Solar lamps

Importance and diffusion of alternative sources

The use of renewable sources is a very topical issue for two reasons: the high rate of air pollution achieved and the scarcity of resources used so far. Each commercial sector has therefore decided to direct research towards alternative sources, in order to find systems that tend to have zero environmental impact. The outdoor lighting sector has already introduced systems that allow the garden to be illuminated exclusively through sunlight for some years (but its concrete knowledge and diffusion are evident only recently).

Advantages and costs

Obviously, the choice to use this alternative source allows you to have numerous advantages: zero costs as regards electricity because, whatever model of outdoor lamp you choose, this only makes use of the use of solar energy, which obviously does not have a cost. If the traditional electricity were to suffer a blackout, the garden would still remain illuminated, the installation does not involve the same costs required for a traditional system: to place these light elements in the garden, just insert them into the ground. The choice of the place in which to place them can be changed over time, because they do not need a fixed base in the ground and have no cables to disconnect. Moreover, it is a very responsible choice, because it allows you to respect the environment while obtaining the same quality as a traditional lighting system.

Optimal placement

The duration of the brightness depends on how much solar energy the lamp has managed to store, which is why it is advisable to carefully study the location of these spotlights, if they have a small panel on the end. A too shaded area does not allow the spotlight to perform its function properly, because the foliage prevents the rays from reaching the solar panel. These spotlights can also have sensors, which allow them to turn on or intensify the brightness if a person approaches.

Photovoltaic panels

On the market it is possible to buy photovoltaic power supply kits that allow you to make all the lamps in the garden work. The photovoltaic panel will be unique and placed in a space where the sun's rays are present for most of the day. A single cable will be sufficient to connect all the lighting elements. The panel is connected to a battery with a charge controller. A garden that has a traditional power system can easily replace electricity with photovoltaics using this system. In addition, the battery can also be programmed for switching on and off, so that the lights turn on in the evening and turn off at dawn.

Economic benefits

Taking advantage of this innovation also means being able to buy a greater number of items, because the only expense that will have to be faced is that relating to the purchase of the street lamp. There will be no thought for the replacement of the bulbs and no particular maintenance, because the photovoltaic panel is able to work autonomously. Orienting yourself on this system allows you to obtain considerable savings on your bill and you will not have to ask yourself the problem of garden lights, which are often forgotten on.

Variety of models

To meet all kinds of requests, the need to create the same models used for traditional energy was taken into account, so we can find street lamps of any height or small spotlights on the ground. Everyone can choose the system that they deem best suited to their garden, with the certainty that this installation will not involve any cost. Respect for the environment is equally essential because, in this way, the lighting system integrates perfectly with nature and does not cause any damage to it. The lighting elements that use photovoltaics are also made of plastic, and this factor makes them so light that they can be moved easily.

Solar lamps: Performance in the winter season

There are so many advantages of a photovoltaic garden, although some may wonder how they will emit light in winter. In fact, if well positioned, they are able to capture the sun's rays even in winter, so it is a system that works all year round, although obviously in summer the light intensity will certainly be greater. The photovoltaic panel installed to operate more light elements is the same as the photovoltaic systems that are mounted on the roofs of houses to produce energy; the cost for a lighting system is certainly quite low and must always be placed in relation to the numerous advantages that are derived from it. It is weatherproof and it is not necessary to cover it with a canopy, it can be installed directly without requiring the intervention of a specialized technician. For those who think they are unfamiliar, no problem: the retailer will certainly be able to provide information or make available a person to take care of the assembly.

Solar lampNumber of lampsLuminous flux
Best ever
23500 lm See Price
iPosible 46 LED-4
Best value for money
1, 4400 lm See Price
Super functional
21000 lm See Price
Best economic solar lamp
1300 lm See Price
Tomekji2, 4- See Price

Other popular products in the last year:

1. Baxia 2000 LM - The best ever

Number of lamps: 2
Luminous flux: 2000 lm

Do you want the best solar lamp for your home? Look no further, as the Baixa model offers you the best features and quality you can find on the market.

The outdoor lamp has 100 high-tech and powerful LED lights, which will give you all the lighting you need, with an astonishing power of 2000 lumens. You will therefore no longer have to worry about placing many lights outside the house, as you will have the correct amount of lights to illuminate the garden.

A big advantage offered is its sensitive PIR motion detector, ideal for your back garden where you don't always need to keep the light on. Thanks to the wide angle motion detector head, the solar lamp detects movements up to 20 feet and an angle of 125 °. This will allow better use of the charge it collects during the day, to stay on for 30 seconds at maximum intensity.

The solar panel is an ecological and economical option for your pocket, managing to convert up to 17% of the light it receives into electricity. With a full 8 hour charge you will get around 12 hours of lighting for over 50,000 hours, which equates to 5 years of useful life. It is also resistant to water and heat, which guarantees the best durability.

This is certainly an excellent solar garden lamp, with the best reviews and opinions, including a 45-day money back guarantee.

    Best solar lamp of 2021 Excellent illumination with its 2000 lumens of power 100 high-tech LED lights for clear and strong light Sensitive PIR motion detector with range up to 20 feet Utilizes up to 17% of the sunlight received during the day Full charge in 8 hours for 12 hours of illumination Lighting for 30 seconds activated by motion sensor Easy to install design, water and sun resistant
    Non-changeable light intensity The price is higher than other outdoor solar lights

2. iPosible 46 LED-4 - Best value for money

Number of lamps: 1, 4
Luminous flux: 400 lm

To better illuminate the garden or the courtyard of the house it is often not enough to have one or more lanterns or spotlights even with sun energy. For this iPosible offers you the possibility of having a kit with 4 solar lamps with the best value for money on the market in 2020.

This is a model with 46 LED lights for 4 pieces as we told you at high power for maximum outdoor lighting. The efficient technology allows you to have an improved panel, to allow faster battery charging, even when the day is not completely clear. Thanks to its polycrystalline silicon panels you can save energy and be responsible for the environment, with an efficiency of 18% of sunlight.

The powerful iPosible lamp has a 1800mAh charging capacity, more than enough to provide the best lighting when you need it. You will have an efficient wide-angle motion sensor, capable of detecting movements from 10 to 16 feet at an angle of 120 ° and you will also have three options to adjust the intensity of the light. Then know that you can also choose the version with only 1 and powerful lamp.

Being solar outdoor lights, you will have the necessary resistance to climatic factors. They are waterproof with an IP65 resistance level, with a two-layer edge that can withstand all kinds of adverse weather conditions. Its installation is very simple, always in direct sunlight to charge the battery, at a recommended height of 1.7 to 2 meters.

iPosible offers you powerful lighting for your home and, above all, you can save money by having a product that is really well compared to the price spent.

Criteria for choosing solar lighting

Automatic solar garden lights

Simple solar lighting turns on automatically at sunset, when the brightness decreases. Some products allow you to determine this sensitivity to light. The advantage is that the lighting turns on by itself, without you having to think about it. However, it may happen that some evenings you prefer to keep the garden in dim light (for example to observe the stars).

In that case, opt for solar lights with a switch:

on: Illumination is on as long as the batteries are powered.

off: the lighting remains off.

  • auto: the lighting switches on at dusk and switches off at dawn or when the batteries are low.
  • It is not possible to connect a remote switch to solar lighting.

    Solar outdoor lighting with motion detector:

    Motion detectors are very practical small sensors, useful for activate the lighting as you pass someone's. This technology, already present in ordinary lighting fixtures, is also used in some solar-powered products. Check the orientation possibilities of the motion sensor or, if applicable, the length of the cable available to install the detector based on the configuration of the point.

    Indicated in the manufacturer's data sheet, the autonomy at full charge of solar lighting generally varies from 4 to 24 hours.

    if you want your garden to stay lit all night, an autonomy of between 8 and 12 hours will suffice.

  • for sunlamps with motion detectors, which are not meant to stay on all the time, a 4-hour runtime will do just fine.
  • Light intensity:

    As with all types of lighting, the intensity of outdoor solar lighting is measured in lumens:

    less than 100 lumens: these are the signal lights used to signal a path or to give an unmistakable style to a wooden terrace in the form of recessed spotlights. The solar poles are visible but do not illuminate the surrounding environment.

    from 100 to 250 lumens: these are lights that provide a certain amount of light, sufficient, for example, for a dinner with friends, without disturbing those sitting in front of the lamp with excessive glare.

  • over 250 lumens: these highly illuminating solar lighting products are perfect for snap-on safety lighting (to illuminate the entrance door, the parking lot or to signal an intrusion into the garden). These lights are normally equipped with a motion detector, as their continued use is not useful in the garden.
  • Color-changing solar lighting:

    Some solar lights spread a light that changes color, thus giving a very original touch to your terrace or garden!

    Solar lighting with separate solar panel:

    The separate solar panel allows you to place the solar lighting in a place with little exposure to light.

    Solar Garden Lights: How Do They Work?

    But how exactly do solar garden lamps work? Going into more detail, let's try to understand together the mechanism behind this type of lamps: the light energy emitted by the sun is captured during the day by a photovoltaic panel and then sent to the accumulator, which powers the LED lamp during the hours. nocturnal. Another interesting function is the possibility to automatically turn on our lamps when the sun goes down or through sensors, or motion detectors that activate the ignition when a person passes by for a defined time. (See also: balcony table)

    Garden and outdoor lighting: eco-friendly elegance

    L'lighting of a patio or garden it is a field in which it is possible and necessary to pay particular attention to the environment. Just wanting to, and Unopiù has chosen to take this path, combining eco-sustainability and design in a green line… but always with style.

    Solare is the innovative collection of solar-powered garden lamps. Wireless e powered by a solar panel placed on the top of the structure, the solar outdoor lights are characterized by a high energy efficiency LED bulb and a practical remote control to be able to turn them on and off even at a distance.

    The lamps of the Solar line are available in various models and in different materials, such as teak, steel, aluminum and synthetic fiber, and in a wide range of colors to suit all environments.

    Solar Garden Lamps Leroy Merlin from Solar Garden Lamps, source:

    garden lighting with solar lamps lanterns make your garden shine with the modern garden lighting available on lamps you will find outdoor wall lights garden lanterns spotlights steplights and much more also shipping is free from 150 € take advantage of it immediately garden lamps solar and they work and and to install them the cheapest solar garden lamps do not require particular efforts for installation they are fixed with screws or dowels often supplied in the individual packages they do not require electrical connections and operation is instantaneous for the most sophisticated products and for the pro tation of a total lighting of a large outdoor space it is obviously advisable to contact an expert staff solar garden lamps prices of street lamps discover now the lamps lights spotlights solar garden lamps with photovoltaic panel for sale on electric field the 10 best solar lamps from garden to al t efficiency solar garden lamps work wirelessly thanks to a small solar panel that accumulates energy during the day the night lighting takes place through LEDs which absorb a very low voltage and illuminate us times more than normal incandescent lights the best lamps Powerful garden solar lamps for outdoor pole solar lamps are usually available in kits of 10 12 or more elements are installed without cables along the driveway of the garden and resist well to the sun and bad weather by automatically activating at night
    Lamps, Lamps,

    How are garden lamps installed?

    In general, installing solar lamps outdoors is very simple, as there is no need to lay cables and the solar lamps can be flexibly aligned in almost any place.

    Garden lamps on spout bases are simply fixed to the floor. Similarly, it behaves with most spotlights, whose light cones can be partially aligned with swivel arms.

    Floor lamps are generally found on smooth surfaces such as tables, but also on the side of the road, in grass or on flower beds.

    Pendant lamps generally have a handle with which they are suspended on trees, hooks and similar ledges.

    Gutter lamps are equipped with a clamping device that simply locks into the metal of the gutter or, in particular, is fixed with screws at high altitudes with the wind.

    Floating garden lights can be movably operated on water surfaces or securely installed with a separate fastening.

    Search tip: Solar lamps for outdoor wall mounting can be found here.

    A sunny position is important for the solar module, so that the solar cells can absorb sufficient energy during the day. If there is shade in the direct installation location of the garden lamp, often a lamp model with a short cable between the lamp and the solar collector helps to place it further with sunlight.

    Practical advice

    If necessary, the solar modules should be cleaned from time to time, so that they can absorb all the energy despite the dust and similar deposits in the garden.

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