Mobile home for summer cottages: how to quickly and cheaply solve the problem of comfort?

The desire to have at the dacha not a stationary structure, but a mobile home is explained not only by the dream of travel. Everything is much simpler. In the summer, the owners of a suburban area actually move there and, of course, equip their house, creating coziness in it. Part of the property is also moved here, providing summer residents with a comfortable stay. With a cold snap, many residents return to city apartments, visiting summer houses from time to time to make sure that their property is safe. Of course, if instead of a stationary building they had a mobile home for a summer residence, the problem of winter travel and experiences would be solved much easier.

Benefits of a mobile home

Basically, a mobile home on wheels is a type of trailer, conceived and then designed and developed for one or more people to live in it in conditions of maximum comfort.

The basic equipment of such a structure, as a rule, includes a stove for cooking, a refrigerator, furniture and other items, without which it has already become difficult for a civilized person to imagine himself.

Even such a large transforming house, when folded, takes up a minimum of space on the site, while providing residents with maximum comfort

The undoubted advantages of such a structure are:

  • it occupies a minimum of space on the site;
  • no special or complex care is required;
  • it can be used not only in the country. It is convenient to take it with you on a trip so as not to look for a temporary lodging for the night and not spend money on it: all the necessary property will always be at your fingertips.
  • the ability to use a car for towing it to the parking lot.

With regard to the latter advantage, it should be clarified that the dimensions of the trailer-trailer should not exceed the following:

  • height - 400 cm;
  • width - 255 cm;
  • length - 100 cm excluding the part protruding from the trailer.

Larger structures during transportation require special equipment and support. When we talk about towing by the forces of an ordinary car, it is understood that we are talking about a country house-trailer.

Pay attention to the fact that even the relatively small external dimensions of the house allowed it to accommodate all the necessary household communications and pieces of furniture

Traveling with your own home is a widespread practice in Western countries. Our fellow citizens are just beginning to master this method of tourism. But, given the vast expanses of our homeland and its beauty, it can be assumed that the popularity of mobile designs will only grow from year to year.

Types of mobile housing

Mobile home is a structure that can combine many functions. The honor of this truly ingenious invention belongs to specialists from America. For the first time such a structure on the basis of a conventional automobile chassis was presented by the Jennings company in 1938.

With the development of scientific thought and technology, the range of mobile homes is also expanding. Different models differ from each other not only in size, but also in technical equipment, quality of interior decoration.

The dream of going on a trip without leaving your own home was successfully realized by talented designers from the USA

Based on these parameters, from the whole variety of mobile structures, one can single out:

  • trailer tent;
  • trailer-dacha;
  • caravan on wheels.

Let's consider the listed options in more detail.

Mobile tent trailer

This design can rightfully be considered the simplest and relatively budgetary solution to the problem. At the initial stage, a folding tent trailer is a great option for mobile housing.

At first glance, this structure looks like a simple trailer. But the differences arise after a special tent is fixed around the base structure. All the attributes necessary for life are established in it.

If the basis of the trailer tent is a rectangular trailer structure, then the tent itself can have an unpredictable shape, including multi-room

There is enough space in the tent for:

  • refrigerator;
  • shells;
  • kitchen stove;
  • several pieces of folding furniture needed on the farm.

Surprisingly enough, this lightweight design has enough room for both a double bed and a dining room, which is located in the middle of the makeshift house. If desired, the dining room in most models of such tent trailers can also be transformed into a double bed.

The small space is designed for a family of up to four people. The tent itself, as a rule, is made of fabric, which allows for good ventilation and protects residents from bad weather, insects and snakes.

This photo clearly shows only a small part of the interior decoration of the tent: it has everything you need and there is nothing superfluous.

These tents are popular with tourists, hunters and fishermen. But this design has a significant drawback: when moving, it will have to be regularly disassembled and reassembled.

Comfortable cottage trailer

This type of accommodation is often referred to as a caravan, camper or trailer. Unlike a tent, the size of this structure is more in line with our concept of living in comfort. The length from 6 to 12 meters allows the cottage-trailer to play the role of a full-fledged suburban structure.

Of course, this cottage-trailer will not go anywhere without outside help, but with a car it can move such a distance that supplies of food, water and other resources will provide.

A typical trailer package includes the following items:

  • heaters;
  • kitchen stove;
  • refrigerator;
  • shower cabin;
  • bathroom;
  • a basic set of furniture and additional furnishings.

If life in a tent was like camping, then trailer owners can feel almost at home. The interior in it is slightly different from what we are used to seeing in a small country house or in a small city apartment.

The range of furniture that you can afford is also significantly expanding. And it will not only be a sofa, but, for example, a wide bed, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets.

The internal structure of the dacha-trailer suggests that here you can fully relax and put yourself in order after a long journey or work in the country.

Meanwhile, caravan trailers can differ significantly from each other not only in the exterior finish, but also in the interior decoration and equipment.

Not all trailers are organized the same way. Depending on this parameter, the following models are found:

  • Camping. There is a camping system abroad, specially designed for certain trailer models. These campgrounds or summer camps have a centralized electrical and plumbing system that you can simply plug into.
  • Autonomous. The owners of these models can only rely on their own strength and reserves. Therefore, they have all the necessary plumbing equipment with a fair amount of water, as well as a generator that runs on diesel fuel and provides the trailer with electricity.

Auto feed on wheels

This mobile structure can become a full-fledged housing for the owner of a suburban area. It can accommodate up to 7 residents. The average length of such a summer cottage will be 12 meters, but models are already being produced in 15 and 17 meters in length. It can house all the equipment normally found in a trailer, and additional pieces of furniture and equipment.

This compartment above the driver's cabin is the alcove. A sleeping place is equipped there. From there, it is probably very interesting to look at the road when the dacha is on the way.

There are also peculiarities in the design of the auto feed itself. In the upper part of its body, there is a ledge - an alcove, located directly above the driver's cab. A comfortable sleeping place is also equipped there. Inside the house there is a shower cubicle and a separate kitchen area with a stove for cooking and a refrigerator. There are several sleeping places here.

What is there only inside the cottage on wheels. This once again suggests that the caravan can be an excellent replacement for stationary housing, if resources are replenished in time.

An auto feed is not only a large-sized, but also a heavy structure. Its weight is approximately 3500 kg. It is not cheap. However, if you give preference not to the latest model, but to products that are sold on the secondary market, you can buy a decent car, paying relatively inexpensively.

Three comfort classes

Campers can be divided into classes according to their level of comfort.

Luxury class A

Class A motorhomes are autonomous mobile structures of large dimensions. These trailers are considered not just comfortable, but luxurious. In the European classification, they correspond to integrated campers. In fact, these are residential buses.

Their equipment includes a built-in generator, gas cylinders, the volume of which is about 200 liters, large-capacity batteries and a decent supply of drinking water in the tank. Thanks to these resources, the owners of an A-class home can be independent of campsites and travel autonomously for a long time.

Those who still doubt whether it is worth buying a class A motorhome or starting to build a large house on their site, let them look at this dwelling with a garage

Alcove class B

The base for the class B motorhome is the chassis of the truck together with the driver's cabin. This model is specially designed as a base for mobile housing. In Europe, such structures are called alcove motorhomes. This name originated from an alcove located above the driver's cab.

The presence of the driver's cabin provides a separate entrance for the passenger and the driver. This trailer is good for beginner travelers as it is much easier to drive than a class A camper.

Some alcove campers provide an extension of the living space of summer residents and travelers due to folding or retractable side panels

Compact class B

Class B motorhomes are small and relatively inexpensive mobile campers. They are often based on the extended chassis of van vans. They can be self-contained accommodation for a group of four travelers.

As a rule, the increase in their space is due to the lifting roof, which is made of fiberglass. Class B offers its owners a set of basic amenities: a portable toilet, a modest kitchen, bedroom and dining room.

This neat, light green Volkswagen looks very home-like: you can see that its owners love to spend their free time inside.

Manufacturers of popular models

If you already have the idea of ​​buying a mobile home for a summer residence, it would be good to navigate who produces the models that enter our market. Such products are in demand, which means that the market must have products created in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France and other countries.

Trailer tent "SKIF-2", produced in Belarus, allows you to build a whole palace on the basis of a small rectangular trailer, where there will be enough space for everyone

Various types of mobile housing are also produced in Belarus. The bodies of motorhomes from MAZ-Kupava are made of sandwich panels sheathed with aluminum sheets. The interior decoration of the dwelling is made of DVPO sheets. The price of Belarusian caravans ranges from $ 8,000 to $ 500.

Selection recommendations

If the desire to buy a mobile dacha is supported by financial capabilities and it's time to start choosing a suitable model, listen to the tips that will help you not to be mistaken:

  • Take a good look at the ceiling and walls of the structure. They should be free of any defects. Check them for dryness.
  • There can be no through cracks in the room.
  • If the house is ready for use as a result of transformations, check the serviceability of all mechanisms.
  • All shelves, bedside tables and cabinets must be in perfect working order.
  • Examine the bathroom especially carefully. There should be no signs of mechanical damage on the toilet: chips and cracks.
  • Open the ventilation hatches. This procedure should be carried out effortlessly. In the closed position, the hatches must tightly adjoin the openings.
  • Check how windows open and close. Make sure they don't leak.
  • Make sure that all doors and other opening pieces of furniture are securely fastened.
  • Consider the sewer system: the passage of water through it should be unimpeded.
  • Examine the vents. Make sure they are not sealed, welded or covered in any other way.
  • Door seals should be flexible and soft. Only in this case will they close tightly and without the formation of gaps.
  • Check whether the front door locks well, whether its locking device works reliably.

Not knowing which model you have chosen for yourself, it is very difficult to predict all the nuances of the design and give more detailed recommendations, but we have provided you with the basic ones. And the general principle of testing new and used mobile structures should be clear to you.

In such luxurious apartments, you want to spend as much of your free time as possible. Here you can live with taste

To fully appreciate the quality of a caravan on wheels, it is necessary to maintain it in proper technical condition. Then she won't let you down either.

We offer you an overview of modern models of summer cottages on wheels:

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Today, landscape design is gaining more and more popularity. To decorate the site around a private house, not only more and more new technologies are used, but the decorative elements are now so diverse that they allow to realize the most daring and unusual design fantasies.


One of the fashionable trends in decorating the local area is the compilation of a single composition of coniferous trees. Depending on the size of the site, as well as on the basic concept of the project, certain varieties of conifers are selected for this purpose. It is inappropriate to put a 5-meter high spruce tree in the middle of a plot of 2 acres, but low-growing plants in combination, for example, with stone chips, may well become a worthy decoration for your garden. In addition, decorating with conifers will delight the eye at any time of the year, since most of these plants are not picky enough to changeable weather conditions.

Layout options

The layout of a summer cottage with a toilet and shower is different. It depends on the following factors:

  • box size
  • material of manufacture
  • number of levels
  • arrangement of windows and doorways
  • presence of a vestibule
  • the purpose of the house.

Larger options can have 2 or even 3 rooms. Two-room varieties can have 2 entrances to the room (from the facade and from the side). Other boxes have 2 side rooms and one central room, which is often used as a vestibule or corridor. In addition, the central block can be divided into 3 parts: separate toilet and shower and a small terrace.

The layout of 4 compartments can be linear. In this case, the long trailer is divided into identical or different blocks. For example, they can be equipped with a bath, shower, dressing room and veranda. Three blocks can accommodate a bedroom, a combined bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin), a compact kitchen. Sometimes in the shed, you can equip a place under the roof. The bathroom in different cases can be separate or combined.

You can use the change house as a summer house, a bathroom, a closed gazebo. Usually, for a summer residence, they try to choose a medium-sized change house that meets the needs of all households. Modifications can have a different type of layout.

For example, it can be an empty box with no partitions, which is called a dummy. This option is suitable when the house is bought for a summer bathroom. In contrast, the undershirt has 2 partitions. This is a house with isolated blocks, in one of which you can equip a bathroom.

You can equip such a module as a workshop, guest house, summer kitchen.

The number of doors at the change houses varies from 1 to 3, sometimes there are 4 of them. The doors can be positioned in different ways. For example, one common in the center and two separate for each isolated room. When there are 4 of them, two open access to the toilet and shower, the other two lead to isolated blocks.

The layout is also more complicated when the cabins are attached to each other or connected by a central platform. In addition, country houses can be corner and two-level.

Corner-type modifications can have separate blocks with entrance doors. Other varieties are connected by a central door and a corner block-terrace. The 2-floor options may even resemble country houses, while the modules are connected by convenient stairs. In other versions, the stairs are located inside the house.

Self-made modifications can have a platform around the perimeter of the change house, covered with a gable roof. Many buildings are complemented by a porch, others have a terrace, a platform for outdoor recreation. The entrance to them can be located from the facade, from the side.

Modular structures are very easy to transport, outwardly they sometimes look like trailers. They are chosen when it is necessary to install a small change house with a bathroom in the country, as well as in the case when you need to create a corner or two-level house.


Finishing the back of the veranda with clapboard on 2 sides

The size Price, rub.
1x1.9 1400
2x1.9 2800
3x1.9 4200

Finishing with long eurolining

Factory 1x1 m. Double frame, single glazing

Paneled factory 70-80 cm (at the request of the customer)

Along the perimeter 50 mm. TeploKnauf

Inside 205-190 cm, outside 250-235 cm.

Roofing material 2 layers, lathing 25x100 mm.

Veranda size from 1 to 3 meters

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