affordable. "

The company's motto is "New solutions for your garden!" - emphasizes the individuality of our products.

We do not copy the old, we create the new! "GardenPlast" (formerly "Aquaplast") has created and is successfully presenting on the market plastic collapsible pools and accessories for ten years already.

Since 2009, the company has developed two new areas of its own - garden decor and garden products.

In 2010, GardenPlast developed and launched into production pools with a wooden frame, as well as demountable wooden fonts.

The company is a member of the Leningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is registered in the Association for Automatic Identification "UNISCAN / GS1 RUS", with the assignment of individual international barcodes

The successful activity of the company is confirmed by diplomas and awards from various exhibitions.

Delivery is possible:

- within the city of St. Petersburg 400 - 600 rubles.

- Leningrad region. 400 - 600 rubles. + 20 rubles / km from the ring road

- delivery within the Russian Federation is carried out by transport companies and mail

"We invite wholesale customers, dealers, sales representatives and enterprising people to cooperate! If you want to expand your business and present our products in your region, we are ready to discuss in detail the options for cooperation.

GardenPlast, garden decor, swimming pools, PVC-based products for the garden - garden and vegetable garden

  • For the health of the earth
    • EM-1 Beneficial microorganisms
      • Restoration, improvement of the soil
      • EM - Bokashi
      • EM - plant protection
      • Homemade EM - composting
      • For animals
      • For everyday life
      • EM - Literature
    • Microbiological fertilizers
      • Soil-improving
      • Chlorella
      • Nitrogen fixing
      • Potassium - Phosphoric
      • Growth-stimulating
      • Based on mycorrhizal fungi
    • Natural fertilizer - Biohumus
      • Vermicompost (Biohumus)
      • Biohumus granulated
      • For seedlings, flowers
      • Extract from Biohumus
    • Organic fertilizers
      • Biocompost - eco-fertilizer
      • Granular
      • Sapropel
      • Cake
      • Organic Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium
      • Soil conditioners
      • Organic-Mix
      • Literature
    • Bio-soils
      • Bio-soils, Vermigrums
      • Coconut substrate
      • Pochivrikety
      • Moisture-saving primer
      • Ionic substrate Zion
      • Components for soil preparation
      • Accessories for soil preparation
    • Liquid organic fertilizers
      • Humus
      • Live manure
      • Algae, sea extracts
      • Organic micronutrient fertilizers
      • Photosynthesizer
    • Biofertilizers Humates
      • Biohumates, Fulvohumates
      • Gumi - fertilizers
      • Microfertilizers
      • Fertilizers with humate
    • Biofertilizers Chelates
      • Chelates - Mix
      • Chelates - Mono
      • Microfertilizers
    • Natural fertilizers - ameliorants
      • Deoxidizers
      • Acidifying agents
      • Moisture-saving - leavening agents
      • Soil conditioners
    • Mulch
      • Linseed Agro-canvas
      • Coconut
      • Agrotextile
      • Accessories - fixtures
      • GRI mulch
    • Siderat seeds
      • Cereals
      • Cruciferous
      • Legumes
      • Hydrophilic
      • Astrovye
      • Buckwheat
      • Weeds
      • Green manure mixture
    • Soil control
      • Test - strips
      • Mechanical, electronic
      • Thermometers
    • Water control
      • Test - strips
      • Thermometers
      • pH, TDC, ORP - meters
      • Water purification (structuring)
    • Fokin Pliers - "From Fokin" ™ (Original)
      • Plane cutters from Fokin
      • Cuttings for Fokin's plane cutter
      • Literature
    • Eco-farming tools
      • Hand cultivators, miracle shovels
      • Rake
      • For virgin lands, heavy soils
      • For loosening the beds
      • For greenhouses, greenhouses
      • For flower beds, flower beds
      • For hilling
      • For strawberries
      • For potatoes, root vegetables
      • For composting
      • For weed control
      • For beginner gardeners
    • Worms
    • Tool for soil "Tornadika"
      • Hand cultivators
      • Corners, boraxes, pitchforks
      • Combine harvesters
  • For plant health
    • From disease
      • Fungal (Mycoses)
      • Bacterial (Bacteriosis)
      • Viral (Viroses)
      • Phytoplasma (Phytoplasmons)
      • Non-infectious
    • From insect pests
      • Bioacaricides (against ticks)
      • Bioinsecticides (aphids, whiteflies, etc.)
      • Larvicides (from larvae and caterpillars)
      • Nematocides (from nematodes)
      • Repellents (repellent biological products)
      • Fumigants (smoke, aerosols)
      • Adhesives
    • From soil-dwelling pests
      • Biologicals from Ants
      • Biologicals from Slugs
      • Biologicals from Medvedka, Colorado potato beetle
      • Biologicals from Wireworm, beetle
      • Plants protectors
    • Growth biostimulants
      • For seeds and healthy seedlings
      • Healthy plant growth
      • Growth regulators (inhibitors)
      • Fruit preservation
      • Multifunctional regulators
      • Vitamins
      • Stimulants for trees, shrubs
    • Root formation
      • Root growth stimulants (phytohormones)
      • For rooting (adaptogens)
      • Improvement of survival rate
    • Stimulants of fruiting, flowering
      • For ovary
      • For flowering
      • Watchmen
      • Fruit formation
    • Antistress
      • Immunity
      • Amino acids
      • Resuscitation
      • Ecogel
      • Purshat
      • When transplanting
    • Weed control
      • Biologicals
      • Plants
      • Mechanical
      • Instruments
      • From Hogweed Sosnovsky
    • Bio-technical protection
      • Garden paint
      • Garden var, putty
      • Anti-graduate student
      • Repellents
      • Pheromones
      • Bio-Traps
      • Trapping belts
      • Plants protectors
    • Treating garden trees
      • Antiseptic
      • Balm - gels, filling
      • From stem pests
      • Gadgets
    • Adhesives
      • BioGlue-film former
      • Conveyor, wetting agent
      • Economy
  • For a healthy garden
    • Biosecurity of a garden, vegetable garden
      • Biocomplex "Healthy Garden" and "Ecoberin"
      • Bio cocktails for garden treatment
      • Feeders, Birdhouses
      • Pheromone traps
      • Fishing belts, glue
    • Clothes for summer cottages, vegetable gardens
      • Aprons, oversleeves
      • Jumpsuits, masks, glasses
      • Raincoats
    • Garden accessories
      • Knee pads
      • Chairs, benches
    • Gloves for summer works
      • Mens
      • Womens
      • Household
      • For roses
    • Hand tools
      • Secateurs
      • Grafting pruning shears, garden knives
      • Loppers, brush cutters
      • Scissors
      • Sickles
      • Braids
      • Saws, hacksaws
      • Tapener (garden stapler)
    • Soil tool
      • Shovels
      • Rake
      • Pitchfork
      • Root removers
      • Fan rake
      • Tool (high-strength plastic)
    • Planting tool
      • Seeders
      • Cones
    • Storage of tools, inventory
      • Racks
      • Tool stands
    • Everything for the beds
      • Curb tape
      • Plastic beds
      • Round beds
      • Potato bag
    • Covering material
      • Economy
      • From frost, overheating in the beds
      • For greenhouses, greenhouses
      • Extra warmth (foil-clad)
      • Mulching
      • From weeds, pests
      • For row spacings, trunk circle
      • Geotextiles for landscaping
      • Spangram winter shelters
      • Fasteners
      • Film Svetlitsa for greenhouses and greenhouses
    • Greenhouses
      • Economy (for seedlings, greenery)
      • Standard (from 90 to 120 cm)
      • High (from 120 to 190 cm)
      • Mega greenhouses
      • Components
      • Film Svetlitsa
      • Mini greenhouses for seedlings, flowers
    • Greenhouses
      • Economy
      • Components
      • Equipment
    • Everything for watering the garden, vegetable garden
      • Watering hoses
      • Hose reels, trolleys
      • Irrigation nozzles, watering cans
      • Sprinklers, sprinklers
      • Barrels, containers
      • Country water supply
      • Timers, filters
      • Connectors, connectors
      • Tank filling machines
      • Hose holders
    • Garden sprayers
      • Manual - mini
      • Fogging
      • Pump
      • Pneumatic (Knapsack)
      • Electric (Good Girl)
      • Telescopic, firewalls
      • Repair kit
    • Drip irrigation for the garden
      • From capacity
      • From the water supply
      • Cones, Drip tape
      • Timers, filters
      • Components
      • Automatic irrigation systems
      • Tank filling, fogging
    • Plant accessories
      • Labels, plates
      • Hanging eye tags
      • Pegs, stands for garden
      • Supports for raspberries
      • Garters
      • Bush holders
      • For strawberries
      • For bulbous
      • For the lawn
    • Everything for composting
      • Biological products for composting
      • Plastic composters
      • Literature
    • BioProtection against animals
      • BioRepeller
      • Mechanical protection
      • From moles, snakes, shrews
      • From mice, rats
      • From the birds
      • From dogs, cats, squirrels
    • Winter shelters for plants
      • Shelters for roses
      • Shelters for conifers
      • Shelter for grapes
      • Shelters for rhododendrons
      • Shelters frame for bushes, trees
      • Shelters - Covers
      • Shelters Spangram
      • Shelter Decor
    • Useful inventory for a summer residence, a vegetable garden
      • Barrel insert
      • Trimmer line
      • miscellanea
  • For a healthy harvest
    • Harvesting
      • Fruit collectors
      • Containers for collecting mushrooms, berries
      • Stairs
    • Harvest processing
      • Fixtures, tools
      • Winemaking
      • Electronic scales, steelyards
    • Harvest storage
      • Bio-processing of crops, storage
      • Container, packaging for storage
    • Country dryers
      • Natural drying
      • Electrical
    • Everything for canning
      • Vacuum sealers
      • Seaming machines
      • Plastic covers
      • Vacuum lids
      • Meters, thermometers
      • Literature
      • Sterilizers
    • Home Mini Garden
      • Greenery on the windowsill
      • Sprouters
      • Potato growing bag
  • For the health of home, summer cottages
    • Winter goods
      • Snow removal tools
      • Wood racks
      • Wood splitters
      • Sets and accessories for stoves and fireplaces
    • Thermometers for home, summer cottages
      • For windows
      • Room
      • Street
      • For water
      • For soil
      • For canning, oven
      • For refrigerators
      • Electronic
      • For baths, saunas
      • Hourglass clock
      • Meteorological stations
      • Special
      • Alcohol meters, wine meters
    • Clean house
      • Biological products for home care
      • Elimination of odors in everyday life
      • Removing soot from fireplaces, stoves
      • Antiseptics-protection at home
    • Biosecurity against domestic insects
      • From mosquitoes, flies
      • From cockroaches, ants
      • From bedbugs, fleas, lice
      • Wasps, gnats, ticks
      • Universal
      • From moth
      • Ultrasonic
      • Electrical
    • Clean body of water
      • Pools
      • Cleaning of ponds, fountains
      • Pool heaters
    • Improvement of the garden
      • Garden paths
      • Arches
      • Fences, Fences
      • Shower
      • Means for country toilets
    • Country lighting
      • Wireless lamps, flashlights
      • Hand, headlamp for summer resident
      • Smart sensors
    • garden furniture
      • Tables
      • Chairs
    • Useful goods for home and garden
      • Wireless calls
      • Keychains, flint
      • Magnifiers, microscopes
      • Batteries
      • Other
    • Rest in the country
      • Skewers Samokruty
      • Braziers and accessories to them
      • Ignition products
      • Games for children, adults
    • Everything for home flowers
      • Self-irrigated pots
      • Orchid pots, violets
      • Pot bag
      • Balcony boxes
      • Soils
      • Components for soils
      • Watering cans (autowatering)
      • Fertilizers
  • For animal health
    • For poultry
    • For farm animals
    • Litter dryer
    • Litter bacteria
    • For room disinfection and air sanitation
    • For the treatment of animals and birds from parasites
    • Disposal of organic waste
  • For human health
    • For the health of gardeners
      • Healing creams, gels
      • Eye health
      • Drinking water treatment
      • Herbal teas
      • Useful
      • Vitamins
    • Health clothing
      • Deerskin Suits
      • Reindeer wool vests
      • Knee pads, belts with reindeer wool
    • Magnetotherapy
      • Tourmaline Magnetic Products
      • Applicators magnetic and acupuncture
      • Devices for magnetizing liquids
      • Magnetic massage insoles
  • For seedlings from A to Z
    • Seeds
      • Seeds "Gardens of Asia" Japan
      • Seeds Agrofirm Blooming Garden
      • Seeds Agrofirma Partner
      • Seeds on the tape Agrofirma Harvest Good Luck
      • Seeds Agrofirm Siberian Garden
      • Seeds Agrofirma Manul
      • Ready-made flower beds
      • Seeds Pharmaceutical garden
      • Lawn Grass Seeds
      • Mushroom mycelium
      • Microgreen
      • Flower seeds
    • Everything for seedlings from A to Z *
      • Seedling Literature
      • Equipment for preparing soil for seedlings
      • Seedling tools
      • Tables, racks for seedlings, flowers
      • Protective clothing for preparing seedlings
      • Ready-made bio-soil for seedlings
      • Preparing the soil for seedlings from bio-components
      • Biosecurity for seedlings
      • Preparation of dispensers, measuring containers
      • We use measuring devices
      • Germination of seeds, marking
      • Growth stimulants for seedlings
      • Water treatment, "living" water for seedlings
      • Everything for watering seedlings, home flowers
      • Mini-greenhouses for germination
      • Peat tablets for germination
      • Coconut Germination Tablets
      • Temperature control
      • Peat pots, seedling transplant bags
      • Seedling Growing Kits
      • Reusable cups, seedling containers
      • Reusable bags for seedlings, seedlings
      • Feeding with Biofertilizers
      • Seedling warmers
      • Phytolamps for seedlings
      • Linear lights for seedlings
      • Transportation, disembarkation of seedlings
    • Everything for conifers from A to Z
      • Protection from burns, drought
      • Root formation
      • Growth stimulants
      • Fertilizers
      • Pest control
      • Shelters for the winter
    • Literature for a summer residence, a vegetable garden
      • Increased yield
      • Protection of the garden, vegetable garden
      • All the books of Kizima G.A.
      • All books of N.I. Kurdyumov
    • Sets of popular products
      • Bio cocktails
      • Fertilizers, seedlings, from diseases

Greenhouse frame 5 meters long, 1.2 m high. Pipe diameter 20 mm. Service life is more than 5 years.

An inexpensive option for a greenhouse for a summer residence. The frame of the greenhouse is Dismountable, with a collapsible arc. Convenient for transportation.

Consists of PVC tubes with a diameter of 20 millimeters, fastened together with plastic crosses.

Products are made of construction plastic (PVC pipe).

This material is resistant to weather conditions, withstands temperature drops from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C, light stabilized, UV resistant, does not support combustion. On white arches made of PVC, the film does not heat up and its service life is increased.

They do not rust, do not dry out and do not need a touch-up.

The greenhouse is easy to assemble, even older women will assemble this greenhouse without any problems. The greenhouse is well packed and transportable. This version of the greenhouse was specially designed for a five-meter bed.

As a covering for this greenhouse, polyethylene film or non-woven covering material (Agrotex) can be used. Thanks to the frame material - polyvinyl chloride, the film and covering material on the arches of this greenhouse will not burn even in very hot weather. The frame of the greenhouse is not intended to be used as a shelter for plants in the winter, therefore it is recommended to disassemble it for the winter.

The greenhouse frame is buried directly into the ground during installation. For installation, pieces of metal reinforcement or installation plastic pegs (not included)

The set includes only the frame of the greenhouse, the covering material for it is purchased separately.

We draw your attention to the fact that all information about goods and services posted on the site is for reference only and is not a public offer. The manufacturing company reserves the right to make changes in design, equipment, as well as constructive changes, without affecting the consumer properties of the product, without prior notice. In order to avoid misunderstandings when placing an order, check the information with the sellers.

Wholesale and retail base of materials for the construction and repair of COVER in Sumy

The wholesale base of building materials and the POKROV online store offers a wide range of materials for construction and repair: from the foundation to the lock at the front door, as well as automotive goods, goods for your garden and garden, summer cottages: tools, seeds, plant protection products, everything for leisure and picnic. Or, more simply, you can buy everything from us! Buy building materials cheap and with delivery? Then you definitely come to us!

We are developing and striving to be the best for you in the market of building materials and services. Thanks to your feedback on our work, we set as a basis the goal - to provide our customers with everything they need in one place, while providing service and the best price. Thousands of people have trusted us both in the Sumy region and throughout Ukraine, both buyers and suppliers. We work with both small and large players in the construction industry, we officially represent large manufacturers of construction materials in the Sumy region.

The wholesale construction base POKROV, thanks to close cooperation with various manufacturers and suppliers, created the lowest prices on the market in the city of Sumy.

We have created an online store with all the main building materials, which can provide comprehensive services for both the contractor's team and retail buyers, since there is a need not only for bulk purchases. Let's save our time and devote it to more important things. Simplify, everything can be solved by placing an order online on the site. The site saves a lot of time.

To buy building materials in Sumy or with delivery throughout Ukraine, you just need to place an order on the website

You can call us back to place an order for a product or service. If necessary, we will advise.

Pools for sale, price in Minsk

Coagulant Aqualeon liquid agent, 1 l (1.1 kg)

Use a coagulant for cloudy water and after shock chlorination of swimming pools.

Vacuum cleaner for swimming pool, vacuum, 3 pieces: 2 nozzles, handle 190 cm, 58212 Bestway

Vacuum cleaner is a device that will simplify the process of taking care of your pool. When you connect ..

191.88 BYN 173.76 BYN

Awning for rectangular frame pools 400 x 211 cm, 58107 Bestway

The pool cover is made of durable material. It prevents debris and dirt from entering. Close b ..

SPA pool Bali AirJet, 180 x 66 cm, filter pump, awning, dispenser for chemicals, 60009 Bestway

Features: Easy installation without tools Control panel Color change LED system

SPA pool Cancun AirJet, filter pump, awning, dispenser for chemistry, 180 x 66 cm, 60003 Bestway

Features: Easy installation without tools Control panel Color change LED system

SPA pool Havana AirJet, filter pump, awning, dispenser for chemicals, 180 x 66 cm, 60035 Bestway

Features: Easy installation without tools Control panel Color change LED system

SPA pool Hawaii, 180 x 71 cm, filter pump, dispenser for chemistry, 54154 Bestway

Set up a spa pool in your yard to become the focal point of your relaxation area. It will comfortably accommodate ..

SPA pool Ibiza AirJet, 180 x 180 x 66 cm, filter pump, awning, chemical dispenser, 60015 Bestway

Features: Easy installation without tools Control panel Color change LED system

SPA pool Miami AirJet, filter pump, awning, dispenser for chemistry, 180 x 66 cm, 60001 Bestway

Features: Easy installation without tools Control panel Color change LED system

SPA pool Palm Springs AirJet, filter pump, awning, dispenser for chemistry, 196 x 71 cm, 60017 Bestway

Features: Easy installation without tools Control panel Color change LED system

SPA pool Palm Springs, 196 x 71 cm, filter pump, awning, dispenser for chemistry, pressure gauge, 54129 Bestway

Palm Springs Spa Pool is a true resort right at your home. With it you can relax by ..

SPA pool Palm Springs, 196 x 71 cm, filter pump, awning, dispenser for chemistry, pressure gauge, 54144 Bestway

Set up a spa pool in your yard to become the focal point of your relaxation area. It will comfortably accommodate ..

3 442.53 BYN 2 450.19 BYN

SPA pool Paris AirJet, with lighting, 196 x 66 cm, filter pump, awning, dispenser for chemistry, 60013 Bestway

Features: Easy installation without tools Control panel Color change LED system

SPA pool Peris AirJet, 216 x 71 cm, LED lighting, 220-240V 60023

With the Paris spa pool, you can relax after a hard day's work or work in the garden, surprise d ..

SPA pool Tahiti AirJet, with lighting, 180 x 66 cm, filter pump, awning, dispenser for chemistry, 60007 Bestway

Features: Easy installation without tools Control panel Color change LED system

Automatic vacuum cleaner for the pool, 28001 INTEX

The car vacuum cleaner for the pool is a real assistant that will cope with dirt on the bottom of large ..

Water area Alga-STOP, 500ml

The drug quickly and effectively prevents the growth of algae in the pool water, helps to remove substances ..

Aquatoria Dual-Effect-COMPLEX 500 ml + 1kg (dry)

The complex refreshes and softens the water, promotes comfortable bathing, without irritating the eyes and mucous membranes.

Aquatoria Maxi-pool-COMPLEX, 500ml

The drug effectively purifies water, helps to eliminate cloudiness. At the same time, the effectiveness of training ..

Activator of active oxygen tablets hth ACTIVATOR, 1 l

Activator ACTIVATOR allows you to purify water using multifunctional tablets SANKLOR ..

Active oxygen in the table. hth SANKLOR, 1 kg

They destroy algae and prevent their appearance. Used with hth Activator for active tablets.

Active oxygen for water disinfection in Oxypul pools, 1 l

For primary (shock) application, 100 ml. the preparation is intended for the treatment of 1m3 of water

Active oxygen Super - Pool 5 l

Disinfectant "Super Pool Active Oxygen" is used to disinfect water in swimming pools.

Algicide Aqualeon non-foaming prolonged action, 1 l (1 kg)

Algicide Aqualeon is an effective non-foaming agent that destroys algae in the pool and water.

Algicide Aqualeon non-foaming prolonged action, 5 l (5 kg)

Algicide Aqualeon is an effective non-foaming agent that destroys algae in the pool and water.

Algicide Aqualeon non-foaming, 1 l (1 kg)

Algicide Aqualeon is an effective remedy that destroys pool algae and prevents them ..

Algicide Aqualeon non-foaming, 30 l (30 kg)

Algicide Aqualeon is an effective remedy that destroys pool algae and prevents them ..

Algicide hth KONTRAL, 1 l

Algicide hth 1 l - liquid agent against all types of algae, also stops the growth of bacteria and ..

Algicide non-foaming hth KLERAL, 1 l

Algicide non-foaming hth 1 l - liquid agent against all types of algae, also stops growth.

Algicide non-foaming hth KLERAL, 3 l

Algicide non-foaming hth 3 l - liquid agent against all types of algae, also stops growth.

Algicide against algae, bacteria and fungi in the Alba Super pool 1 l

Algicide is specially formulated to fight algae, fungi and bacteria that can form ..

Algicide against algae, bacteria and fungi in the Alba Super K pool 1 l

To keep the water in the pool clean and clear, it needs to be cared for. Chemoform Alba Super K ..

Algicide Super - Pool 1 l

In accordance with the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological safety and maintenance of water in the pool ..

Algicide Super - Pool 5 l

Antichlor Super - Pool 1 l

Means "Super-pool Antichlor" is designed to purify water in swimming pools from chlorine and chlorine.

Antichlor Super - Pool 5 l

Super-pool Antichlor is designed to remove chlorine and chlorine from swimming pool water.

Floating bar, round, d = 89 cm, 56822NP INTEX

The floating bar will delight you and your guests with its stylish design and functional equipment. With him..

Pool Dinosaur Fill'N Fun, rigid side, 244 x 46 cm, 55001 Bestway

The pool with rigid sides is great fun for your child this coming summer. With him cha ..

Pool Fast Set, 457 х 84 cm, filter pump, 57313 Bestway

The inflatable pool is fun for the whole family. With it, you can enjoy an invigorating ...

Pool Fast Set, 152 x 38 cm, with spray, 2+ yrs, MIX color, 57326 Bestway

A bright round inflatable pool with an inflatable ring and a toy for children. Reliable safe stable ..

Pool "GardenPlast", round, 2.7 x 0.8 m

A small pool of 4.5 tons does not require any additional equipment (ladders and filter ...

Pool "GardenPlast", round, 2.7 x 1.0 m

An excellent and rather big swimming pool for children and adults. Ideal for summer cottages. Fast ..

Pool "GardenPlast", round, 2.7 x 1.25 m

Full height and small diameter are the main advantages of this pool if there is not enough space in the country.

Pool "GardenPlast", round, 3.4 x 1.0 m

An excellent and rather big swimming pool for children and adults. Ideal for summer cottages. Fast ..

Pool "GardenPlast", round, 3.4 x 1.25 m

Full height and small diameter are the main advantages of this pool if there is not enough space in the country.

Pool "GardenPlast", round, 4.0 x 1.25 m

By installing such a pool in the country, you can swim and even dive. A wonderful option for swimming in ..

Swimming pool "Dinosaurs", hard board, 183 х 38 cm, from 2 years old, 55022 Bestway

The swimming pool with painted dinosaurs is great fun for your child! With him, the child can ..

Pool "Seabed", 244 x 46 cm, hard side, from 3 years old, MIX colors, 58472NP INTEX

Children's frame pool with a diameter is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Please select a raft before installation.

Swimming pool "Odyssey", hard board, 183 х 38 cm, from 2 years old, 55030 Bestway

The children's pool has a collapsible design in the shape of a circle with a sturdy rim and is suitable for children.

Swimming pool "Odyssey", hard board, 244 x 46 cm, from 3 years old, 55031 Bestway

The children's pool has a collapsible design in the shape of a circle with a sturdy rim and is suitable for children.

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How to equip a dressing room?

There is an opinion that the ideal order in the house can be achieved only with a large dressing room, spacious storage room, garage and a spacious shed. But life experience suggests that having a myriad of cabinets and separate storage rooms is not a panacea for all ills. They often multiply the chaos and chaos in our lives. Why is that? The answer is simple: so that things do not take up much space, but at the same time are always at hand, you need to choose the right storage system. That is, to organize and put everything on the shelves.


Undoubtedly, the best place to store clothes, linen, shoes and bags is the dressing room. In such a room, you can provide separate shelves for larger items: suitcases, blankets, rugs and pillows. But so that the dressing room does not turn into another dump of things, they need to be systematized and organized, made easily visible and accessible.

Depending on the area and configuration of the room, the racks are usually placed along one wall, at an angle in the form of the letter L or along the perimeter. In a classic dressing room, the space is organized like a wardrobe. Several shelves are pulled together with the walls against each other and shelves and drawers of different sizes and depths are fixed on them. Metal rods are installed between the walls, placing them in 2-3 tiers. Drawers are supplemented with mesh baskets (so that the air does not stagnate) for linen and woolen things, pull-out elements - trousers, ties, etc. Special shallow drawers are provided for belts, ties and other small things, for shirts - shelves with a glass front. Things in them are less dusty, and you can immediately see what is where.

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Today there are no things for the storage of which special devices would not have been provided, sometimes in several versions. They are not cheap, so it is better to acquire them during the operation of the cabinet, after the need for this or that element becomes clear.


A modern and more functional solution for dressing rooms is a frame system based on metal racks or rails, on which all kinds of shelves, baskets and rods are hung. The system works like a constructor - the filling elements can be selected at will and, thanks to the grooves provided in the profiles,

The functions of the dressing room can be slightly "extended" by placing sports equipment, a vacuum cleaner or an ironing board here. But you should not get too carried away with turning the room into a pantry. It is better to put household items in the garage, and for outerwear, provide a common dressing room next to the hallway.

Frame systems differ in the type of fastening. If the structure provides for racks (made of aluminum or steel), then they are installed between the floor and the ceiling, and only then the filling is attached to them. Racks are usually limited in height - no more than 3 m.

Rail systems are attached directly to the wall. First, a steel profile is mounted horizontally on the wall, then vertical guides are fixed on it. Brackets are installed on the rails, allowing you to hang shelves and baskets.

Systems based on a carrier rail are represented by many companies, for example Elfa (Sweden) and their Russian counterparts - Aristo, Parus, etc. Rack racks can be found at Mr.Doors, Grandis (Russia), Raumplus (Germany) and etc.

The most important thing when organizing a dressing room is to choose and group the "stuffing" correctly. The main rule of any storage system is that the entire space from floor to ceiling should "work". In hard-to-reach areas, for example, on the mezzanine, they remove everything that is not used every day - pillows, blankets, bedding, seasonal clothes. Shoes are placed on the lower "floor". Clothes are sorted by type and length, after which the central part of the wardrobe is divided into sections of a suitable size and equipped with bars and pull-out trousers. Where it is impossible to reach with a hand, pantographs are installed - rods, which, if necessary, can be easily lowered down, and then returned to their original place.

furnishings in the dressing room

If the house is small, there is no need to think about a separate dressing room. In this case, the best solution would be a sliding wardrobe - compact, roomy, with sliding doors that do not eat up the useful area when opened. To make the most of the space, it's best to use a built-in design. In this case, part of the room is fenced off with sliding doors and equipped with shelves, rods and drawers. In fact, it turns out the same dressing room, only narrow.

For a small house, the wardrobe will be the most optimal storage solution.

Moreover, you can build in a wardrobe anywhere - even under a staircase or under a sloped roof in the attic. For this purpose, some manufacturers of sliding wardrobes offer special roof doors - canvases with a beveled top angle that varies from 30 to 60 degrees. The filling of sliding wardrobes practically does not differ from the "filling" of the dressing room, only in shallow closets the rods are often placed not parallel to the front, but perpendicularly. In this case, they will move forward.

In addition to clothes, every house has a lot of things that cannot be found in the dressing room. These are vacuum cleaners and irons, supplies of household chemicals, a variety of tools, sports, garden and household equipment. Ideally, gardening tools are placed in a barn, household belongings in a pantry. But often the functions of a barn, a storeroom and, in combination, a workshop are performed by a garage. The easiest and most proven way of arranging storage in a garage is with steel construction racks.Their assembly takes a minimum of time and does not require special skills and tools, except for the usual Phillips screwdriver, and even then not always - structures with a boltless fastening are assembled on brackets.

The racks have numerous holes, so you can adjust the distance between the shelves as you wish. But this is where the fit ends. To organize things, you need numerous plastic containers of different sizes.

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For storage in the pantry, you can use PVC racks. If you want to equip an unheated garage or shed with them, read the product passport - it should indicate the minimum temperature that the plastic can withstand. In addition, the plastic shelves must not be heavily loaded. Even the reinforced plastic can withstand loads of up to 50 kg.

Shelves have another significant drawback - they are deprived of mobility and greatly eat up the usable area, which is worth its weight in gold in small storerooms and garages. The problem is solved by a variety of hinged systems based on a carrier rail, like those with which dressing rooms are equipped. A rail capable of withstanding heavy loads (up to 300 kg / running m) is mounted horizontally to the wall. Vertical guides are installed on it, on which the remaining elements are then hung, selected depending on the range of items to be placed. Such systems are produced by Kenovo, Elfa, GarageTek, etc.

In addition to the usual hooks, shelves and baskets, the assortment usually includes specific items - bike holders, brackets for car wheels. Thanks to such devices, bulky things can be easily hung on the wall at any height so that they do not take up space on the floor.

How to make a dressing room

The Swedish storage system Elfa is complemented by a convenient storage device for hand tools and garden tools, made in the form of wall-mounted perforated panels with holders. Screwdrivers, wrenches and other tools attached to it can be ranked, which significantly saves time when looking for the right thing.

There are two-in-one storage systems for garages. They are based on PVC panels of a special profile, which are both a finishing material for walls and a supporting structure for accessories. The panels are equipped with a horizontal groove that allows you to fix additional elements - shelves, baskets, hooks, etc. All accessories can be easily installed on the wall and just as easily removed or moved along it.

The groove panels are fixed to the wall on top of a vertical lathing made of a wooden bar or metal guides installed on the wall. Preliminary preparation and leveling of the walls are not required, but the useful volume of the room is slightly reduced. But such systems are suitable for both heated and unheated premises. They are presented on the domestic market by American TekPanels systems (GarageTek, USA) and domestic “groove-panels” (“Arrange House”, Russia).

40 ideas on how to make beautiful outdoor pots with your own hands

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Plants in pots look beautiful and unusual. It is more convenient to look after them and create a variety of compositions. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy such a vessel in a store, because many ideas can be implemented independently.

The original pots will decorate the site and attract the attention of neighbors. Already now, you can create beautiful products for the new season with your own hands and plan the future planting of plants. Making a planter is an enjoyable process that will allow you to realize your creativity. You can use a wide variety of items, from old buckets and cups to faded T-shirts and unnecessary building materials. Our selection contains the most relevant ideas that will transform your site and allow you to embody any fantasies!

But first, let's figure out what a pots is, what are its features and what types of products can be made for different purposes.

A planter pot is a decorative container without a drainage hole. It serves as a shell for an ordinary pot. In a broader sense, a pots can be understood as any product in which or on which a potted plant can be placed. In this case, the pots can be changed without replanting the flower. It is enough to move the plant pot to a new planter. This is very convenient if you like to update the design of your site or in the case when the old pot has lost its decorative appearance.

Sometimes such a vessel is also used as a stand for draining water, although there are pots with a tray in which there is a hole. But such products, in principle, have more in common with ordinary pots. You can also completely plant plants in the pots, but in this case it is important to take care of good drainage in order to avoid stagnant moisture.

You can craft the following types of pots:

  • floor pots - for placement near a country house, in the center of a flower bed, along paths or a fence, etc.
  • ampel pots (suspended) - for gazebos, balconies, porches, external and internal parts of windows.

By appointment, pots are allocated for the street (garden) and premises (room). The latter are more compact. In terms of shape and volume, pots are very diverse, and they must be selected taking into account the size of the plants that will be placed in them, as well as the future location. Large pots are best placed in a recreation area or at the entrance to the house. The middle ones are along the paths, and the small pots are on the fence or in the gazebo.

Plants in planters can be an alternative to a flower bed if you don't have time to create one.

Among the ready-made models that can be found in summer cottages, pots on a leg and glowing pots stand out. The first ones look very elegant, and the second ones provide additional lighting in the dark. Also popular is the volumetric pots-ball, in which you can grow both flowers and ornamental shrubs.

But if you are not attracted to design pots or do not want to spend money on them, you can easily make beautiful and practical products yourself.

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