Horoscopes of plants, which signs of the zodiac, which cultures are suitable

They say that for any magazine to be successful, there must be three things in it: astrological forecast, crossword and TV program... Therefore, I also decided to make my own contribution to the popularity of our beloved magazine with you, dear readers, and to present you with a certain forecast compiled for me by my childhood friend - astrologer Alexander Vronsky.

He was fond of astrology back in those ancient times, when it was banned in our country. These are now astrologers, like mushrooms after a rain, but then my friend was alone in the whole of Leningrad and shamelessly used the capabilities of the most powerful computer on which he worked in his research institute to comprehend ancient science, and my classmates and I ran after him in a crowd and asked everyone draw up a horoscope.

Once I complained to my friends that I was sowing dill for the fifth time, but he did not want to sprout in any way, or some pathetic hairs creep out, immediately going into color. An astrologer friend who heard our conversation sarcastically remarked that dill would never grow in me, and it would be better if my mother sows it, because he has studied our horoscopes well with her and has no doubt that dill is not my plant. By that time, I already understood something in astrology, so I was outraged and said that since I was born under the productive watermark of Scorpio, under which Michurin himself was born, then everything should bear fruit and ear for me, and for my mother - Aries - dry up and burn out! It was then that my friend sketched a table for me, Which zodiac sign has what and how it growswhich I want to bring to your attention.

Indeed, have you ever wondered why, for example, two neighbors with equal climatic conditions, the same planting dates and normal hard work have completely different yields? The people say, they say, "the hand is light." Why "light hand"? This is what a horoscope is for. Of course, I understand the approximateness of this forecast. Moreover, I know that all astrological forecasts are made for typical representatives of signs, and these are only 12% of the total population, so the rest have to rely not on the stars, but on agronomic science. And yet to someone mine the table will certainly help not to waste energy and more efficiently distribute responsibilities in the family... Let someone plant potatoes, and someone - flowers, the main thing is that the soul lies in this matter, especially if the stars are also to help you.

The last column of the table contains those plants, the cultivation of which is possible for a representative of this sign, but the harvest will never cover the energy expended on this matter. True, if you really want to, you can take a chance. But if there is no plant in the column opposite your zodiac sign, then either it is not typical for our climatic zone, or it is not your plant, let another family member take care of it.

I wish you all big harvests and great satisfaction from your work!

Lyudmila Romanikhina

Astrology of the zodiac sign Pisces in March 2020

- The representative of the water element in the person Fish are some of the sexiest and most attractive zodiac signs. But their trouble is that in marriage they see only themselves and especially women, and their partner serves them to create the appearance of a successful marriage. In fact, they only use their soul mate for selfish purposes, although if they really love, then they can change.

On the one hand, you can live with this person, but on the other hand, you are unlikely to experience real feelings with him, most likely, everything will be subordinated to the pragmatic side, that is, the joint birth of children and their upbringing. It is not easy to get pleasure from living together with a Pisces, often impossible, although there is always a person for this specimen.

We hope that the presented horoscope for March 2020 helped the signs of the zodiac in some way, instilled hope in the hearts of single women and men, and also encouraged entrepreneurs, prompted and warned all those initiative people who, during the future time period, under the control of the White Rat will be active act for your own good. Our task was to tell the signs of the zodiac about what awaits them in the next month, what it might turn out to be, and if not for all of them, then at least for some, most of them. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

When to transplant indoor plants, the best home transplant

In the lunar calendar of transplanting houseplants, home growers will find out when it is favorable to transplant houseplants at home in 2021, and the table will tell them when it is optimal to do such work, it is safe for their "wards" to deal with such important issues.

There are indoor plants in every house and, of course, in every apartment, be it decorative, rare or simple home flowers, the same cacti, catharanthus, lanthanas, cypresses, echinopsis, hilocyreus, palms, cyclomene, scarlet, orchid, ficus, yucca , kolanchoe, sedum, oleanders, cicus, begonias, balsams, violets and others, of which there are a lot.

We all love living plants at home, take care of them, plant and transplant, propagate and love them, but not everyone approaches all these issues from a practical point of view, taking into account the wishes of the lunar calendar and in vain, because it is taking into account it wishes, tips about favorable and unfavorable days of planting and transplanting, home (indoor) flower growers will be able to avoid many problems in the matter of caring for home (indoor) plants. worldluxrealty.com

For indoor florists who care for indoor plants, a lunar calendar for the transplantation of indoor plants for 2021 has been prepared, the timing of transplantation and care on safe dates, the best days for transplanting your wards into the ground and other habitats, sowing seeds, bulbs or tubers, replanting and seating, courtship, which they can learn from the table below.

Below, in the second table, you can familiarize yourself with the unfavorable days of sowing, planting and replanting, in which it is undesirable to engage in sowing and planting activities, on such days it is best to take care of indoor plants, watering them, weeding, pruning and other work not related with creative activity.

Horoscope December Aries 2020 woman and man

In the first winter month of December 2020, luck will smile on almost all representatives of this zodiac sign, especially in financial matters and establishing contacts.

It is likely that this person will receive a very profitable proposal in material terms, perhaps it will be a good order from his business partners, if he works for someone, he will be offered a new position. It is possible this month and profit from an unexpected side, in any case, it is expected.

What is not recommended for Aries in December is to risk their money as well as to trust unfamiliar people, and also not to participate in risky activities. The stars warn that as it is easy to make money during this period, so it is easy to lose, do not disappoint yourself on the eve of the New Year holidays.

December will be a good month for those representatives of this zodiac sign who have now had to pass some kind of test. If, for example, Aries is involved in the selection process for a certain position, is being interviewed or just passing an exam, then he will surely be lucky. He just needs to believe in himself, his potential and capabilities.

At the end of December, on the eve of the New Year holidays, troubles in his personal life are possible, for which this person will be to blame. To avoid them, devote more time to your family, you are not the only one who wants the holidays.

The luckiest and safest days this month will be on the 5th, 8th, 12th, 17th, 22nd and 30th, when you can take the initiative, start new projects, negotiate, get acquainted and go on a long trip.

As for the unfavorable days in December 2016, according to the zodiac horoscope, Aries will have them on the 1st, 10th, 24th and 27th of the month. Be careful, don't take risks, try not to trust, and don't get into an altercation with officials these days.

Horoscope October Taurus 2020 woman and man

At the beginning of October, the zodiac representatives of Taurus, both men and women, should take care of their health. Do not overexert yourself, dress warmer when you go outside, because the transition from summer to autumn is a difficult period, and your sign is prone to colds.

Mid-October will bring Taurus good opportunities for personal development, and everything will go well at work. The star horoscope for October 2020 suggests that men and women of this zodiac sign may receive an offer to change their position to a higher-paid one, agree without hesitation and coquetry. Of course, it's worth weighing everything first, but remember, the next proposal may not be for a long time.

Try to spend more time with the family, take care of your loved one, express your sympathy, show him how you like him and how good you are with him. Feel free to show your feelings, give your significant other a gift.

Especially lucky days in October, if we take into account astrological predictions, should be - 5, 8, 11, 16, 19, 20 and 24, when it is recommended to start new business, conduct business negotiations, make acquaintances.

The most unfavorable days in this month are 2, 9, 13 and 31. It is necessary to be careful, you should not make those decisions in the positive outcome of which you are not sure, postpone a long trip these days.

Horoscope November Gemini 2020 woman and man

In November, the stars recommend to Gemini not to overload themselves, beware, even if you are a lover of an active lifestyle. Be careful and especially careful in your usual life, this is a difficult period for you and, by the way, dangerous from the point of view of injury.

In the middle of the month, you should pay more attention to yourself. You already spend too much of your free time on your family and friends, often forgetting about yourself and your own interests.

Take up, finally, what you like, your hobby, meet a new person. But do not relax this month on shopping trips, spend your earned money wisely, otherwise at the end of the month you will have to go into debt.

Family Gemini, who have been in a marriage relationship for a long time, will have to look at their joint future with different eyes. It is quite possible that the partner, and maybe you yourself, do not imagine further living under one roof, the prospects for living together, but you are there only out of habit. If this is actually the case, do not be afraid to change your fate, it is better to start all over again than to live like this.

The most favorable days for new beginnings this month will be the 2nd, 6th, 14th, 16th and 27th, take risks, negotiate, get acquainted these days, everything should go well, and most importantly, it is safe and the least risky.

The same days in November 2016, when Gemini according to the horoscope should be careful not to risk it again, will become - 4th, 19th and 25th of the month. Show prudence, do not get involved in risky projects and trust unfamiliar people, especially in financial matters.

Gardener's sowing calendar for 2021

Gardeners and gardeners every year prepare in advance for a new planting season, because every crop - be it vegetables, herbs, berry bushes, flowers or trees - requires a special temperature regime, proper watering, pruning, picking or fertilizing. Failure to comply with these rules will lead to the fact that the harvest will be meager, or even perish altogether.

First of all, the owners of personal plots and summer cottages get acquainted with the lunar calendar, because this is the main assistant of the gardener and gardener. It is compiled on the basis of astronomical calculations, and contains many important information to aid in planning work on the site. Find out what the lunar gardening calendar is, and what recommendations it contains!

When to plant cucumbers for seedlings, planting in open ground or in a greenhouse

Gardeners always ask themselves the question: "When to sow cucumber seeds for seedlings?" This question is difficult because if you sow early, then the seedlings will stop waiting for a transplant and stretch out without sufficient lighting and at a high room temperature.

If, on the contrary, you are late, then here, too, a good harvest is not worth it. Fragile seedlings will take root for a long time, hurt and acclimatize.

Even ancient people noticed the influence of the phases of the moon on the growth and development of plants. Since then, people have been planting their crops according to the lunar calendar.

Planting cucumbers for seedlings should be carried out only during the growing moon, preferably closer to the new moon. Days in which lunar eclipses occur, sowing cucumbers for seedlings is highly discouraged.

Also, a great influence on cucumbers is exerted by what signs of the zodiac the moon passes through. Some of them are very beneficial for plant growth, while others are not very.

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