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The group of enterprises "Agrotech-Garant" offers modern agricultural sprayers. The technique meets the latest standards and industrial requirements. The units are equipped with highly efficient attachments that increase the overall productivity and efficiency of target operation.

Models and technical features

A large number of sprayers of various modifications are supplied to the domestic market, which differ in productivity, volume of the working tank, type of pumps, boom width and accessories. Many agricultural enterprises know where to buy sprayers at manufacturer's prices. After all, the Agrotech-Garant group is engaged in the direct sale of equipment.

The main characteristics of the popular series:

  • productivity - 10-28 hectares / hour;
  • capture width - up to 28 m;
  • boom drive - hydraulics;
  • wheel track - 1400-2100 mm;
  • the presence of a stabilization function;
  • bar adjustment - 0.5-1.7 m in height;
  • control unit - BRAVO 180;
  • tank volume - from 1500 to 6000 liters;
  • assembled weight - 1200-2800 kg.

Modern versions are equipped with electronics, which increases the accuracy of processing fields, and also saves the consumption of working fluids. The boom design is based on a spatial frame. Thus, the strength and durability of the supporting elements of the system are increased. Also, new modifications are equipped with powerful diaphragm pumps with a capacity of 200-300 l / min.

Reliability and overall performance

The quality of the spray systems is carefully checked during the assembly phase. Each unit is assembled taking into account all requirements and standards. In this case, bolts of the corresponding strength class are used as fasteners. To increase reliability, the equipment has autonomous hydraulics, which is cut off from the tractor and is able to function regardless of the power of the machine's hydraulic pumps. The presence of unique electronic control units BRAVO 180 contributes to an increase in work efficiency by 70%.

Ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts

Agrotech-Garant products consist of domestic and foreign parts. At the same time, all Russian units have a simple design, which increases the ease of maintenance with a minimum tool kit. Consumables are available in a wide variety in the domestic market. Filters, sensors, nebulizers, connectors and nozzles meet domestic standards. Therefore, enterprises will be able to obtain extremely reliable, simple and durable systems for the processing of fields and crops.


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Battery sprayer 16L electro

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Sprayer classification

It is worth saying that these devices can have a variety of modifications. First of all, it all depends on the amount of work. As for the classification of sprayers, first of all it is necessary to highlight their way of working. Distinguish:

  • Battery models are increasingly used in everyday life. Their main advantage is that they do not need to be manually pumped up all the time. One charge is enough for several hours of active work. Also, they are not replaceable in places where you have only heard about electricity. Professionals say it's best to buy branded cordless sprayers with the maximum battery capacity. As for the practicality of use, most of the properties are about the same with manual pump models.
  • Gasoline sprayer. First of all, it should be said that experts do not advise buying a gasoline unit with a narrow fishing rod, since it is impractical. Models with a wide spray nozzle are best. Just imagine that spraying can be up to 7 meters high and 15 meters horizontally in any direction. With all these parameters, you need to choose a decent engine power - from 3 to 5 horsepower. Versatility, you will definitely be pleased, because a similar gasoline sprayer can be used as a blower and sweep leaves from the site. Power and performance make the gasoline-type garden sprayer indispensable for large areas.

How to choose the right garden sprayer?

Beginners can significantly underestimate the variety of models and their purpose for a particular type of work. So that you always have the opportunity to choose exactly what you need, we have prepared a list of criteria for any occasion and wallet:

  1. Construction type:
  • The knapsack garden sprayer is practical and versatile to use as it can be used for climbing trees or working from a ladder.
  • Wheeled models are less practical, but they have a larger tank, which makes it possible to process large areas without refueling.
  1. Tank size. As you can imagine, it all depends on the amount of work. If you only have household chores, then volumetric sprayers will not reveal their full potential. It is worth saying that small-volume sprayers can be of several types at once:
  • Atomizing, where the mixing unit is located in the sprayer head, and the action itself is performed by pressing the handle.
  • Pumping station where there is no separate tank. The liquid that will be sprayed is sucked in by the piston of the hand pump, after which it is pushed out by back pressure.
  1. Fishing rod length. Professionals say that the longer it is, the better. This will give you the ability to spray over long distances. You should be aware that some models may have short booms but long hoses.
  2. Please note that the purchase of high-quality equipment should always be made from professionals in their field, where you will definitely receive a guarantee, as well as the necessary advice. The VDR online store is always at your service!
  3. In order for the garden sprayer you are going to buy to serve the most durable and practical, you need to choose well-known brands. They initially make the tool from high quality materials that are resistant even to active use.

Buy garden sprayers and arrange delivery in Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine

1 Topic from valera 2019-06-10 15:55:31 (2019-06-10 15:57:40 edited by valera)

  • valera
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    Topic: Sprayers in the arsenal of a gardener and gardener, selection and reviews

    I bought Clever Girl, a battery sprayer for 16 liters. He poisoned with Eforia, except for her, nothing on the beetle acts, it is a misfortune after 10 minutes the beetle is knocked to death.
    10 minutes etched in total, 16 liters of solution. If I had poisoned with the Beetle, I would have died. Now I use phytosporin for every weekend garden and vegetable garden.
    This is a bomb, not a sprayer. Pechkin advise!

    2 Reply from Gerundey 2019-06-10 16:57:03

    • Gerundey
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      Re: Sprayers in the arsenal of a gardener and gardener, selection and reviews

      What batteries? With lead sprayer itself weighs bless you.

      3 Reply from valera 2019-06-10 17:15:56

      • valera
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        Re: Sprayers in the arsenal of a gardener and gardener, selection and reviews

        Gerundey, 8 a / h. As in the UPS.

        4 Reply from Gerundey 2019-06-10 17:44:40

        • Gerundey
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          Re: Sprayers in the arsenal of a gardener and gardener, selection and reviews

          valera, I see, there is more with lithium, I wonder if it's easier?

          5 Reply from Arkady 2019-06-10 18:07:50

          • Arkady
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            Re: Sprayers in the arsenal of a gardener and gardener, selection and reviews

            I also have a similar one, already 6 years old. But the battery, its mother. 12 to 12! 16 liters, yeah. The charge is enough for a season and a half. Heavy. I have already changed the battery. I wanted to take 12 by 7, it would be enough. But here. decided that it was not difficult to carry on the back.

            6 Reply from valera 2019-06-10 19:13:38

            • valera
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              Re: Sprayers in the arsenal of a gardener and gardener, selection and reviews

              Gerundey, I think there is not much difference in weight, then if it weighs three times cheaper. 18 kg or 17 kg as you do not feel much behind your back.
              I already poured liters of liters through it, the acb did not even get hooked.
              The father also took, there is no limit to joy.

              7 Reply from devil-arz 2019-06-10 19:20:47

              • devil-arz
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                Re: Sprayers in the arsenal of a gardener and gardener, selection and reviews

                Nigherasebe how much this sprayer is smart, damn it.

                8 Reply from valera 2019-06-10 19:29:35

                • valera
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                  Re: Sprayers in the arsenal of a gardener and gardener, selection and reviews

                  devil-arz, 2800.

                  9 Reply from Ivan 2019-06-10 19:47:19 (2019-06-10 19:47:19 edited)

                  • Ivan
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                    Re: Sprayers in the arsenal of a gardener and gardener, selection and reviews

                    Nigherasebe how much this sprayer is smart, damn it.

                    I've just figured it out. I have a one and a half liter sprinkler in my trunk, I sniff it for five acres in an hour, and if I buy one with a large pump and a can, it’s probably in 20 minutes. And this pleasure costs something like 600-800 rubles. Men are driven into

                    You take an old canister, stick two nipples from the chambers, in one you unscrew the spool and pull the hose to the bottom. you connect a hand pump, foot pump, a compressor from a motor vehicle, etc. pumping crap and obcherachivaet your site as quickly and cheaply as possible. The price of the issue. maximum 200 rubles together with a hose outlet and a nozzle device from the trash.

                    But here. decided that it was not difficult to carry on the back.

                    Fuck. how you were obdubasil on a country-and-garden hobby.
                    Yesterday again I counted my mother-in-law's already spent on the garden + 60 cabbage bushes that were eaten by hares. invited them to buy carrots, cabbage, potatoes in the fall. They do not agree yet, but they understood the hint about getting me with transportation to the garden-home hike.

                    10 Reply from Pechkin 2019-06-10 19:50:05 (2019-06-10 19:51:25 edited by Pechkin)

                    • Pechkin
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                      Re: Sprayers in the arsenal of a gardener and gardener, selection and reviews

                      valera, thanks for the advice. But 16 liters + the weight of the sprayer itself is not for my health. Last year I bought a Garden for 5 liters. For me, it is easier to pour the solution more often than to drag such a drag around the site. And the sprayer bought an additional rod from the Beetle, with adapters for different tanks. Now I reach almost to the tops of the trees.
                      About Eforia. I don't know where you bought it. Not intended for private household plots.
                      Looked at the composition: Neonicotinoids + pyrethroids.

                      Everything is the same as mine.
                      imidacloprid - neonicotinoid
                      permethrin and cypertmethrin - pyrethroids

                      Can be more? In what proportions and for what volume?

                      Imidacloprid is a trade name "Commander"
                      Permethrin and cypermethrin - "Spark, double effect".

                      For 5 liters - 1 ml of the Commander and 5 g of Spark (half a tablet)

                      I first picked up the poisons, and then I found in which preparations it is.


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                      • irrigation hoses
                      • secateurs
                      • rake and pitchfork
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                      • sprayers
                      • shovels and lawn mowers.

                      Selling garden tools, the Rukoyatka online store provides customers with the opportunity to choose not only various devices that facilitate hard work, but also consumables in the form of cuttings or various attachments, locks and even souvenirs can be found. In order to buy a garden tool inexpensively, there is no need for a long time to look for the right model in the markets and in stores. The catalog contains an image and a true description of each tool for a summer residence and a vegetable garden.

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