Garden armchairs

The garden armchairs

Garden armchairs, defined in the plural as they are often sold in pairs, as is the case for indoor armchairs, are elements that can already be inserted when buying the living room itself. If this is not the case, the armchair can also be purchased separately. The choice is very wide and can vary in size, shape and material with which it is made. Obviously the garden armchairs that show a particular design and care are included in this space also as a decorative and not just functional element. In this case, the cost is certainly higher than that of a traditional garden armchair.

The traditional armchair

With the term 'traditional' we refer to those classic seats, mainly made of wood or other natural materials. To be defined as such, the armchair must be equipped with two armrests, a very comfortable seat, a high backrest. The wider the seat, the more comfortable the armchair will be, since it is necessary to consider that often cushions are also placed on it.

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The wooden garden armchairs

Garden armchairs made of wood are often chosen because wood shows a high resistance to atmospheric agents, and moreover it is the material that best integrates in the context of a green space. The armchair can be made up of a slatted structure or a structure made up of a single sheet of wood. The wood is left in its natural version to ensure that its beauty can be admired without being treated with other substances. Obviously, it is possible to choose between more or less dark colors, according to the type of wood used to make the armchair. This element is usually chosen in combination with the rest of the garden furniture also as regards the color.

The bamboo garden armchair

If the wooden garden armchair has its own structure that stands out because it is very heavy, if it is made with bamboo canes, even though it is a somewhat unusual choice, it is certainly lighter. Bamboo is another material used for outdoor furniture, which however does not find a wide place on the market, also because today the search is moving towards new materials and has left out the more classic materials.

The aluminum garden armchair

Aluminum, for example, which is a very malleable material, allows it to be woven and worked in the most varied ways while remaining very light. The lightness of this material means that the garden armchairs can be transported easily, washed even only with water, and chosen in a very wide range of colors. In some cases, garden armchairs can even replace a sofa, and this returns to be very useful for those who do not have large spaces available. The same armchair can also be used as an armchair, a double function that allows it to respond to two different needs: as a dining chair and as an armchair in the relaxation area.

The wrought iron garden armchair

Another classic material is wrought iron. In this case the cost is quite sustained since it is an armchair that is made in an accurate way and since the same material is in itself very beautiful and certainly does not require special cushions to embellish the armchair itself. In the world of outdoor furniture, we often hear about the continuous search for innovative materials that can also meet the needs of the new generations. What is considered classic is not always pleasant for those looking for a unique piece of furniture.

The plastic garden armchairs

This is precisely the case for resorting to the choice of plastic garden armchairs. Plastic is also increasingly used in the production of furnishing accessories. Famous names of contemporary design have decided to direct their creativity towards the creation of plastic objects. The garden armchair is one of these elements, the appearance is smooth, it can be left outside even during the winter period, it is proposed in a wide range of colors. The choice is wide, you just need to have some space available where you can place these garden armchairs. The style is very similar to that of a classic armchair, many also buy it to insert it in their internal living room.

Originality of this element

Even if you are oriented towards the purchase of garden furniture that follow a rather classic line, the inclusion of a single contemporary element, such as the armchair, would revive and modernize the space itself with a touch of originality. Furthermore, those who have a strong tendency in following the evolution of outdoor design, in their garden absolutely cannot fail to place this kind of armchair. Indestructible and comfortable, beautiful to look at and to live in because it is absolutely not 'delicate', it is a piece of furniture that will enhance the entire space, certainly capturing the attention of those who will be your guests.


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