Essential element for gardens with swimming pools

The swimming pool is now an increasingly present element in the garden, as costs, compared to a few years ago, have decreased and the market in this sector has significantly expanded. Outdoor showers are also available at a rather affordable cost. To avoid dirtying the pool water too often, it is a good idea to wash your feet before entering the pool. This operation can be performed through the use of a bucket full of water, but to be perfectly clean it is best to take a shower. The shower has become an indispensable element in the garden, to be used, not only before entering the tub, but also afterwards, especially for those who are bothered by chlorine and can benefit from a quick rinse.

The solar shower

The shower in the garden can also be used for washing, thus avoiding the use of the traditional bathroom. This must be placed in an adequate space of the garden, but above all well exposed to the sun. It will be the heat of the sun's rays to heat the water for washing. We are talking about solar showers which in this last period are all the rage, easy to install and within the reach of anyone, they can be accommodated even in a small space, and are very comfortable. If the shower is not used frequently, there is sufficient hot water available for washing. In the garden there must also be a small area, where you can place what is necessary for washing. This is why it is very useful to dedicate a space to yourself for the shower and its accessories. The solar shower consists of a tube and a shower head, there is no water regulation but it is delivered at the temperature reached after the solar panel has heated up. To allow the solar panel to heat up adequately, and therefore make the hot shower work, it will be necessary to wait until the early afternoon.

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The traditional shower

Anyone wishing to try their hand at creating a completely personal shower can always decide for a simple model that does not have a solar heating mechanism. Compared to a solar shower, the amount of heated water is certainly less but it can still be enough for two people. The base can be made with a comfortable wooden platform which is often also used in indoor showers. The structure of the garden shower thus appears rather simple and essential but still performs its specific function.

The shower as a design element

The outdoor furniture sector includes the shower as such an important element that it is also included in the design sector. The solar garden shower can be made with different materials, everyone can choose the model that seems best suited to the style already present in the garden. The garden shower is made following the new standards of garden furniture, it offers a rather minimalist shape and bright colors. In this case, the essential shape of the shower is enhanced by this shade. This type of shower undoubtedly has a cost significantly different from that of a classic garden shower, because behind this element there is a long path of research and innovation. They are quite exclusive models of garden furniture, which can also become the distinctive and original element of your green space.

Showers: Water to use

The garden shower, whatever the material used to make it, is a timeless element, and which will prove indispensable in any garden with a swimming pool. It will be used frequently by those who need to wash their hair to remove chlorine residues, but also by those who, not being too fond of diving into the pool, prefer to use it only to cool off. The water used for the shower can be drinkable, and therefore a connection to the water supply is made within the garden. Alternatively, well water can be used, always after the appropriate analyzes have been made to verify its suitability. Indeed, in a garden the comfort of the well can be used both for the shower and for filling the pool. By going to a specialized shop you will be able to see how much garden showers are in demand and those who have just created their garden will realize that they absolutely cannot do without them. A shower in the garden, among other things, also allows you to wash outdoors, thus really taking advantage of every corner of this area.

Leroy Merlin garden showers: save and luxe ideas

It's summer, do you have a garden and you can't go to the beach? Do you have a terrace with deck chairs and do you work from home? Leroy Merlin launches a collection of outdoor showers perfect for those who want to sunbathe and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their own home. Fixed, freestanding or transportable models, ideas and suggestions to choose the best solution for your space.

Summer: time of sea and open air, time of sun and aperitifs with friends of course, but also of work, of Covid-19 emergency restrictions and of commitments that do not always allow us to leave our home to reach the coast . But why should we?

Those who have a garden, a terrace or, simply, an outdoor space, can enjoy the sun and feast on vitamin D (even and only for two hours before going out to attend to routine services) from the comfort of their own home. How? With a garden shower that refreshes and regenerates between one solarium session and another.

Leroy Merlin, European leader in DIY for more than thirty years, knows this and offers a selection of garden showers for all needs: from showers transportable, to the models freestanding, at fixed solutions and, above all, those ad solar power. The French company also offers for sale a selection of models a discounted prices is unmissable offers. Here are the most intriguing proposals.

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12 Outdoor Showers That Could Transform Your Garden

Once considered an “American” option or, for the most part, a game for children, over the years the outdoor shower has become a pleasure and a necessity, a matter of creativity and the search for beauty and comfort. Very convenient for those who live near the sea but also for those who love the pool, it can embrace a large number of styles, from modern to romantic and accommodate various accessories, depending on the use made of them.

More than a shelter from prying eyes, the vegetation is used for tropical effects. Less demanding than you think, it can be built in any home, especially on the walls where the water pipes pass. The important thing is that the flooring is non-slip and that the drain is fully functional.
The rain shower head must be a must, ideal for a long break under the water, but also for a quick cleaning after a day at the beach.

In sauna style
If it were indoors it would appear to be part of a Swedish sauna.
Simple, elegant and clean. Functionality is what animates the aesthetic choices of this shower corner.
The two openings in the wooden wall are a concession to the view, while the proximity to large canopies of trees suggests privacy.
Focus on this type of style if you like comfort combined with the functionality of the rooms.

Aesthetics are also important

Solar garden showers are available in many colors and materials. More and more often they appear by the pool and in private gardens as they are comfortable, easy to use and also very beautiful to look at.

This allows for a wide range of choice, ranging from built in showers wood, to those with more modern lines in pvc, aluminum or steel.

By choosing the style and color that best matches your garden and pool, you can create an even more pleasant environment to spend relaxing moments in complete tranquility.

The 6 best solar garden showers

As anticipated, the solar garden showers are available in different models and with different characteristics and designs, to adapt to every need and outdoor space.

To help you choose, we offer this short guide with 6 models of solar garden showers, for a unique, functional and design shower.

1. De Luxe solar shower for swimming pool

A model designed for give elegance and modernity to a garden or swimming pool, the De Luxe solar shower makes its design one of its strengths, together with the simplicity of assembly.

From this point of view, simply connect the device to the water tap, let the 35 liter tank and wait for the sun to heat the water.

Along the column of this shower it is possible to find space, in the lower part, also for a practical tap to use to rinse the feet. An extra convenience for a truly unique solar shower.

2. Happy Go solar shower

The solar shower HAPPY GO branded Arkema it is perfect to be inserted in places frequented by children and by those who prefer a product from High performance but with small footprint.

With a nice turret design, available in many varieties of colors, this solar shower is ideal for those looking for a practical but efficient solution: despite being only tall 120 cm has a large tank, of well 12 liters!

In addition to its small size and low weight, this model is highly appreciated for the quality of the materials made in Italy and for ease of installation in just a few steps.

3. Solarjet solar shower

The capacity of the tank is one of the discriminating factors that can help you choose a good sun shower. From this point of view, the Solarjet model does not disappoint, quite the opposite!

The maxi 120 liter tank in vitrified steel guarantees hot water for many and many showers, always through the direct action of sunlight.

It can be easily installed anywhere, just connect it via a hose to a supply tap and that's it.

4. Pluvium wood and steel solar shower

What distinguishes the Pluvium solar shower it is the material with which it is built. There combination of wood and brushed steel It not only gives an elegant and natural look to the shower, but also makes the structure extremely resistant.

The supplied tank is capable of containing 30 liters of heated water solar powered, so as to satisfy the needs of anyone who wants to take a refreshing shower at any time.

5. Happy Five outdoor solar shower

Another interesting Arkema product is the Happy Five solar shower. This is particularly suitable for gardens with a more modern or pop style, thanks to its wide choice of colors and high density polyethylene structure.

Among the solar garden showers, this is one of the more customizable. In fact, in addition, it is possible to choose between different shower trays and accessorize it with a comfortable foot washer.

6. Movable solar garden shower

Modern and functional design, compact dimensions and a useful height of 160 cm, so that it can be used by everyone and everywhere: we are talking about the Movable solar garden shower. Thanks to its compact size, it is perfect to be inserted discreetly in any garden but also for holidays in camping.

To close the circle of one of the most popular products online, we point out the presence of a mixer for managing the water temperature and the mobile hand shower for maximum convenience.

With a low cost and a high level of comfort, thanks to the solar garden showers it is possible to find refreshment when temperatures rise, to cool off or to eliminate chlorine after a dip in the pool. All with hot water at no cost. What more could you want?

Everyone wants a Sun Shower! Find out the reason for this success.

There Solar Shower for Swimming Pool is an excellent solution for your pool and garden, here's why:
  • It provides you with free hot water
  • Thanks to the tank it provides you with hot water whenever you want
  • It installs easily and in a short time
  • Give an original touch to your garden

Choose from all the models of solar showers the one that's right for you, from the simplest to the most colorful, from those of minimum flow to those with a capacity up to 150 liters.

PS: you can have a Solar Shower starting from only € 145.00!




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