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The Walnut Bach flower remedy is indicated to help cancel the uncertainty of one's choices caused by people or the external environment and to cope with the important changes that life presents.


Remedy name Bach flower

: Walnut

Common name in Italian

: wot

Scientific name

: Juglans regia (Family Juglandaceae)


Bach Walnut Flower is for those people that while being able to realize their desires, they can be influenced by others or by the environment in the transition moments of their life. In fact, it may happen that, influenced by the opinions or beliefs of others, they may doubt their choices.

They are people who know what they want, strong and determined but sometimes hesitate in moments of transition and great change in their life and become insecure and can therefore be influenced by others or by the environment around them as if they were defenseless.

Walnut in addition to being considered the flower of change, that is to say the flower that helps when you have to make important choices by eliminating hesitation and external interference, it is also to be considered the flower for the natural changes that occur in life: in weaning, in the transition from infancy to puberty; upon the arrival of menopause but also in a divorce, in a move, in a change of job. In practice it helps to face the different moods that arise when life changes, to reconcile the old with the new.

Edward Bach gives the following description of a Walnut person «For those who have well-defined ideals and ambitions and manage to achieve them, but who on rare occasions are tempted to deviate from their goals and ideas and from their work driven by enthusiasm, convictions or from strong opinions of others. The remedy gives constancy and protects from external influences ».(1)

Feminine flowers

Male flowers


The remedy of Bach Walnut flowers in flower therapy it has the task of fortifying in the face of everything that tends to make one doubt or deviate from one's decisions by acting on the mental plane. It helps to be stable in their ideas and decisions, not to think negatively about their choices.

In practice, it protects against negative influences by forming an almost protective aura around the person also helping to adapt to the various changes that arise, mental and physical.


If you want to prepare the Walnut mother tincture of Bach Flowers, picking the flowers directly in the field, it must be borne in mind that this Bach Flower must be prepared with the boiling method.


It is possible to find the plant in bloom in spring (April - May).

The Juglans regia plant is a large tree that can reach 30 m in height and a meter and a half in diameter of the trunk. It is highly valued for its wood, excellent for cabinet making.

It has a greyish bark that cracks with age. The branches are arranged to form an almost round crown with odd-pinnate leaves composed of 5-9 oval leaflets. They are a nice glossy green color on the top and lighter green on the bottom.

They are monoecious plants, which means that female and male flowers are formed on the same plant, distinct from each other. The male flowers are green-brown in color, collected in hanging catkins several centimeters long while the female ones are collected in groups of 1-4 flowers at the end of the twigs of the year.

The fruit is a drupe whose pulp is green in color and which contains the seed, the nut that we all know and eat.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

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